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Police.gif ArchiveToday-favicon.pngATTENTION: PSYGUY ArchiveToday-favicon.pngIS A PEDOPHILE IRL

Cat eyes.JPG
Photo of Psy being caught masturbating.

Psyguy, Powerword: Bryon Beaubien, aka "Spycho", aka "The Magic Talking Wall", is an internet celebrity, aspie and a victim of unwarranted self importance in his mid twenties that runs the webcomic/furry cesspool, Fireball 20XL. He is known for writing very long and involved webcomics and "hiring" fanboys... er, artists, to draw and/or sprite them in exchange for being "featured" on his site. However, should you slight him in the tiniest way, expect to be banned and then flamed all over his LJ. Any emails you send will also be posted there, and your life will be TEH RUINED!!1oneone. The LiveJournal was previously "", but his mommy and daddy told him to take it down, so now he secretly types journal entries under his new alias. What a clever boy.

The comics usually focus on Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, or a random assortment of his own original characters and Nintendo characters. HOWEVER, even though the comic itself seems to be focused on famous copyrighted characters, somehow Psyguy always seems to make his own character (which is a cross between Dragonball Z and Sonic on methamphetamines) the main focus of the story. Mostly though, the whole thing is a useless collection of unfunny copyright infringement, but the fanboys love it and spam his shit all over the internets. 80% of his characters are either created by others or modified version of copyrighted character that he calls original.

He has also had a number of preteen, internet girlfriends that he is famous for abusing. The "relationships" always end with him writing an emo poem about the girl and then talking shit about them. His dumbass friends defend him saying it's not his fault. Somehow it's always the girl's fault. Many believe the reason Psy can never work a relationship with a girl is because he is really gay and just can't admit it.

Psy also has problems keeping friends, because it appears that he is insecure. He relieves his stress by taking out his anger on everyone else, because he lives an extremely stressful life drawing Mario and Sonic's bastard lovechildren and masturbating to furry pornography on his shitty Macintosh computer.

Much to the surprise of the community, it was recently discovered that he no longer lives with his parents! They still get assaulted with daily phone calls for him, but much to the dismay of all his fans, though they refuse to give out his information. Actually, he admitted he faked that by sounding like his dad. Whoops! He'll also come after you with the law if you so much as think about calling him.

Psyguy also has a problem with people who used to do content for his site but left because they know that being on his site is like being a member of a cheap prostitution ring. Most notably is Dazz who runs The Spriter's Resource and is often brought up by Psyguy on his site because he has nothing else to talk about. He also thinks that he's hilarious and amazing because he stopped getting replies after people stopped giving two shits.

Psyguy Rip-Offs

Psyguy's previous character design, masterfully rendered in three-dee.

Psy has more then once claimed of people ripping off his rip-off characters. He'll make a post on his LJ and complain about his "original" characters being ripped off by others. The following are what Psy considers as ripping off his character.

  • swirly eyes
  • green skin
  • small penis
  • dbz clothing
  • wings
  • hedgehog
  • furry
  • no nose
  • eyes
  • arms
  • hands
  • legs
  • feet
  • head
  • just about anything really

Do any of the following and Psy will be sure to make an LJ post about your rip-off character.

Before DBZ-fags became a cancer, Psyguy was king of them all.

New characters: Psyguy Wears Dark Sunglasses At Night

Some time in late 2007, Psyguy decided to ditch his fluffy green Sonic knock-off for something even more blatantly gay. An upgrade from "furfag," his persona is presently a mutant demon Phoenix Wright character with sunglasses. (See above.) While this is a surprising change, it doesn't change the fact that he still has no original ideas of his own. And no nose. Or penis.

History of Fireball20XL

Psyguy first came to prominence when the internet was still young, in 2001. His website, Fireball20XL, was originally used to host an original hand-drawn comic he was working on at the time, Dirty Power, as well as That's My Sonic!. Over time, TMS gained popularity over DP and, in time, he would abandon the latter to focus on the former.

It was during his rise to fame that Bryon encountered the first of many controversies: his use of sprites without giving proper credit to the people who ripped them. This was in an age when video game emulation was still in its infancy, and ripping sprites involved painstakingly taking several screenshots and editing them until only the original sprites remained, well before technology like hex editors expedited the process. Understandably, this rubbed the original sprite rippers the wrong way. The most prominent of his complainants were from "Sonic Fan Games HQ", a website dedicated to making free indie games based on Sonic in an era when a full conversion mod of DOOM was considered the cutting edge of fan games.

Over time, Bryon's charisma started to attract other aspiring artists and internet cartoonists, many of whom also adopted the format of sprite comics as a result of Bryon's inspiration. Around 2002, Fireball20XL became a host for these comics, as well. It is from this pool of fans and aspiring artists that Bryon had a hunting ground, both for aspiring artistic talent to milk and use up like the webcomics equivalent of EA Games, and for teenaged girls who didn't know any better and trusted a man several years their senior with a proclivity for sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals.

The site's existence persisted for quite a while, until 2014. After suffering in silence for far too long, one of Bryon's victims and former associates, Shannon, stepped forward, with harrowing details of their relationship, which included emotional and psychological abuse that had left her emotionally shattered for a long time and rampant pedophilia (Shannon being 13 when Bryon first approached her). From here, a torrent of testimonials about Bryon's abuse came forward from other former girlfriends, many of whom were artists for FB20XL and collaborators for Bryon's projects, as well as others who had stories to tell of Bryon's asshollery. The evidence of his misdeeds were located across all corners of the internet, and in his slopshod attempt at damage control, Fireball20XL was pulled from the internet.

Thankfully, for posterity, the Wayback Machine has recorded its existence, so anyone masochistic enough to sate their curiosity about this cyber-cesspool can do so.

Comics by Psy

Dirty Power

Yes, he peddled shirts way back in the day for his sprite comic.

An anime-inspired hand-drawn comic that never really took off. Just as well, too: it was some of the most derivative anime horse manure around, and that's before going into the art, which is but a baby-step above Sonichu. Many characters from this comic made an appearance in That's My Sonic!

That's My Sonic!

Most likely the only thing people are going to remember that Psy did (If people will even remember him). Some say it's the origin on all sprite comics using incredibly unfunny Sonic jokes.

He later brought it back only to fuck it up even more than it was to begin with.

Get Blue Spheres

Another crappy comic about Sonic. But what is even more sad is that Psy hired another person to SPRITE IT. We all know Psy doesn't draw his comic cause he sucks at drawing and is lazy as hell. But if you are also too lazy to sprite a comic then you fail.

Chaos Diamonds 3

Written by Psy and drawn by one of his many slaves. The story is about Tails being emo since Sonic left him. Your basic Tails growing up and Sonic becoming a dick fanfic. Tails finds a diamond that turns him into Psy (Psy did this to make his e-penis feel bigger). It's pretty much crappy emo Sonic fanfic. It ends with Amy and Tails hooking up, Knuckles and Rouge dead, Sonic still a douche, and the Chaos Diamonds eaten by Denver the Last Dinosaur. Lawl.

Red & Black

Pretty much the same shit as Chaos Diamonds 3 but with Shadow as the focus. More emo shit and Amy being a fucking slut falling for Shadow now instead of Tails.

Items on High

Another unoriginal and unfunny comic by Psyguy only this one makes fun of Super Smash Bros. rather than Sonic. Like all of his other comics it`s unfunny, unoriginal and just plain stupid, ironically he puts Sonic in only to realize it was stupid so he fucked the whole thing up and quit.

Real Men Use Items

Psy knows how to leave an impression.

Take the same comic and add minor differences. JUST LIKE IN THE GAMES! Though there is a key difference in that instead of using edited sprites, Psy uses screencaps for his panels so he can be even more lazy than usual.

That's My Sonic! 2

YES, he rebooted his original sprite comic, this time with humanized versions of Sonic characters, and NO, IF I HAVE TO REVIEW THAT ABOMINATION, I WILL BURN THE INTERNET TO THE GROUND! DO NOT TEST ME, MATCHES ARE CHEAP!


This is the comic with which he came closest to internet success. It was an unfunny gag-a-day strip that was less hit than his other comics only for the reason that he hired someone who can actually draw this time. But he didn't have time to cash-in on this comic because he ended up taking it down and quitting the internet when he was exposed as a pedophile.

Fan Comics on his site

Psyguy is a b-cup.

After Psy gained "popularity" in the old age of the internet where making sprite shit can get you that, he began hosting comics made by his "fans" to make it easier to hunt for young girls.

Unsound of Mind

By TL "Ame Tenchi" Welker
This was a hand-drawn comic centered around game and anime-based humor. The art is a major step up from the other art on FB20XL, if still amateurish. The author eventually dropped it in favor of Heartcore after leaving FB20XL.

Ruins/Ashes of the Fourth Wall

By Jen Irwin'
A hand-drawn comic based around how much the author admired Dr. Ivo Robotnik (and god help the poor soul who called him "Eggman"). Discontinued following health issues.

The Rogue's Gallery

By Alan "Mr. OMA" Solivan
A hand-drawn comic centered around anime/manga-inspired humor. Drawn better than anything Bryon doodled, but otherwise unremarkable. Discontinued.

Cailen Comix

By Cailen Denton
A mouse-drawn humor comic. Discontinued. The author now does flash-based animation.


By Chris "Kirbopher" Niosi
A sprite-based flash animation series that is derivative of .hack// and Megaman Battle Network. Discontinued, as Niosi has gone on to do other flash animations and pollute dubbed anime with his voice.

Other works by Psy

Do not steal, Psy's an internet lawyer now.

While comics were what propelled Psyguy to internet stardom, he was something of a renaissance man (a term I have now ruined). Bryon has dipped his toes into a variety of outlets through which to expand his fame, including:


Not a comic but a crappy radio show Psy does with his friends. They talk about stupid shit and think they're being funny as hell. It's full of inside jokes and Psy talking about his asshole cause ass jokes are funny to him (as it's his favorite part to get things shoved in). Wha-Chow! was a podcast series featuring Bryon and other artists and collaborators talking about nothing in particular. Conversations often dissolve into everyone in the skype call shouting memes over one another, if not being sexist pigs towards the women in the calls or shitting on Psy's exes.


People, it's time to stop making fun of Skrillex. Bryon is far, far worse a musician. He also dabbled in remixing video game themes, a term here that means "swiping midis that other remix-artists made, changing the instrumentation and nothing else, saving as an mp3, and claiming them as his original works".

Flash animations

Bryon has dabbled in making flash animations. They sucked. Surprise of surprises.

Psy on Youtube

Bryon's claim to fame on Youtube, aside from his "remixes", were the "Bastardized" series of redubbed videos, including "Sonic Bastardized", a shitty "funny" redub of the Sonic the Hedgehog anime miniseries, and "Transformers Bastardized", which Bryon and company somehow suckered Kyle Hebert into doing VA work for. He also made videos of himself playing World of Warcraft with Mario sound effects tossed in for "comedic" effect.

Like most of his shitty comics, he makes shitty videos based on copyrighted shows and games. Can`t he be original for once? Well in order to make these shitty videos, he needs his slaves, some shitty sound effects, and some crappy music (which were awesome before he used em). After that he has a shitty video with terrible voice acting and a bunch of stupid jokes. Lets face it - he`ll never be funny.....EVER!

Don't believe me? This video confirms everything in this article. You would think making Sonic Sprite porn and starting a furry community based around a ruined franchise would be enough insanity for one guy. Apparently puppets are just icing on the cake. You'll shit bricks.

Bastardized series

Psyguys version of Youtube poop but with more fail.

World of Warcraft

A bunch of stupid clips of Psyguy playing WoW. Adds Mario sounds in an attempt to make it "funny".

How to make Sprite Comics/Effects

A shitty guide to making a good comic. Avoid it like the plague.

The life of Psyguy


The bastard even turned the beloved Dr. Robotnik into a homosexual furry.

Last Thursday Psy commented on his article.

Psyguy (the one who's writing this right now) has a lot of cowards write relatively funny things about him in an attempt to de-fame him. But, they will never, ever, e-mail him under any circumstance. Psyguy (again, who's writing this) openly takes e-mails and will be more than happy to talk to you about any problems you may have. It's not healthy to sit and harbor on bad and nasty feelings that make you call him gay.

Seriously guys, I don't give a flying fuck what you put online. You all don't like me? I don't give a shit. It's fucking stupid though - because I'll be more than happy to talk to you one on one. Shit like this only makes me laugh and helps me get more visitors to my site.

Go ahead! Make a THOUSAND posts on different websites about me! They -all- link to my page, you jackasses! That's what I WANT! I openly mock myself on my "radio-show" all the time. You think something like this is going to mildly hurt me?

I'M ON THE SHITTER RIGHT NOW TYPING THIS. I have my pants around my ankles and a nice big shit just came out of my ass. My computer, right now, is dangerously close to my very small and flaccid penis! Of course, I'm not looking at gay porn / child pornography - so it is something out of the norm.

Is that all you idiots got? Bitch about me on some page. Oh boo hoo my wonderful reputation shall be tarnished and no one will like me :'(

My e-mail is [email protected]


This statement has lead to many not giving a shit. At the moment the cowards that wrote this article only had to say "It's the internet. Who cares?" Obviously they don't understand that to Psy, the Internet is serious business.

Furthermore, this was a hilariously inept ploy to get people to email him so he can then post their email addresses online and thereby "ruin" them, like he thinks he did with other people who's emails he posted on his LJ.

Despite the claims that he WANTS the attention, he quickly deleted everything and ran away when everyone found out he is a pedo.

Ultimate Downfall: Exposed as a pedophile

this all started when i was 13 years old, back in 2006. i had been a fan of psy’s for quite some time, but i had found his livejournal and began leaving comments on it. he asked me who i was, and i said i was a female fan, which immediately caught his interest.


The house of cards finally started crumbling in 2014, when one of Bryon's recent exes/victims, Shannon, came forward with the abuse she suffered under him. She went into detail about how she was first approached by Bryon when he found out she was a girl, how she became a part of his inner circle of artists/collaborators, how she was ostracized because of her young age and the fact that she couldn't color for Bryon (being in middle school will tie up your schedule something fierce), how after she and Bryon re-established contact he would vent about his exes to her (effectively pitting her against said exes), how he started dating her and broke up with her after a month because she didn't want to do it with a man ten years her senior, how he wrote emo poetry where he fantasized about murdering her (not the first time he pulled this shit: he also wrote fanfiction about using an ex's original character to kill her), and so on and so forth.

This eventually snowballed into a massive call-out movement, as exes and other victims far and wide came together to tell stories of the abuse they suffered, so much so that a tumblr page was made to catalog every known sin Bryon had committed. Shanon also did an interview on Youtube about her time as Psyguy's victim. Psyguy had the video taken down on the basis of copyright (video footage of Psyguy playing Sonic Jam in a skype call was used), which has, thankfully, been restored when Bryon's claims were determined to be bovine fecal matter. Bryon tried his hardest to control the damage, threatening legal action and silencing at least one person who came forward with information about him, but try as he might, he couldn't quell the movement against him. A half-assed dishonest apology later, Bryon started pulling his various websites, blogs, Youtube pages, and other signs of his internet presence from the net in an attempt to hide the evidence against him.

As the existence of this page proves, he failed. Miserably. And hilariously.


As of the writing of this article, Bryon Beaubien is still MIA. The damage to him has already been done, however, and it is very unlikely that he will ever make another appearance on the internet, much less reach the kind of fame he achieved in his heyday. If that is the case, however, it's just as well: it's no exaggeration when I say that the internet is a much better place without Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubien.

Good fucking riddance.

UPDATE: Sept. 23, 2014

Bryon has issued another apology. It's basically a more long-winded version of his previous apology, and thankfully, no one with an ounce of a clue is falling for his bullshit. The apology's original post is now gone, but thanks to Google Cache, I've gotten the apology in full which I will paste at the end of this article. Be forewarned, though: it's very much tl;dr, and you will want the time you wasted reading that shit back.

UPDATE: Sept. 25, 2014

Bryon's abandoned his "SuperPsyguy" tumblr account. He left some parting words, which had gone down with Bryon's ship, but has thankfully been kept for posterity.

I will be deleting all my “SuperPsyguy” accounts. Including my twitter and YouTube. I’m going to sign my partner accounts over to the co-owners. I am deeply and truly sorry for how many people I’ve hurt. I don’t think I deserve to keep these accounts. Me coming back does nothing but cause anguish for people and I can’t, in good conscience, ignore that. I’m seeking professional help and I’m trying to become a better person. The first step is owning up to that and being responsible. And, the responsible thing to is to leave the internet. I appreciate all the initial support. I really do. But I can’t ignore how many people I’ve hurt and how many people I continue to hurt by being here. I’m not being bullied off the internet. Nobody’s telling me to leave. This is a choice I’ve made to try and give people some sort of solace. I can’t apologize enough for my senseless actions and I’m doing everything I can to make the steps to becoming a better person.


Don't let the door hit you in the dick on the way out.

Final, tl;dr "Apology"

Hello everybody, my name is Bryon Beaubien. You probably know me better as “Psyguy”. Recently there has been a lot of controversy concerning myself and various claims. I am not here to call anybody out or throw anybody under the bus. I am here, however, to clear up some things and explain my experience over the last couple of months.

Several of those aformentioned claims consisted of alligations of pedophila. This just simply isn’t true. There are zero police records or court records to back up these claims. Nothing physical has ever even remotely transpired and it never will. I have also been accused of being a predator. Again, there are no legal documents to support these claims. I have been to dozens and dozens of conventions and there has never been a single incident. I’ve had no trouble with any convention staff or attendees on any level in my several years as an attendee. Again, nothing physical of that nature has ever occurred.

However, I have said and made jokes or statements online that I found amusing (at the time) that were not only in poor taste but I realize they have upset a large number of people. This was never my intention and I am truly and deeply sorry. I have been in quite a lot of mutual arguments online and looking over at the things I said I wish I would of said things differently. There are quite a lot of examples where I get extremely melodramatic and, for this, I apologize. A lot of what has been brought up are things I said when I was in my early twenties to even when I was a 17-year-old. I was childish and immature and I apologize for my actions and how many people were affected by what I said. I never thought, in a million years, anyone would ever care about what I said so I said whatever I thought was funny. And, it didn’t matter who it was to. If I thought it was funny I was going to say it. The recent reactions made me see what I was doing was wrong and were labeled as abusive. I never saw it that way and all I can do is apologize and try to make amends/be a better person from this.

I’m going to elaborate more on why I thought nobody would care. Let me be clear - this is not an excuse but merely an explanation. I come from a broken family that only broke more as time went on. My biological father left me when I was a small child and that trend of leaving only persisted as I got older. My family and I moved around a lot. I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and at age 8 we moved to Ohio. We spent a year in Ohio and then I was off to Texas. I didn’t have a lot of time to make any friends so I spent most of my time alone. (I swear this has a point and I’m sorry it’s long winded.) My cousins would visit for the summer and they were like my brothers and sisters I never had. One of these cousins, “Brittany”, converted to scientology and my family didn’t like this choice in any capacity. A family member and “Brittany” had a huge fight that would rip my family clean down the middle and would profoundly disturb me. I didn’t see aunts, uncles, or cousins anymore. It became a source of serious negativity and the family I cherished so much was constantly at war with each other. I became more reclusive and withdrew into the computer and the online world. - Where I tried to fill the void with mindless online achievements to build up my self-esteem.

That was my objective. Get popular. People will respect me if I’m popular. It didn’t matter what it was just as long as I was popular. I switched around from so many projects because I didn’t make anything for the sake of art - I did it because I thought it would catch on. I also took on this very boisterous and extremely loud personality. A very outspoken and curt personality. That’s what I thought demanded respect. The funny guys on the edge of what’s acceptable. Somewhere along the way I lost sight of what was appropriate. I didn’t have a lot of friends and for several years my relationships were all very toxic. There was a lot of yelling and screaming on both sides. When I moved out I lived by myself and I would go to this awful job and come home to nothing except a relationship that consisted of nothing but negativity. I left that job and spent half a year wandering around like an idiot and when I finally got a job someone broke into my home and put a gun to my head. I stopped caring. I stopped caring about myself and I gained a significant amount of weight. I didn’t care what I said. Who I said it to. It didn’t matter. All I wanted was to be popular so I could fill the void I had inside of me since I was a child. I wanted to validate my existence and I would do whatever I wanted and no one would tell me otherwise. I didn’t matter to my biological father. I didn’t matter to my cousins and aunts. I didn’t matter to my job. I didn’t think anyone would ever think I mattered or hold anything I said with any reverence or weight. I felt like what I said had a very short shelf life and people would just forget it and move on to something actually important.

I was a fool. I unknowingly and blindly hurt a lot of people and I am deeply sorry. I was misguided and I had my objectives and values completely backwards. I spent a long time, recently, trying to get my thoughts together and tried to find a reason to go on. I want to make things right.

When this whole thing started to unfold I was absolutely flabbergasted at how many people were eager to come for my throat so quickly. My immediate reaction was anger. I wanted vengeance. I would do anything in my power to make them pay. But that wasn’t me. I didn’t want to start a huge online war so I tried to keep quiet about it. Which only made things worse.

I shut down. Completely.

I already didn’t like myself. When I saw how many notes things were getting and videos were being made - I was severely depressed.

When I saw people I respected leaving, people who I thought were my friends speak out against me - I hated myself.

When I got a text from one of my friends saying he didn’t want to see me anymore at a convention - I wanted to kill myself.

I wished for death.

An animator I respect made a video and he said that “his silence is telling”. My silence was me waking up after barely getting any sleep for the umpteeth time and seeing nothing but my friends and people I cared about saying the most horrible things imaginable. I didn’t want to be alive anymore. My silence wasn’t cowardice. My silence was desperation. I got a lawyer and he advised me to make a very short statement. I had wrote a much longer statement originally but was advised otherwise. My silence wasn’t “telling” my silence was me trying to climb out and at least, at the very least, try to stop hating myself. I don’t know who I saw in the mirror but I knew I wanted him dead. Just as I’m sure everybody else did.

For 2 months I was morbidly and unequivocally depressed.

There were a couple videos made early on and in my frustration and confusion I issued a copyright claim. Several weeks later after I had decided to just shut the hell up - YouTube would arbitrarily decide to care, go through with the claim, and people thought I was actively doing that right then and there weeks after the fact. Which was wonderful.

I have been involved in the Sonic fandom since I was 14. Sega has never given a damn that I existed. Ever. Several weeks after this started Sega would post my art on their official twitter feed which resulted in the fires just being relight for my head on a pike.

Of course.

The universe was laughing at me. God was laughing at me. My entire life was filled with nothing but people leaving me and me losing things I loved. God didn’t want me to be here. I was a mistake.

I had a disgruntled family member make a couple accounts to try and “fight” what was going on. This was done behind my back without my consent and those accounts were not me. I wanted to be completely quiet. I was too depressed to do anything else. When I hit the road my friends and family became the next targets. My mother, who is 60 years old, was suddenly the target of this. When that wasn’t enough my friends were next. Anyone who was remotely connected with me became targets. I had no choice but to do something.

I hired a lawyer and sent off 3 very real cease and desist letters. I didn’t want to do this. With every fiber of my being I didn’t want to do this. I was given no choice.

Several months have past and I kept having these urges of coming back - but they would be squashed because what was the point? To build up my ego? That’s a stupid reason to come back. No, if I were to come back it would be to help out others and not just myself. If I were to do something with my online celebrity it would be to help out others than just myself. I’m going to try and use this negativity and hopefully turn it into something positive.

I am not a predator and I am not a pedophile. Like I said before, there are no legal documents to support these claims in any capacity. Nothing physical in that sense ever transpired and it never will. I was a very depressed and confused person for a major part of my life and I’m sorry that my careless words and actions have caused so many people anguish. I never wanted this and, from the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry.

I just want to make people laugh again - and to help others. Actually have a reason for producing content. That’s all I want.

It’s kind of weird. In the end I think things got way out of hand and didn’t need to escalate to the level they did. On the other hand, I’m glad they did because it was a wake up call that I was upsetting so many people. I never had any intention of hurting anybody and profusely apologize. It took something of this magnitude to make me realize what I was doing was not good and I want to desperately change.

I want things to be peaceful. I want to calmly resolve any issues people might have with me and if you’re willing I would love to try and talk with you. My e-mail is [email protected] and if you would like some resolution or solace I would love nothing more than to give that to you. If you don’t have any intentions for resolution I just ask that you stop the hate and negativity. I am offering open communication to anyone who wants to peacefully resolve anything and if that’s beyond you then I plead with you to please just walk away. Please don’t seek destruction. Please don’t seek anger. I implore you to please be peaceful and rational.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or just want to talk about this my e-mail is right there and I will be more than happy to talk to you.



The Return?

After his exposé the lure of becoming E-famous was just too strong and so…

Bit Polar

With brand new original character in tow, our little brony pedophile sets out on the most original idea of lets plays, trying to be Game grumps and speed painting.

See also

Psyguy doesn't like his loved ones bothered.

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