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Peter Turner aka Proffate or Lanceypoos is a well respected member of the deviantART community. This of course is not surprising considering that he is in fact a ginger, tranny, furfag and tartlets of all avenues tend to be sick fucks who get off on this kind of shit. He also likes to hang around at Fur Affinity where he keeps all of his furfaggotry hidden away from his "professional" deviantArt account. Peter makes hilarious troll bait for several different reasons, chief among them being mentioned above. He has the strange delusion that as a transexual he would make an excellent trap, despite the fact that he looks like a mysteriously carrot topped, albino black person.

Obsession With Herro-Roo

Another odd delusion of Peter's comes from his infatuation with fellow tartlet Herro-Roo, a female furfag who gives him the horn. (She is actually a male, but we'll get back to that later.) According to one of the many garishly vomit inducing pieces of "art" he has created for her, he has been trying to get her to come and stay with him for Christmas for the last four years. It seems old Rocky Horror here is pretty useless at taking hints. He has requested pictures of himself and Roo together from a number of different artists, including a sketch where both of their "fursonas" are male and sucking one another off. This creepy stalkerish behaviour around her seems "kawaii" to most of the mentally defunct furfag community, but even one or two of their sweaty, neckbearded number have pointed out that it's more than a little bit creepy. If you really have it in your mind to troll him it is suggested you bring this issue up, it tends to result in some delicious cyber rage.

Recently, his love quest came to an abrupt end. Though he didn't go into details, one can only assume his creepy presents landed him in absolute trouble, Which of course caused him to be swearing to no longer to swoon after her again, talk to her, or even think about her what so ever. At all. Which is bullshit because everybody knows that all furfags never give up on their quest for love.

You may notice that Herro aka Drip Dry has been removed from my deviations, and my life.

I'm not here to slander anyone but suffice it to say, hearts were broken, and through no fault of my own. We'll never be speaking again.


—Peter Turner being heartbroken.

What's even more upsetting is his slanderous usage of the word 'Bro' to describe another furfag, because clearly she's not a bro- Also, to this black personnose, she's more of a target.

Flash Videos

Peter creates flash videos, all of which are considered genius by his peers but completely lacking in originality by everybody else. He steals his ideas from viral trends, internet memes, metal bands and Japanese children's cartoons but fails to make anything even fleetingly humerous from them. They seem to alternate between chronicling the adventures of his delusional life to random furfaggotry and other shit that nobody cares about. Watch them at your own risk, they have been known to cause chronic cases of diabeetus in the young or terminally ill.

Refusal To Vote

During the December of 2009 Peter thought it would be a good idea to refuse to vote in the Australian election, this resulted in him being fined one hundred dollars. Because of this he baaawwed in his journal and pleaded to his watchers for commissions. Why he couldn't just do a decent days work for the money (or just fucking vote) nobody knows, maybe the fact he is a human leech had something to do with it. Needless to say the ever predictable furfags in need of kiddy porn and fuck knows what else drained their parents bank accounts and saved the filthy tranny from what should have been a well deserved bout of prison rape.

Boy, politics sure are interesting!


As has been mentioned Peter is a tranny. He prefers the term "transgender" however and gets annoyed should you call him by any other name. For some obscure reason he believes he makes a beautiful woman despite having the most gigantic nigger nose it's possible to see on a caucasian. He also has an absolutely terrible complexion and a head shaped like an easter island statue. All of these features combined make perhaps the most non feminine look a person could possibly have. One could even stoop to saying that Peter may well be the missing albino love child of black person and that black midget from Leprechaun 2.




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