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Note: If you were trying to look up the video game Psychonauts, which features a psychic Russian kid with the voice of a fag beaver, then look elsewhere.

One of Psychonaut's typical "research" experiments.

The terror known as Psychonaut first came into existence last Thursday, a blight upon the earth. His mother was a streetwalking flaghopper and his father escaped from a lunatic asylum with bunions on his balls and warts on his wank.

Psychonaut wishes he was a prosecutor, so he compensates by making up lies about people and getting them banned forever from Wikipedia. That makes him a real dickhead. Aside from doing perverted experiments, Psychonaut is a gay lover of both Linuxbeak and Eric the Midget and is a former lover of Arthur T. Murray. He also works for the Socialist Party of Great Britain. Damn Commie

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