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Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,

I will curse you if you force me to, by the left hand and the unclean food, I´ll curse your eyes, I´ll curse your lies, I´ll call down a plague of flies, blood go black and flesh go blue, evil from me and back to you, my soul clean and yours on fire, you fuck with a witch you get burned, liar.


—She uses magik yanoo...

She can afford all that Elven bling but is too poor for decent drawing paper.

Everything that makes a fucktard a fucktard is present in the batshit moron known as Sarah Elizabeth Brooks the Wolfgirl (aka Wolfgirl1998, Princesswolfgirl, Boudicca699, Wolf Princess, etc), 25-years-old and still living with her parents in Texas. An aspie (correction: sufferer of Pervasive Developmental Disorder, along with ADHD), a pseudo-furfag, an egotistical failure whose view of the world is completely void of logic--her lol-cow udders are always overflowing with sweet, sweet lulz (and often migraine-inducing WTFery).

The fun began during her time on devianTART, where fellow TARTlets and later the dAdmins discovered what a pathetic shit she really is and forced her to go elsewhere to find acceptance. Wolfbitch's infamous antics include unnecessary hostility towards anyone who disagrees with her even the slightest bit, copious amounts of childish stupidity and hypocrisy, and above all being completely delusional (most notably her insistence that Siegfried from Soul Calibur is her lover). Her delusions also go as far as to cause her to believe her PDD puts her at the same level as all those mystical, gifted aspies despite the fact that she fails at even having true Asperger's, which is more or less failing at failing at life.

Trolling the tard, which can include something as benign as telling her not to draw on lined paper, has been proven difficult as she will always reply with some idiotic rant (or a copypasta hex a la her distant cousin DivineAngel), block the user, and hide the comments, so have your finger hovering over the PrntScrn button at all times when around her. Even more delicious is the fact that she despises Encyclopædia Dramatica for being an anti-autism "troll site", and her fear of having a page here was in fact what led to its desperately needed creation.

If Wolfbitch is a princess of any kingdom, it is the kingdom of retards who were stupid enough to communicate online.

In the beginning...

Thanks to the magic of Google, it was discovered that there was a time when Wolfbitch was actually a mostly harmless fangirl known as "boopyoop". She would post slightly annoying crap on Yahoo!Groups forums; one forum in particular would be the now-defunct Ultimate Soul Calibur Club. It was there where she first discussed her love for Siegfried along with other bullshit that would be largely ignored by the other members of the club. Due to the lack of responses she received, Sarah the Wolfgirl eventually went back into hiding to re-emerge as a much more aggressive fantard almost a decade later. What happened during that time is mostly unknown except that much of her shitty art was drawn at this time and she had convinced herself that the character she constantly swoons over actually loves her back.

Behold: the source of Sarah's insanity.
Ancient History About missing Pics

Fun on deviantART

Be afraid. Very afraid.
Wolfgirl's furfag alter-ego and the namesake of her deviantART accounts.

The lonely dimwit was back on the scene a little more than 7 years later as Deviantart-favicon.png Boudicca69. Sarah's TARTlet career began with very little visible activity, only adding shitloads of kawaii-desu art to her favorites and occasionally trolling. Soon the trolling began to escalate as Boudicka made a hobby out of searching for art that featured anyone that wasn't her with her imaginary Ayran sex slave, especially Ivy, and flame it. Her idiotic commentary was either ignored or simply replied with a "WTF?" for the most part, though one instance would lead to an epic battle with another user who unfortunately took the bitch too seriously.

Calm down, retard. She's not even real.

The shitstorm begins

One of the first people to attempt to combat Wolfbitch's idiocy was Deviantart-favicon.png biffproton. Not knowing that they were dealing with someone more dense than a blackhole, Biff decided to reply to the comment Wolfshit left on an old piece of artwork:

Use scrollbar to see the full image


Biff was subsequently blocked from Boudicka's page after the encounter, though the bitch faved two of their deviations after blocking them. The two would not meet again until one year later when another unfortunate user had decided to be nice to Bou-bou. Amazingly enough, Biff caught the bitch using the gift as a means insult them.

The world revolves around her and her fantasies, and she doesn't care who she hurts in order to enforce that.


—a fact that would remain true to this day, as observed by Biff

By strange turn of events, after Deviantart-favicon.png anti-crass intervened Wolfbitch somehow stopped the fighting by abruptly changing the subject to something benign but just as stupid. Biff, overwhelmed by the sudden relief from butthurt, played along with the cop-out. That would prove to be their first fatal error, for this led to Wolfgirl becoming more active on dA, which included filling her then-empty gallery with childish scribbles.

Boudicca699: the legacy

After gushing over Biff (see left) and uploading some of her shitty art, Wolfbitch somehow managed to lock herself out of her first account and had to make a second one. Once that was set up, it wasn't long before the TARTlet community got a whiff of this nutjob's bullshit with her journal, bad art, even worse stamps, and absurdly long deviation descriptions and comments.

Hilarious Journal Entries About missing Pics
Hideous Stamps About missing Pics

Kiss your brains goodbye

Biff is a very boring person for pointing out Wolfgirl's wrongdoing.

Biff realized the terrible mistake they had made by getting along with Boudicca once they witnessed even more of her repulsive antics. Not wanting any more trouble, Biff stopped watching the lunatic, blocked her, and attempted to move on with life. This would only prove counterproductive due to how hopelessly desperate Wolfgirl is. A confrontation occured via email and the two TARTlets became enemies once again as the big fat baby couldn't handle Biff's criticism of her behavior. Their quarrel would continue via comments on some other person's deviation when Biff caught the bitch talking shit on them yet again. Meanwhile, Wolftard sniffs out a new victim (who wishes to remain unnamed) and begins to pester the fuck out of him while under the impression that he and his fancharacter are one in the same. Little does the delusional shit know, Anon never considered Wolfshit a friend in the first place. Anonymous TARTlet unfortunately had to continue wiping up the drool and shit that Bou-bou perpetually expelled all over his page for several months to come. Besides Anon, Wolfbitch managed to befriend a handful of other TARTlets, including two members of BurningLJ's family of rabid low-lives, Deviantart-favicon.png Lochnessmonstor0727 and Deviantart-favicon.png bloorox1225, along with some nerd who would later become her reluctant white knight, Deviantart-favicon.png JumanjiShishioh193. As the number of "supporters" increased, so did the size of Wolfslut's ego. Even Wolfgirl's arch-nemesis would unwillingly feed her as a very butthurt Biff apologized in an email to her for the previous drama. The two called in ANOTHER truce and Wolfgirl commented and faved the fuck out of Biff AGAIN. It seems that nothing could stop the psychotic brat now.

Here we fucking go again... Except this time, Biff makes it clear that they do not want to be friends with this freak.

Bitchfest of the Century™

OR SO SHE THOUGHT! A series of events unfolded on devianTART that eventually led Wolfbitch to BAWWWWW her fat ass off the website. More people were beginning to notice how much of a shithead she was and began to actually speak up against it. One TARTlet in particular, Deviantart-favicon.png Annamm, was not particularly pleased with receiving a visit from Wolffuck. As their self-insert fantasies with Siegfried contradicted one another, the two had a rather strange but lulzy argument about how Wolfshit was spamming the crazed Frenchwoman's page out of jealousy. In her usual whiny retard fashion, Wolfbitch went apeshit over the encounter in her journal:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

B699Journal Annamm.gif

What happened not too long after turned out to be even more hilariously epic. User Deviantart-favicon.png MarieChan and the gang over on DeviantArtSnark took notice to the massive lulz potential that was brewing within Wolfbitch and her shitty stamps. MarieChan took her chances and offered an opinion on one stamp in particular, which led to all hell breaking loose.

MarieChan vs. Boudicka: Battle of the Century! About missing Pics

And of course, the disillusioned aspie goes batshit on Marie's page and then in her journal (which was deleted after people told Wolfgirl that Marie wasn't the fucktard--she was):

Goddammit! I'm so sick of this bullshit! Everything is going my way on DA until some fucktard named MarieChan disses me!!!! Sounds like a girl name but it's a guy! I got nothing against gays or drags but dude! FUCK THIS PUSSY EMO!!!! ~>=U


And then some whiner is like, "I can't read the stamp". The one about "I STILL live with my parent, BFD!!!" READ THE TITLE AND DESCRIPTION, STUPID!!! Do I look like your bitch?! Get off your lazy ass and figure things out, genius! It's not rocket science ya know!

Seriously people! What part of "CRITIQUE NOT DESIRED" DO YOU FUCKTARDS DO NOT UNDERSTAND?!?! HUH?!!? WHAT ARE YOU? ILLITERATE OR SOMETHING?!?! I'm gonna download more decorative fonts so people would stop whining about having trouble reading! I'M HERE TO PLEASE NOBODY BUT MYSELF, YOU BUNCH OF JACKHOLES!!!!


And I can't even change the smileys 'cuz it's taking forever! HURRY UP!!!!!

*becomes her angry form and breathes a bigass ice breath as she roars...**becomes her angry form and breathes a bigass ice breath as she roars...* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


White knight Jumanji chimes in only to be corrected by a passerby.

More people responded in a similar fashion to Marie, which only fueled Wolftard's anger. Anger led to delusion, and this mindfuckingly ironic journal was posted:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

B699Journal Final.gif

Wolftard's loser friends attempt to console her, but ultimately fail as they fail at everything else. The retarded princess surrendered to the torrent of truth, baleeted everything, and finally set deviantART free from her tyranny.

About a week later, the dA administration finally realized the mass amounts of failure Wolfbitch had left behind and decided to ban her so that she couldn't crawl back even if she wanted to. devianTART: 1, fucktard aspie: ZERO!

Escape to the hugbox forum


Now banned from dA, Wolfbitch was forced to romp around like a lobotomized piglet elsewhere. She remained active on JewTube with the account she created long before her banishment from dA and did not hesitate to whine about the "trolls" who booted her off said site. Along with playing victim, Wolfbitch befriended more idiots, including a couple of Internet tough guys to use at her disposal whenever someone "disses" her--dissing usually meaning giving a thumbs-down on one of Wolfgirl's idiotic comments. She would also continue to bother her anonymous "friend" from dA, sending him thousands of mindnumbing private messages about shit no one cares about that the poor guy would later have to ignore.

The Noble Knights Hugbox

JumanjiShishioh happened to run a forum for his nerd friends to discuss video games and current events in the most pretentious manner. After meeting Wolfgirl and witnessing the BAWWWWfest that lead to her leaving dA, Jumanji invited her to rape his forum with her ungodly walls of text to give her strength after her ordeal with MarieChan. Wolfcunt was somehow able to convince Jumanji and the circle of nerds that Marie was the bad guy and in turn was allowed to obsessively express her hatred for Marie throughout the forum despite the fact that flaming/insulting people, even those outside of the forum, was against the forum's own rules.

Harassing MarieChan

Post after post, Wolfgirl would constantly bitch about what she believed Marie had done to her. Soon enough she would come up with idiotic scenarios on how she wanted Marie to die, including drowning, having her house burned down, and even raped. Wolfbitch would even look through all of Marie's art and comments to find her "weakness" though only ended up confusing Marie's RP characters with Marie herself and in the end just making shit up about her. Eventually, Wolfcunt had the audacity to turn some photos of Marie she found into crappy macros, upload them to her bloated Photobucket account, and share them with her hugbox. One particular series of images contained this moronic little blurb Wolfgirl wrote, apparently from MarieChan's POV:

Hello, my name is Mariechan, I'm a pathetic New England lesbo girl wanna be troll who has nothing better to do than trolling random people on DeviantArt. I am a worthless and grotesque piece of human waste who people love to push around. I haven't been able to find a job. I'm too stupid to go to college. I don't have any useful talents. ha ha ha ha! What frigging joke I am. I've been trying to find a job for well over a damn year and still can't get one. College is not an option for me because I haven't got the time,money, or intelligence to go there. What am I supposed to do? Get by on my good looks? Ha! Yeah right! I'm fucking hideous. Life is popularity contest,I just can't win. I wish I was dead. Every time I see myself in the mirror I feel like smashing it. I'm a gay, fucking ugly as hell *bleep* who can't even land a lousy job at a snack bar. I hate myself because I'm a stupid fucking bitch who can't do any damn thing right. I don't even know why I get out of bed in the morning,I have no job, people want nothing to do with me. I might as well be dead. I am a loser. I can't figure things out. I ignore problems because I am afraid of them & then bam! shit gets worse. Why am I so afraid all of the time? I can't balance money for my life. I have enough to live, but i am a loser and don't do anything properly. now, i'm going to get evicted. Losers get evicted. I am a loser. I wish I wasn't such a weak person. I'm worth more dead than I am alive. How fucking depressing is that? My medication makes me feel a little better, but I don't know how to do anything and am so afraid to reach out and ask my family to help. they suck with money. I wish I was dead. I pissed my life away trying to do something I though I was good at, eating pussies. But I came to realize that I have no talent. I pissed my life away trying to troll innocent people on DeviantArt. Who the hell can live this way? I sure as hell can't. I want to die. Remember this lesson, kids, Trying is the same as doing nothing. Good bye!



Somehow Wolfgirl's bestest buddy in the whole wide world, Biff, later found out what the retard was doing and notified Marie about it. Marie did not hesitate to expose this stupid brat a second time after finding out about her massive e-tantrum.

Wolfshit's response? Just as immature as expected. She made her Photobucket private so people like Biff couldn't track her activity there and somehow convinced Jumanji to make the hugbox forum private as well. However, with the prodding of Jumanji, she was forced to call a truce with MarieChan as Jumanji feared his forum would be shut down by its host if things didn't settle between the two. As for Biff, Wolfgirl was under the impression that up until this point they were friends and that they betrayed her by exposing her for this atrocity. She proceeded to slander Biff on YouTube in the following months with random shit she pulled out of her ass, most notably the claim that Biff is a heterophobic lesbian who is jealous of Wolfgirl.

Photobucket Debauchery

Wolfgirl's Nonexistent Shame About missing Pics

Floating on the giant pus-filled tumor of her ego, Wolfbitch had the brilliant idea one day to fuck around with artwork that has her imaginary boyfriend with females other than her. The dipshit took most of the art from deviantART, uploaded the defiled images to her Photofuckit, and shared them shamelessly on Jumanji's forum. The praise she received along with the idiotic belief that it would serve as retribution encouraged the freak to ruin up to 12 pieces of artwork in all. However, along with the defamation of Marie, this too was discovered and exposed by Biff.

File:Go baww urself.jpg

The Hugbox goes against her?

However, her time in The Noble Knights Hugbox would not last. Wolfcunt started flaming one person because he disagreed with her, and drama ensued. Jumanji did almost fucking NOTHING about it and Wolfbitch was allowed to continue her BAWWING. As time went on, more people started realizing how batshit insane she was. She continued making some more poor saps victims of her flaming. Jumanji and Wolfgirl eventually got into a conflict about her behavior, which lead to more flaming from her. As a response, Jumanji deleted her account and cut off his connections with her. She hasn't returned since, luckily for the nerds of the hugbox, who continued on with their lives.

FurAffinity: History repeats itself


Lochnessmonstor727 met up with Wolfbitch on YouTube after what seemed like a year to tell her about a fabulous site that is vastly superior to devianTART-- FurfagAffinity. Seeing this as an opportunity to obtain a bigger hugbox, Wolfshit instantly joined the site. While establishing her fucktard presence among the menagerie of sick fucks, she hoped that her special brand of bullshit would go unnoticed by the "trolls" she met on dA as long as she didn't use the name "Boudicca". But because Wolfgirl possesses just under -9000 braincells, she was wrong as usual! Snarkfags on WTF_FA took notice in almost no time and instantly recognized her from dA, but have been too lazy to continue covering the retard's antics any further. Despite lack of documentation, the shit Wolfbitch has been pulling has hardly gone unnoticed. In the few months that the princess lasted on the site, Wolfshit would face adversaries again and again while claiming to have "flashbacks" of the shit that went down on back then on dA. Just like dA, her FA page also gave her a new outlet to overreact to various incidents in her pathetic life, such as this entry posted on June 29, 2009 but was deleted a few hours later after the issue was supposedly resolved (or Wolfshit actually felt embarrassment for posting something so idiotic for once):

I hate this! I fucking hate this! Why is it that everytime something

cool happens, something ruins it. Like I was grateful that my mom bought me crickets to feed my lizard with. Well I want her to help me with caging the crickets. But then I heard her screaming. UGH! I wish she hadn't done that but she did. All because she's afraid of crickets.

At least I don't make fun of her fear. But I mean come on! They're just crickets for god sakes! It's not gonna bite!

But no she takes her fears out on me. Even my dad is worst when it comes to arguing. He's always such a dickfaced fuckwad! Just because he's just defend my mom from me and shit. I understand that. But I wasn't going to attack her, you dumb shit!


I hate fighting with my parents! They always started the fight! Not me! And they blame it on me!

Well why don't they just commit an abortion on me while they're at it goddammit!!

And BTW, if any of you assholes are gonna hate me or belittle me or even troll me, I'll have to block you! I'm sorry. But I had it, after that time some bitch dissed me for what I said about Wolf's Rain. She doesn't have to read it and comment at me about ya know! DUH! STUPID!!

Seriously, why me? I'm such a freak just because I'm not afraid of insects while my mom is! *sobs,sobs,sobs* TT_____TT

I wish we never fight ever because everytime we do, I sometimes have nightmares every other night about me strangling my dad's neck until he dies.

Oh god what's wrong with me?! *sobs,sobs,sobs* TT____TT

Sometimes I wonder how does God make me exist, how did I make friends, or how I ever earn a loving relationship with Siegfried Schtauffen.

I'm such a monstrous bitch freak! *sobs,sobs,sobs* Makes me feel like I wanna hurt myself sometimes.

No I'm not emo. It's my fucking autism curse! But I'm not retarded!!!! I swear to god I'm not! I'm just always hurt emotionally for many moons. My parents don't physically abuse me, nor do they take drugs. But they can be such fucking assholes anyways. I could never figure out why and it isn't my fault. *sobs,sobs,sobs* TT___TT


She also never forgave Biff for their "betrayal":

Use scrollbar to see the full image

WolfgirlFAjournal biff.jpg

(Truth is, Biff had told Wolfbitch to her face, albeit politely, that they never wanted to be the freak's friend and later on exposed her for art theft/altering and defaming MarieChan. Hell, if it wasn't for Biff, Wolffuck and Marie never would have reconciled. But of course Wolfgirl doesn't have the mental capacity to recognize this. Fuck that, she hates Marie again.)

The end?

The comments that started it all

All things must come to end, including Princess Wolftard's seemingly impermeable reign on FA. Her fear of having an ED article written about her was discovered and taken advantage of by some furfag, and lo and behold, this article was born.

Heroic furfag being the justice police and referencing Dracoguard and shit

Five minutes after that comment was posted and deleted, Wolfbitch began the tedious process of bawwleting everything.

Where is she now, LOL?

With her FA account wiped clean and YouTube account closed, it would seem that Wolfgirl would finally give throwing internet tantrums a rest and go back to being just Sarah, a useless tub of lard that would continue to be a burden upon the unfortunate Brooks family. BUT NOPE. She has found a new spot to bitch and moan about how cruel the world is to her at another circlejerking forum created specifically for retards, the Team Auspie Forums Bitch is just that desperate for companionship despite the fact that everyone including her loser buddies knows she's a pathetic waste of of carbon-based matter; proof of this is in the fact that the majority of Wolfbitch's threads posted in this new hugbox have received no replies from the other members.

Reaction to this article


(and me. ^^)

First Biffy Van Dyke backstabs me, so does DA and FA and even that chinchilla faggot! Trolls are everywhere! Why the fuck do they even exist?! Everytime I'm trying to enjoy myself and express myself to the world, some asshole have to ruin it and act like they're more perfect than me! Can't I EVER express myself WITHOUT having any douche bag absorbing my "negative energy" like a goddamn trolling fisherman?! HUH?!!?? I GUESS NOT!!!!! :x

I don't give a rat's ass if they're doing it for fun or some gambling wagers or whatever the hell they do! THAT'S NO EXCUSE!!! EVER!!!! And I don't wanna hear "don't feed the trolls" because I already know that. I wasn't feeding them! I was trying to avoid their comments by blocking them. NOBODY SEEMS TO LISTEN THOUGH! What's the matter? Do they understand English!?

They're ALL just like Nessie's antagonist I swear to God! It's like there's never a safe sanctuary in cyber space anymore!

Hell I even showed my parents that fucking troll site which I can't mention they made about me. No I wasn't badmouthng Picasso OR Van Gogh. No, I was being sarcastic because their art don't look so perfect like it's computer graphics and everyone admired that art VERY well. That doesn't mean I'm badmouthing them. Big fucking difference!!!

Those humans have ALL sorts of little irritating and retarded qualities!Also I'm already aware that a forum is a public meeting or assembly for open discussions like DA or FA but you know what? I think most people just take a lot of advantages about it and abusing the freedom on open discussions and turn it into a drama shitpile! PEOPLE THIS IS ABOUT BEING OPEN-MINDED TO EACH OTHER!!!! DON'T BE A PRICK!!!!! ~>=U

So anyways, I was sooooooooo upset that day that my heart and guts have been ripped(not literally). *sighs* Now I get the "I hate your guts" saying, unfortunately. *facepalms* But what my parents told me had TOTALLY made my day because they are very wise when handling trolls.

The simple truth about trolls is this....YOU READY? ^_~

They're a bunch of assholes who have NO life, no jobs, no friends, and they NEVER EVER been laid! ANNNNNNNNND they're a bunch of fucktards who are closeted autistic people. Yeah, they're in denial and that's just fucking sad. Also either their dicks are smaller than a tic-tac and their balls are shriveled up like raisins or their boobs are smaller than raisins and they're flat a board!

Ya know what? If their life sucks soooooo badly, how about instead of trolling people so much for fun..........they should go cut themselves or shoot themselves in the head or in the mouth like Hitler did, drink a LOT of any alcoholic beverages and down some pills at the same time, or lynch themselves in a noose,whatever.

So there be less assholes on Earth! This is why I'm into pro-choice so we can have population control and such.

Doesn't matter anyways, my mom helped me get that damn site blocked away from me even though I'm an adult(don't worry,she respects my rights. ^^ She's just blocking one site. JUST ONE SITE!), at least it'll keep me from getting tempted on researching the internet meme. Now I need to find a better place to look for those. Wikipedia maybe? ^^

I just need some time to heal since this is VERY recent. Even though I'm happy. ^_^ I STILL feel hurting inside. I guess a broken heart isn't just a figure of speech after all. Well, not broken entirely but ya know what I mean. ^_~

And also trolls can't draw well, they draw like a retarded 3rd grader to me. :P Plus as you can see, they save CG pics in JPG instead of PNG which makes the quality bad because it makes the pic look pixelated. :P

So please guys, don't lecture me about handling trolls okay? I already know that. I'm not stupid. It's just they always trick you like Satan always does!O_O

All trolls, furry haters, dumbass humans, etc. they should all rot in Hell when they fucking die and never come back! EVER!!!!

Goddamn this feels good! ^_^


What dumb bitch Sarah STILL doesn't realize is that everything she claims is true about us "trolls", especially the part about never being laid (masturbating to pictures of a video game character doesn't qualify as having sex), is in fact true about herself--yet another beautiful example of her hopeless detachment from reality. Her parents are also almost as stupid as she is, but chances are that their daughter is lying to them and they have no idea that she is in fact worse than all the people she complains about.

The Team Auspie forums apparently did not last too much longer as the mother of the team/forum/hugbox's founder bloorox aka Ganene or found out that the r-tards were exchanging porn and cursing (with good ol' Wolfy being the biggest offender), forcing Ganene to first ban Wolfshit and then close the site altogether. From then on it appears all interaction between Princess Twatdog and the other members of the Assburger Brigade remained primarily private (possibly via Skype)

The Unholy Union

Almost immediately after the deletion of her Wolfgirl1998 JewTube account, she made a new one, claiming the name change was because people would think "1998" was her birth year and not because she had been caught being a fucktard. One would think that she would have the conscience to stop even using the Internet and go admit herself to the local hospital's psych ward, but this is Wolfgirl we're talking about here. She has now made it her lifestyle to sit on her fat redneck ass for at least 12 hours a day to add massive numbers of stupid videos to her favorites (along with playing children's MMORPGs like Wizard 101 or whatever). Though she spams and throws tantrums a little less with this account, there appears to be no sign of any change in her retarded mindset or interests. Nearly a quarter of a century old and still has not accomplished anything and will likely die alone.

BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THIS?! Recently Wolfyshit has eloped with a fellow retard thanks to romance-inducing YouTube and Skype! Her new beau is apparently the slimy British asspie Phil McDonald aka Neo arcane, age 27. Their long-distance "relationship" has only just begun yet they have already cybered, exchanged pictures, and are spamming each other's YT pages with disgusting messages of a sexual nature. Phil has appeared to have won Sarah's cholesterol-clogged heart by pretending to be Siegfried and fulfill what was once the crazed bitch's self-insert fantasies. Obviously, this attraction was not based on looks alone; however, with both of them leading such pathetic lives and one them having an almost criminal online history, the only thing that must bring them together is overwhelming desperation. DISREGARD THAT; AS OF NOVEMBER 15TH, 2010 PHIL BROKE UP WITH HER CAUSE SHE FUCKED HERSELF IN A SKYPE CHAT AND GOT OVERHEARD BY ALL OF NEO'S BUTTBUDDIES

No thank you.

Delicious Justice


Despite being stupid enough to be her friend in the first place, those closest to Princess Butterface are finally realizing the truth and turning their backs on her...!

The "Art"

"Also I don't like being ignored much especially about my artwork. So please say something to me, but don't say mean stuff to me or die!"


— Be gentle to the princess, you fucking Nazi.

The Princess Herself About missing Pics
The Rape of Siegfried Schtauffen About missing Pics

No wonder Siegfried became an hero in SCIV.

See Also

Oh,And P.S. Her NEW YT NAME IS Humanoidbeast666.

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