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YouTube Favicon.png pyrobooby, (a.k.a. Peter Chao, powerword: Davin Tong) is a 20 something year-old unfunny Chink on Jewtube who likes to make an ass of himself just to be funny. In 2009 or some shit like that, Chao decided that he'd try and become internet famous by vlogging on a shitty camera like any other YouTube attention whore.


Fan girls

Some girls, after watching his shitty vlogs all have a nice interest in him with his unfunniness and post reply videos in their jailbait gear and say things like "OMG! You're so fucking hot!" or some shit like that. They propbably did that just to get the attention of others.


Response to YouTube Favicon.png KShedBoredsick.
He's totally not gay
He's AZN and he knows it
He wishes he had a big cock
He fails at searching for a girlfriend
Here, he demonstrates to us how to drive
And here, he demonstrates to us how to beat up niggers ordering pizza

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