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The image that launched it all

Prosthetic Penis is the post that launched Fire trucks from a former LiveJournal nobody to the current superstar that he is (in his mind). Originally, his post of a prosthetic penis on Lj-favicon.png wtf_inc was simply a way of saying, "Ha ha ha! Look at this! It's a fake cock attached to the outside of underwear! Women actually buy this?" However a bunch of shemales and mangina-bearers got into a frothing mess when Fire trucks called them "women". "He's not a woman!" they said, "He's an FTM!"

When Fire trucks pointed out that he was only using the correct pronouns as defined in the dictionary, it became obvious to all that he was transphobic, a racist, and an all out bigot.

Lots of lulz were contained in this post. Among them:

In the end, it was agreed that gender pronouns shouldn't be used at all, and neither should neuter pronouns since this would offend people who do not self-identify themselves as asexual. At this moment, a committee of linguists is working on a pronoun that has no connotations of anything whatsoever.

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