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Proposed deletion

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Because of India's caste system, Gandhi tries to PROD a lesser being in the ass.

Proposed deletion, also known as PROD, is a process of deletion on TOW. Unlike Articles for deletion or the criteria for speedy deletion, proposed deletion is the lamest of the three Wikipedia deletion processes. Wikipedos basically use this process when they want an article to meet the serial rapist and murderer of articles known as the CSD in a dark, dirty street full of broken glass, heroin needles and used condoms, alone at night, but when because of their excessive rules, they cannot put it to CSD.

Therefore, the article stays up for 5 days with a notice saying why one particular Wikipedo wants it deleted. It's a lame process because any butthurt newfag to TOW can remove the notice on their first article, and if it's not on the Wikipedo's watchlist, the article can slip by and remain in existence indefinitely. It also cannot be re-added to PROD if the notice is removed for any reason, and must be taken to AFD. Much easier just to press the delete button, like Encyclopedia Dramatica does, than go through the bullshit of a complex set of rules that don't work anyway.

Types of articles that get prodded are non-controversial non-notable things such as internet memes, books, software and music albums. Putting such articles to CSD is considered a Very Bad Thing on TOW, and is likely to result in lots of drama when on editor review or requests for adminship.

What Proposed Deletion Really Is

Proposed deletion is rather like Jimbo's smug face - the Wikipedia admins are deleting your articles slyly, just like him taking money off you slyly because you're dumb enough to donate.

External Links

  • Proposed Deletion category. Remove articles from this at random with a convincing edit summary, for the lulz. Then watch Wikifags go through the AfD process because they have to.
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