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Along with fellow advocates to Lulz that the great internet furry game Failcadia has brought to us, we have to visit yet another snobby bitch with her head in her ass.

She goes by the Furc alias of Qix; one of thousands of unoriginal 'dragon-kin' (supposedly based on some dragon crap from D&D) that stalk around this god-forbidden game. It should also be made mention that this character is male, gay, and, well, aside from not being covered in fur, a furfag.

Erik Foreman wouldn't touch that with a ten-foot pole.

The Dream

Qix is currently employed (still, for whatever reason) at the dream called Shé Tian Táng, which is owned and run by Shadows Monre, another gay male played by a girl. (THIS IS OUTDATED! Updated info is needed.)

The dream is heavily Chinese influenced, moving from a going-nowhere general slave trade dream to a further-going-nowhere Chinese whore dream, or something. Shad has been reminded again and again that as long as Qix is employed there, the only staff and patrons she's gonna get are other arrogant shitlicks, or idiotic noobs that don't know their TAILFUR from their WHISKERS LOL.

The owner of the dream isn't a bad kid in the least; just under the guide that Qix is the greatest thing since sliced bread and if she loses her, her life will be over. Qix has turned Shadows against quite a few of her ex-staff and good friends with the lies that 'what they said hurt my feelings', and Shadows can't have her super star staffer feeling pouty in the least, so she cracks down on whatever and whoever offended Qix and ignores anything the other person says; they hurt Qix's internet feelings so they're wrong and a horrible person, regardless of how cruel, rude, or irrationally stupid Qix was to them.

The dream she's in now, she gets away with so much crap. She bosses around the DREAM OWNER -- more like the dream place holder. Qix runs the place out of fear.


—Blueberry Shortcake

Qix will leave if she's fired. And the friends will stay with her.:


—Melisune, 'Matron of the Duns'Ka' and personal Ass-kisser of Qix.

What a dedicated staff member.

The Irlz

Her real name is Donna. that means she's a female. She bitches at other people who use the word 'he' ooc, if they are in fact female ooc... yet she also does just that. Also... Donna... lol.


— LouisFuzzles

Qix (aka Donna) is a 20-something year old 'bi' woman with an inflated ego and so much arrogance she should be choking on it. When she's not picking internet fights, she indulges her inner(and outer) WoWfag and pays exuberant amounts of money to visit her internet boyfriend(aka William Tavington) who also plays a gay dragon-kin pedofur.

donna noes nagas

She also enjoys drawing shitty art and posting it all over her devianTART account, pretending to be not only an artist, but a photographer as well.

Donna is really secretive about her real name. So much that anyone she dates that she unceremoniously dumps to the curb she demands they refer to her as Qix or by her far stupider dA name, Froggarian.

I think if my name was Donna I'd be a bitch to everyone that couldn't see me, too.



Her internet-gone-IRL boyfriend (READ: NOT A WOMAN. PENIS ALERT. Some dyke.) seems to think that they're the greatest things since sliced bread, and that they're the only people to EVER sacrifice something for an internet relationship.

Yeah, i'm back, fuck you all I'm not happy to be here. My stepdad's being a fat cunt, my mom moved everything in my room around and went through all my shit, and most importantly, there's a bajillion miles sepperating me from my Froggyfingers. In the coulmn of good news, my rooms now clean and although I have a ton of laundry, my clothes are going to be clean soon too. I'm starting to make plans for this summer and the coming year, plans which include moving to Michigan. Yeah, that's right you whores, I'm leaving the South just so I can be with Frog. I bet you bastards never had anyone do anything that crazy for you. >_> And by plans, I don't mean 'OmgItodallywannamoveinwitchu!' I mean we're really making plans like 'What apartment has the best rent? Where could I work? Which school am I going to?' kind of plans. Realistic, factual plans. Not "We'll try it an hope for the best" plans. So there.


— William Tavington's dA journal, him BAWWWing about teenage 'sacrifice'.


The lulz

Aside the obvious cliché of stalking the internet as a woman guised as a male gay pedophile dragon-kin, she fills the role of 'internet drama queen' quite well. She claims 'being an asshole on the internet is unoriginal', and yet every day she chooses to exercise her bitchy haughtiness over everyone in a dream she is currently head-guard in. While it's common knowledge the dream's owner is only friends with her because she's A. popular and B. brings a lot of other haughty and arrogant staff members to the dream, this dream owner refuses to listen to innumerable complaints from the staff members AND patrons revolving around Qix and her poor people skills. As a result numerous staff members and patrons have left and been fired for being intolerant of Qix and her childish behaviour, including but not limited to harrassing patrons of the dream, staff members, and the co-owner himself.

"She's offended by a lot of things," the Shadows feverishly claims. "If you hurt her feelings of course she's going to get snippy at you."

To which was lulzed at; if Qix cannot handle the heat of being put into her own place, maybe she should stop being an internet drama troll to begin with.

It is also common knowledge that the dream Qix works at is really just he dream owner's hugbox, and the applications for staff are really applications to be the owner's friend.


Seriously though, Qix is an asswipe and always will be. People who are friends with her usually share her views or are pushovers and similarly not worth your time. She has severe complexes with status and authority, hypocrisy and gets her jollies from being the big badass on an internet game, while cracking down on people who do the exact same thing she does. She pretends to be a guy on Furc, or pretended, for some awkward reason. That alone says enough. She's been given chance after chance in many dreams, including TGT, and keeps fucking up. She KNOWS what she's doing wrong, but she keeps doing it and afterwards complains. That proves she's a troll. If you're not on her side, you're automatically wrong, evil, mean and retarded, if not immature with an authority complex. Which is funny, because she's putting people down for things she does.:


—Furc Anonymous

Well, to put it short... She's a troll who grasps at every opportunity to start fights, mock people and get banned from places, only to bitch afterwards how intolerant and immature the people she provoked are.


—Furc Anonymous

Ok.. Qix is in the dream right now, eating someone else's slave at the bar.


— Comment to the forum topic of 'Qix and Vore'. Ew.

Repeated reports of Qix getting banhammered from multiple dreams on account of her picking internet fights have also ran abound, all proven true and all proven lulzworthy.

Other instances of pissy elitism include her bragging about the over 9000 pieces of fanart for her stupid unoriginal character. That means at least 100 people could suppress their gag reflex long enough to actually scratch something worthwhile out for her.

ICly, Qix is ALWAYS out for trouble and fights. Qix doesn't RP for a good conversation or to build storyline. Every dream she visits, Qix starts a fight with someone. Takes OOC knowledge IC and with that tries to get the upperhand. If you try to do something about it OOCly you're an elitist, a bad sport etc. for not dealing with IC consequences.


—Furc Anon

She commonly uses the alts Qix Plushie and Qix Clone, when her pretentious attitude is required for pale, whiny, nerd internet sexings and she thinks her presence is desired elsewhere.

Qix also has a lot of so-called friends that she uses to make fun of and troll people that aren't up to her standards. They all deny it, and Qix even found it necessary to make a stamp to cover her ass for it.

If the shoe fits..
Someone I know used to be a close friend of Qix. She's a great person now, but SHE HAS ADMITTED that Qix used to use her and the rest of his minions to flame people. My friend used to hate two other friends of mine. She has no problem with them now, and admitted to both of them that it was because of Qix she harrassed them. The other Duns'Ka would never admit it. It's not until they get out of her grasp and pry their mouths from her asshole do they realize what and idiot she is.


— LouisFuzzles

Likes: Being in control/telling people what to do (...) He's had a great deal of experience keeping people in line with minimal involvement as the leader of the Duns'ka


— -Qix's own application for employment in the TGT dream.

The Dating Scandal

Word on the street, and with plenty of proof, has been that Qix was part of an internet to IRL dating scandal. Back in the day, Qix was ooc and IRL dating another Furc player. Qix always claimed to be a dyke (but loves her boyfriend and sex far too much to stick to that claim) since both her and her internet lover were females. Qix also claims to be OH SO FAITHFUL- even going to far as to bash people Out Of Character for their characters and said FICTIONAL actions- if they do not meet her uppity standards of 1337 RP! Well, that all came crashing down when she began hanging out with one particular person more often than her actual girlfriend. Naturally, Qix denied anything and everything- even reassuring her lover that said person was male and that she wasn't doing anything of the sort, because she likes pussy too much. Well, later on, her girlfriend found out that not only was said 'other person' a female, but Qix was fucking the living crap out of them- right under her lover's nose! And that wasn't all. She's cheated many times- with MANY different people who likely feel sorry for her (read: pitysex). Hope that bout doesn't tarnish her Elitest , Puritan reputation!

Most of this information was acquired and dispensed by the dream's owner, Shadows Monre.

The BS, BAWWWing, and butthurt

Anything that involves Qix negatively, indirectly or otherwise, is offensive to her, and therefore she must act like a fuckstick. It's okay though, her boss/bff Shadows will forgive anything she does, even if it's outrightly insulting and rude to potential customers to her swanky Chinese-themed dream.

Also, Qix enjoys getting on people's cases about their characters when they don't live up to her standards. Which you'd think would be pretty low, considering her character is the same gray lump of shit everyone else RPs as. She decidedly bashed on a character for being a slut for the player's simple reasoning of not having the attention span enough to have long-term in character relationship. And hell, who can argue with long, well-thought out cybering?

Qix is the kind of person who slyly looks for trouble. She masks it under the cover of 'It's RP, deal with it!', but takes OOC knowledge IC to start fights.


—Furc Anon

Qix claims that she doesn't bring In Character shit Out Of Character, and vice-versa. But it has been recorded that before the (now ex) assistant manager of the dream she works in was fired, her bad breath was the final blow to decide the manager's fate.

Here's what went down:

There was an RP session betweens some patrons and staff members in this hugbox. The assistant manager during the RP was not paying attention to Qix, because it was in the character's character, to be distrusting of people he doesn't know. Qix and the a. manager had NEVER RP'd prior, so there was no way that the two could have gotten to know each other. When Qix couldn't handle that her precious character wasn't being treated like royalty and having his scaly ass kissed, she IM'd the a. manager and bawww'd for an hour about how being an asshole on the internet wasn't original, and how the character was uncreative and unoriginal because of how he acted.

Of course, Shadows told the assistant manager that he had offended Qix in some way by ignoring the character (even though Qix as a character would never have been kind or even given the manager the time of day) and proceeded to also BAWWW at him for another hour and a half, vehemently stating how wrong he was, and how right Qix was, even though Qix was the one harassing and insulting her superior. Way to go, Shadows. Thumbs up for firing the wrong person.

But wait, she's winning Nobel Prizes left and right.

I find it (ignoring people) an ineffective way to deal with social issues.


—Qix being an ignorant and elitist dickfart is? No wonder you don't work retail.

She's a fiendish bitch, and probably a puritan. I spend 50% of my roleplay time cleaning up THEIR roleplay environment, but she and William have this concept that all I roleplay is sex. Ugh. Don't even get me started. She's cliquey, and very argumentative. Rude, and sneaky. I'd like to see the back of her, honestly.


— Another anon

Qix is never going to change, and she's one of the few people I've met online that I'd punch right in the face if I ever met her. She'll NEVER make a positive contribution, and it's high time she was kicked(out of the dream).


— Furc Anon

Imagination and logic coexist for proper fantasy.



...isn't fantasy just that? A fantasy? Not structured, linear, or anything like that?

Qix is incapable of taking one for the team, as anything anyone does against her is an automatic cunt punt. She was decidedly RPing in a dream and started shit with the co-owner who happened to have an In Character problem with people in the dream Qix had just been kicked out from. In Character, Qix would have never known about this problem. However, she did somehow, and picked a fight with the co-owner. When the guards of the dream decided it was time to step in and handle this fight, Qix felt butthurt that she couldn't automatically win and left because she 'didn't feel welcome'.

I don't feel welcome anymore.


— Qix, after being unable to godmode in an RP.

There's never a win with her unless Qix is victorious and dominating the RP. If it doesn't go her way it's always someone else's fault even though she picks fights IC and OOCly.


— Anonymous Tipster, regarding Qix and her butthurt.

The 'Dunce' 'Ka

There's a lot of shit on them(the Duns'Ka). What part exactly? The powergaming, the dicksucking? The harrassment and war-mongering? It's almost an entire sect in an of itself. There's Melisune, and she's had Qix's little babies or whatever- so she's his little side-fuck. There's William, who has been known to bash anyone and everyone Qix dislikes...



The Duns'Ka is a furc mafia that Qix the Dix has created for herself and anyone else that she can brainwash into being an arrogant fucklet like herself. They follow her mindlessly and without question, and have their silly circle-jerk meetings in a sectioned off room in Shadows' dream.

Anyone who has 'Duns'Ka' in their description, you can bet is a mindless drone.

The first rule of the Duns'ka is you don't talk about the Duns'ka. Not really, but their rules are just as stupid. Okay, first off...

  • You CANNOT DATE anyone if you are in the Duns'ka.
  • You cannot have a life outside the Duns'ka.
  • If Qix doesn't like someone, they will be harrassed by the Duns'ka.
I went to Qix willingly. I was, at the time, fascinated by the whole reign of power the group had. I got into the DK with much clawing, but I did eventually. As we all got into RP, it basically went like this. Everyone caters to and worries about Qix. Those who don't are ignored. If you didn't show up to RP when everyone else did, you were looked down upon and eventually kicked out for inactivity. Unless of course you were wooing Qix on the sidelines. It was so ridiculous. You couldn't have a mate unless it was okay'd by Qix, couldn't do anything sexual. And yet, she's had IC babies with how many people now? Two at least. And Qix as a character has a mate.


— Blueberry Shortcake

You could think of it like a pack of lions. The 'King' had all the poon and had to tap it all. Yet bashed others for it.


— Blueberry Shortcake

NOTE! There are no rules about the Duns'Ka on her character website because even she thinks they're too stupid to glorify them with their own page.

BUT, there is a forum dedicated to their preschool-yard shenanigans. [Duns'Ka Forum]

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Her email: [email protected]

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