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A pair of Afro-Semites

Prussian Blue is the singing duo of Lynx and Lamb Gaede (pronounced gay-dee), scions of the internationally-famed Gaede dynasty, trailer-trash Nazi lolis who sing folksy and heart-warming tunes about Adolf Hitler, Jews and the historical inaccuracy of the Holocaust. They are rumored to be the actual sire of pedobear. They are known for being so unoriginal that they rip off verses from Rudyard Kipling, despite his having been neither a serious white supremacist nor particularly talented. Hitler, according to Mein Kampf, dreamed of a day when rapeworthy preteen girls would come along and laud his praises. This is that day. They are the Aryan answer to the Olsen twins.

They were once referred to as "fantasy sweethearts" by a typical Nazi paedophile who at time was in prison for child molestation.

This guy is was their biggest fan most devoted sick fuck.

Something Awful

A moment of musical inspiration

Prussian Blue once had a guestbook for other white supremacists to sign, until Something Awful featured them as an ALOD. Due to the overwhelming amount of free time that virtually all SA members have, the guestbook was shut down due to unprecedented amounts of Zionist and nigger-loving spam. A second ALOD featured months later created further hassle for the band. SA has actually urged the murder of these girls, but since all SA members are secretly not human, merely diseased animals, nothing can be done about this, as they are under the protection of the Humane Society, and the last thing anyone wants to do is piss off environmentalists who have no qualms with blowing up fishing boats packed with humans in order to save some dolphins.

Also, much lulz will ensue when black person pwns the motherfucking shit out of these supremacist hoes. Who wouldn't like the whole country to perform sweet buttsecks on these two?


The Gaede twins also had a brief career trolling LiveJournal under the moniker hitlersangels. It got suspended, and they resurfaced as hitlers_angels. After pissing off Harry Potter slash queens, they got suspended again. They returned as aryanlolitas, only to be suspended and permabanned a few hours later.

Prussian Blue On Jewtube

Their daddy brands his cows with swastikas to express his White pride.

Linka and Irina Gaedova – from jesuitx's pro-communist group Russian Red

Triangle Article

The subject of Prussian Blue caused IRL drama on Drexel University's campus when an article that, among other things, called the Anti-Defamation League a "racist organization" was published as an editorial in the student newspaper.

On Prussian Blue:

Maybe the problem is the target audience and the people being used to try and recruit these young people to the same ideals shared by the white supremacists. There is a band, Prussian Blue, that is made up of two sweet-looking, cute, little blonde girls, Lamb and Lynx Gaede, and these 13-year-old twins are known as "the Olsen twins of white power." The name of the band is partly a reference to the color of Zyklon B residue, which "supposedly" wasn't found in the gas chambers, and the girls hope it might make people question "some of the inaccuracies of the 'Holocaust' myth." The Gaede twins complain about the fact that "smart white girls who have good eugenics are more interested in making money in a career or partying" instead of being wives and having "good-quality" white offspring. Although these views are certainly different, there is no reason that their words or music should be stifled. This is America, people.


—Kurt Ritzman

Some newfag was quoted as responding with "The girls and their supporters intend to continue invoking the First Amendment whenever necessary, even though it doesn't say anything about the right to have people like you if you're a Nazi twat." Predictably, no one cared, because everyone hates nigger-lovers and realizes the invalidity of their opinions.

Prussian Blue post-age of consent

Further proof that marijuana makes you a retarded collectivist hippy
It is now OK to fap to them

Prussian Blue vanished from the public eye for a little while. When they had resurfaced, they revealed that they not only were finally of child bearing age, but that it only took a diagnosis of cancer and one hit of weed to suddenly jump to the other side of the political spectrum and become liberal hippies who "love diversity". Their primary activist goals have changed from exterminating the Jews to legalizing marijuana, and thus they have successfully trolled their former compatriots just as hard as they trolled the entire world around 2005. Fortunately, the two still maintain their lulzy ways, now just with an extra layer of naivete. When asked about their current views on the Holocaust, they made the statement,

I just think everyone needs to frickin' get over it. That's what I think.


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