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This is not a Proxy, it is a fucking camwhore

Proxies are one of the greatest things known to trollkind. They let you ship bucketloads of lulz to a location without having your IP address ban hammered. In other words, you can upload CP with less risk of being caught, you sick fucking pedophile.

There are a few types of proxies:

  • Web proxies (also known as MySpace proxies) - easily used through a website, though slow as fuck due to shitloads of traffic generated by uploading CP. Loaded with ads, pop-ups and are most likely banned from 4chan - sorry bro. Even 7 proxies can't help you on this one.
  • HTTP/SOCKS proxies, used through your browser, but not through the website. Enable proxy in your browser, copy-paste an IP and port from a list, surf away. Since there are tons of these you might stumble upon one which is not banned from 4chan.
  • Proxy through a separate program - things like HotSpot Shield etc. Usually as slow as web proxies, unless you pay for one. This way you can cheat in on-line games and not get caught for testing hacks, although the high ping will make you rage - you'll suck with cheats!

Proxies help you evade bans! this faggot uses a mac!
Good luck....

PROTIP: If you're planning some post on 4chan that will almost positively get you a long, hard pounding from the banhammer, don't use your regular IP address -- for example, if you get banned for 14 days and you decide to use a proxy to evade it, you will probably end up getting permabanned. Use a proxy first -- that way, the proxy gets banned, not you, and you can switch back to no proxy and keep browsing the web.

tl;dr use fucking TOR, though 4chan autobans you the moment you get on their site with onions.

SSH and Tunneling

Rather than rely on public proxy servers, set up your own at home:

  • Register a free host name at No-IP to maintain a static address of your computer.
  • Download and install OpenSSH (or another SSH server daemon/program) on your home computer (This is the terminal you will tunnel into/through).
  • Download and install PuTTY (or another SSH-capable client) onto the client computer (The terminal you will be evading filters/banishment with).

Set up your SSH server to be open to a specific port, and forward that port if you have a router. Client-side, you will enter your no-IP hostname (or your IP address), and then the port number that you previously specified. Set your client to leave DNS resolution to the proxy server. Connect and log in. Set your browser's proxy settings to localhost:<sshport>. More info here.- not working


  • Proxybot - searches, tests, and outputs proxies. Needs to be hosted on a non-free server to work properly.

Currently searches:,,,

  • Those of us with proxy lists to check can use FukkenSaved's Java batch proxy tester. Note that the list must be in host:port format.

Some proxies are moar equal than others

Keep in mind that not some proxies are not as safe as others. There are certain ways using a proxy can fuck you over if you're not a little cautious. For instance, you could have your anonymity compromised if one or more of the following occur:

Number 1 can be rectified by chaining proxies together from multiple countries, preferably ones that are hostile to each other in some form.

The threats that problems 2 and 3 bring could be mitigated by chaining proxies together and encrypting all traffic when possible.

Long list of Proxies (Most are banned from 4chan)

Moar lists

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