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Private tracker

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A private tracker is a 1337 super sekrit P2P network where you can't steal music unless you are invited to. But—to paraphrase Groucho Marx—who would want to be a member of a club that would invite a person like you?

Private trackers are not places you go to dine and dash because you must maintain a decent share ratio to avoid getting b&. To whit, if you join a private tracker, be prepared to leave your Bittorrent client open and hogging CPU and ræping your bandwidth 24/7/365 thereby alerting your ISP that you are stealing music, software, audio books, and pr0n.

Benefits of Private Trackers

Private trackers are pretty much safe from the evil RIAA however, the WEB SHERIFF may shoot your pre-release music torrent down like a no good, ornery varmint mid-snatch if it gets to it before it is completely downloaded and pwn your share ratio.

Since everyone leaves their torrent client running and are not fags and don't set their upload limit to 1kb/s, you can download pr0n as fast as your shitty ISP will alllow you to, also because 4 out of every 10 people on a private tracker are not fucking poor like you and will spend money on a seedbox, which is a server with a really fast internet connection.

On any legitimate tracker, SCC or TL for example, all the torrents are group releases (Scene or P2P), with the name format of "ReleaseName.ReleaseType.ReleaseTypeSpecifics-GroupName". Sites that don't are shit tier trackers with individual releases, in other words a waste of time. Both SCC and TL have Scene releases, which are FXP'd from a Topsite (generally a 1-2gbps 20tb+ private server used by the highest players in the piracy scene) to an uploader's seedbox, where it is then made available on the tracker upon the completion of the torrent creation. Sites such as TL have their own internal release groups as well, which post their torrents exclusively on the site. Due to only select individuals having uploading privileges, the quality and reliability of torrents is incomparable to the fail found in public trackers. Bottom line is your porn will be virus-free and finished downloading before you even have a chance to whip it out.

Other benefits:

Private Trackers


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