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Img desc.jpg This Page refuses to accept your vision privilege.

You can help by describing all images in painful and necessary detail for the millions of blind people on the internet.

Wearing this button shows your disgusting button privilege so don't do it. Think of all the people unable to wear buttons. God, you are so inconsiderate. [image description: a white background with a black button with white text that reads "Got Privilege?"]

The Privilege Olympics is a concept that gained popularity on the internets early 2010. The concept itself has always been around in the minds of crazy bitches. Online it is perpetuated by fat ugly bitches on Tumblr, or old ugly bitches on Livejournal communites like Lj-favicon.png sf_drama.

How can I win the Privilege Olympics?

To be a part of the PO, you must be completely ashamed and aware of every instance in which you are better than someone else. Using traits about yourself that give you an advantage is using your privilege and that is unfair.

This includes being ashamed of your:

The eventual winner will be able to enjoy everlasting shame at everything in their life that makes them unique.

How to deal with privilege on the internets

This is a nightclub where all the white people party.[image: neon sign with fancy lettering that spells out 'Privilege']

Once someone has been identified as being a disgusting privilege sucking vampire, you as part of the Privilege Olympics must act completely overwrought. Clutch your pearls. How could anyone be so completely clueless and offensive to everything you hold dear?

You, now, are a white knight of the internet. Clad in shame and rebuke, proceed to internet bitch slap them into guilt about everything they said wrong. Don't bother with compassion. They don't deserve it.

Quotes from people winning the PO

Someone telling you that your opinion on something (for example, feminism) is not really valued in the discussion because you are a white dude is not them shutting you down or devaluing you because you are a white dude.

It’s indicating to you that you possess the privilege and the power to step in and out of that conversation. You can only remain an objective observer because your privilege allows you to be so.


— Not a double standard at all

For example, a heterosexual white cisgendered male has the most privilege. A homosexual white male has male privilege and white privilege but not heterosexual privilege, while a heterosexual black male has male privilege and heterosexual privilege, but not white privilege.

For different people in different contexts, male privilege might be more valuable than heterosexual privilege.


— A person who decides these things

Okay but if you can afford to be vegan you are privileged.

Don’t fucking tell me you aren’t, because I was a vegetarian for six and half years and I had to quit because we could no longer afford it- and that’s just vegetarian. That’s not even vegan.

Some people need to eat meat/animal products for health reasons.

It’s great that you’re able to have that lifestyle. I wish I could. Don’t preach at me about it and don’t get so goddamn high and mighty.

Check your fucking privilege please.


—but tomatoes are like 25 cents a piece??

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