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Censored fax from Project Monterrey

Nobody knows what exactly happened with Project Monterrey, but it was supposed to make SCO famous, and make a lot of money for IBM. It was a plan to merge UNIX with IBMs *nix OSes. The old code from UNIX and AIX lacked drivers, so IBM and SCO tried to get people to help out; nobody did. When it was discovered that Linux was actually free, IBM killed Project Monterrey. In 2003, SCO declared that they discovered code from Project Monterrey hidden inside Linux -- and that all Linux users would have to pay money for using it. Soon the litigation started. Novell stepped in and stated that SCO didn't have the right to sue anybody since they still had the rights to UNIX. SCO then decided to sue Novell, declaring that Novell was just not funny.

In 2005, the courts asked IBM to hand over 80 gigabytes of all their Project Monterrey code to SCO. This is in the hopes that SCO will find some UNIX code in Linux. It is doubtful they will find it.

Project Monterrey has also created lots of controversy on Groklaw, and is therefore the reasons why people are uttering death threats to Pamela Jones.

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