Quasidan's Penis

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Quasidan and Girlvinyl having an admin meeting

One day, a man sat down with his ruler and his wang, and discovered he had a huge cock.

Quasidan's Penis is quite possibly the most majestic thing on the Internets, if not on the entire planet Earth. We at ED are honored to have such an object at our disposal.

Fact: The original working title for the Pixies song Gigantic was actually An Ode to Quasidan's Penis.

About Quasidan's Penis

Quasidan's penis was discovered Last Thursday on a routine masturbation session. Among the witnesses were a 16-year-old girl, his pet cat, and a copy of "Paigegirl Pussifies Portland."

At 11 feet long and a girth impossible to quantify in modern mathematical language, Quasidan's cock is easily the largest on Encyclopedia Dramatica, and quite possibly the entire universe. It was once used as the artist's scale model for a giant chocolate Easter-Day penis for Jesus Christ.

Even frogs are getting into it.

Whenever Quasidan wants to share some tender moments with a girl (or boy, furry, animal or whatever) and if he is still sober, he will try and have some safe sex with his own special brand of condom. Although his cock is flaccid in this picture; you can be sure by the look on her face that she can't wait for it! May you have seen how gigantic a penis can be, but you will never see how robust a penis can be before you read The Iron Penis/Balls.

Other nicknames for it are "Baby Crusher," "Vagina Destroyer," "Little Pepe," and "Pedro."

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