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I WAS so kind to all my friend, why did I have to leave? A sweet person, I guess cannot be sweet without being banneded!


—PA83, telling the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

I was playing around with my Adobe PhotoShop 7, and since my boyfriend Den said I would look cute with cat ears and a tail, I thought I'd play with a photo of me and my mom got scared and said you're moving with your aunty and uncle in Bel-air.
o bayb
PA83 has clearly outsmarted ED

Princessangel83 is a huge dramawhoring lolcow most e-famous for her account on DeviantART which is over here. It is there she posts her artwork that she DID NOT TRACE OR RE COLOR. On Friday the 13th, 2006 her account was suspended after a massive 7chan invasion, but it came back online a week later. In January, 2007, she quit DA forevar because of all the *chan love she was getting. This quitting did not even last a week. Finally, in March 2007, DA re-permabanned her, which was A+. Following suit DevianTART admins have totally shitcanned her account for being clearly and horribly against their ToS, copyright law, and the laws of man. Check it out.

Her SheezyArt page had a fuckton moar traced artwork though, and the SheezyArt mods, for once showing themselves to be halfway competent, banned her forevar in late 2007. This was after suspending her no less than five times for tracing artwork. Then they permabanned her obvious sockpuppet, a step that the retarded deviantART mods have also taken.

Now, you might think that after all that, the lulz might quiet down. Just maybe, after being ostracized and banned from multiple websites, having a large number of independent people telling her to just shut the fuck up, having internets of people telling her that tracing and copying art is bad, she might wise up and change her tune. Of course you'd be entirely wrong. Sarahpom/Princessangel: committed to shitting in the tubes for at least 100 years.

No, Princessangel83, now also known as Sarahpom83, moved on to the ancestral home of all e-attention whores, LiveJournal. You see, LJ is widely known as a place where even fatties might be welcomed. And some of the most chillaxed places on LJ are of course, the Pokémon communities, because Pokémon is not serious business okay people. But of course, Princessangel is a bitch. Everywhere, like crazy, all the time.

Now this is a story all about how my Life got flipped turned upside down

You cannot unsee this image.

Princessangel83 started off as many DeviantARTlets do, posting shit. Often stolen and/or traced shit. And since that shit was related to a retarded fancommunity, all the better!

As you can see, this works really well.

However, some people discovered that she was posting shit on their Internets, and they did not want. So they told her she was posting unoriginal shit, and in response she flipped the hell out. As if that wasn't enough for her, she decided it was probably a good idea to get over to the nearest forum and let everybody know! When everybody told her she was being a spaz and to fuck off and die, she thought it would be a good idea to do it again! Never mind that she'd been told a lot of times by then that it was against DevianTART rules.

But why would you leave it on the forums? Of course you need to create journals about how omg meen ppl are attacking you, and so she did. This, coupled with other journals now lost to the interwebs, led to her retarded fanchildrens attacking other deviants for reasons unknown. One of these people attacking PA83's enemies was DannyRose, but that's another story.

Why is everybody on IRC so mean to me

In this first flurry of flaming and crying and general fucktardery, the original poster of "OMG UR SO MEEN" words towards PA83 was banned forever. NEVAR 4GET KATAKAGE. Also never mind that the comments left by Katakage were in the vein of [3] whereas the comments left by PA83 on Katakage where in the vein of [4], [5], [6], [7], ONLY KATAKAGE DESERVED TO BE BANNED. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS. PA83 was served a very short suspension.

Shortly after all this drama, PA83 began to attack everybody that came near her in a bout of extreme paranoia.

/b/ raids


At the banning of Katakage, several more DevianTARTlets joined the fray. And when they realized they need some seriously epic shit to get her to fuck off and die.

So in their time of need, they did thus turn to 4chan, and /b/ did not disappoint. Fueled by the knowledge that PA83 was a fucktarded, drama-whoring art-thief (and a furry besides), the wrath of /b/ was swift and burning. In other words, it was plenty of lulz.

Whut's 4chan, lol?

Time to set us up an impostor

Princessangel83 does not trace!! Seriously. She just recolors, lulz.
No Talent Needed!.

4chan raids were good, but they didn't really achieve anything apart from lulz. Thinking quickly, some DevianTARTlets realized that as she was previously suspended for calling out another user, they could get her permabanned by getting her to do so again.

So super-sekritly, a new DevianTART account was created with the name of princessangel803, where recolors of PA83's recolors were posted. It was truly love and oh shit how did she ever find out it was a fake account?!

Taking the bait, PA83 posted her findings in a journal, just as all had hoped. At least 100 people reported her for that journal, and she was permabanned. It was a great day of celebrations on the Internets, or at least on DeviantART, or at least... three people or more were celebrating.

Slutbaggery gets people off perma-bans

When your art gets taken down for being stolen, it is entirely the fault of the person who reported you

With many hoping this would be the event that drove PA83 to quitting IRL forever, much fun was had in the maybe 26 hours she was banned for. But the whoresomeness of PA83 had been underrated. Much to the surprise of the Internets, PA83 managed to get her ban lifted in the only way she knew how. Secks with admins!

She was back to posting shit in record time.

Mcgoohq drama

This is an example of a great website. Good work, PA83

Around this time, another DeviantARTlet decided it would be hilarious to use one of PA83's many stupid quotes as a feature on the front page of their website. PA83, sensing that this was serious business, decided that it had to be stopped. Instead of say, writing to the owner of the website and asking that it be taken down, or even just waiting a week until newer news posts had bumped the quote off the website, she ran a whois query and got into contact with the people whom the site was hosted with, Mcgooghq.

Of course, the owner of this website happened to have an IRL twin who happened to work on the helpdesk at Mcgoohq, and heard about this within five minutes of it happening. Follows is a chatlog between the website owner (Merlin the Bruce) and her twin (Kingofshibby) about the matter.

Kingofshibby: ??
Merlin the Bruce: ??
Kingofshibby: WTF is this shit?
Merlin the Bruce: Um... some retard on deviantart?
Kingofshibby: Mcgoo's helpdesk just got an email from some retard demanding that your
 site be taken down forevar
Merlin the Bruce: lololololol

Since "Merlin the Bruce" paid upwards of $100 per year for her hosting, had a twin on the helpdesk and went to high school with the owner of Mcgoohq, nothing happened, apart from many lulz. However, "Merlin the Bruce" was none too pleased, and rumors have it she has since then used 1% of her brainpower into wishing PA83 dead.

This is the journal PA83 got banned for. Good times.

7chan raids

Another raid was struck from 4chan shortly after the unbanning of PA83, but for many weeks her DevianTART page stood silent and untrolled. Though she continued to post shit, her main detractors were tired of Google-searching for the sauce and reporting them (though they still reported the occasional piece). As a result, PA83 seldom posted any hilarious journals, and as this was shortly after DevianTART had released a system allowing PA83 to block people who were omg so meen to her, there wasn't a lot to do.

But then something epic happened. Once again, PA83 posted very obviously traced shit, and two of her BFF happened to be on MSN looking for some trolling action. Armed with a picture of her traces and capslocked quotes, they headed off to 7chan's /i/ to bring /i/nsurgent justice down upon her page. A most excellent time was had by all, and PA83 was given some sort of ban. More info would be given on this ban, but it would appear PA83 is just too dumbfucking stupid to figure out how to contact DA and find out how she got banned.

During this raid, her personal information was posted in the thread, along with many other lulz connected to her IRL.

A secondary raid tried to be organized on her ShittyArt page at princessangel104, but ShittyArt being Shitty, kept keeling over before /i/ could extract their lulz. There were lulz to be had there, though. PA83, now PA104, is still the master of CAPS LOCK OMG SO ANGRY.

Ban evasions

You surely have the skillz of an artist.

As if all her other retardation wasn't severe enough to get any regular user of DA banned several times over, Princessangel83 is also a dedicated ban-dodger. Sometime quite early in the 4chan raids, during PA83's first suspension, she posted a journal on her alternate account about how HURT she was by the internet ban. DeviantART moderators did nothing.

During her perma-ban, PA83 made another sockpuppet called Mudkipfan06 which she used to "update her clubs" and harass a totally legit member of DA. DeviantART moderators did nothing.

Finally, her alternate account was suspended for a week, and PA83 again posted a journal on her other account about how awful it was. 10bux says DeviantART moderators will do nothing about this transgression.

Moar art.


If only her life was like this.
"every time I do something someone says you stole this from someone and i'm like hello I don't steal from other people unlike probably you! I draw my characters." [1]

She made this touching comment showing her condolences for a dA Sonicide that was actually just a parody. Lol.

Shockingly, she has befriended the furry called "Mariechan", who she had previously held accountable for her downfall (though she has a lot of trouble spelling it).

Her neighbor is a /b/tard as well as an ED user. Oh exploitable.

She also has a new sockpuppet on DevianTART called Mudkipfan06, whom you should report to the mods as frequently as possible, and refer to as "Sarah" all the time. WARNING! Anyone who accuses Mudkipfan06 of being Sarah gets the BAN-HAMMER because INTERWEBS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS!

She has "quit DA forevar!!!1" after yet another giant 7chan raid on her in January, 2007.

She's back sucking cock on DA. DevianTART admins still haven't taken down her obviously traced work. Failget! BANNED... for the fucking HUNDRETH TIME. Sometimes blowing realitysquared works in bypassing DeviantART shitty policies, sometimes...

Of course, if you do get banned, it's perfectly all right to start a new account if you're a popular deviant, because rules are for people who aren't popular. Sheesh. That and Realitysquared is a fucknut.


PA83's crying on Shittyart: preserved for the ages
PA83 steals Quiznos

PA83 finally got the banhammer on DeviantART proving she wasn't popular enough in the eyes of the TART admins to get away with her bullshit.

Fortunately for continuing lulz, she is on Shittyart, and had this to say:

they shouldn't have banned my clubs that I had about 300 members on each club! There wasn't a Misty fan club out there any where and they banned them all!!! I'm sure a spammer was like Oh I think you might like to know this this account Sarah-The-Monkey is this person to, princessangel83 and has all these clubs! You need to ban them all!!!! or something like that. HOW FING RUDE!


—PA83, on being a whining whore

Spammers get you banned. How fing rude. How fing rude indeed.
Go here [8] for all the lulz. While you're at it make an SA name and show her what real spamming is.

Penis tail?

I wish I could sue them for saying I have copy righted stuff on there when I don't! they need a big sue, because a lotta people are getting fucking mad about their dam 1000 rules.


—PA83, comment on her journal threatening dA with lolsuit

not princessangel at all honestly


Our wittle pwincess has not one but two accounts on SheezyArt. But one of them's not hers okay. She also claims in this profile to be a 16 year old girl and is clearly asking for it.


Oh you see, this could never be PrincessAngel. It's not like they talk entirely the same. It's not like all JessTheMinun talks about is PrincessAngel. It's not like every time PrincessAngel gets banned, JessTheMinun gets mysteriously more active and posts nothing but bawwbaby posts about how unfair PrincessAngel's ban is.

Oh wait

More Sheeheezy Duhuhrama

Every repost is a repost repost

Of course our wittle Angwel can't stay out of the dramalight for long, so after being shoved out of DevianTART, it was probably less than a minute before she waddled over to SheezyArt. Where she went on to behave exactly the same as she had on DevianTART. She posted nothing but trashy and shitty recolors and traces of Pokémon and Sonic characters, and needless to say, people reported them to the SheezyArt staff.

Now any idiot will tell you that the two reasons SheezyArt was created are thus: DevianTART didn't allow furry pronz, and DevianTART didn't allow shitty recolors and traces. Despite Sheezy's founding principles, PwincessArghlfart's shitty recolors and traces were removed many times by the Sheezy mods. Because nobody likes fat chicks. She was suspended many times for this, and came back crying for sympathy each time because she'd done nothing wrong.

Now, the SheezyArt moderation team weren't the only people she reverse-trolled on SheezyArt. Every time she logged on, she'd post ridiculously large amounts of shitty, mysteriously familiar artwork to the Pokémon fan club. Of course, the pokefan-community got their panties in a twist and told her to piss off. A lot. So she did what she always does - whined and bitched and moaned in her journal about what assholes the Pokémon fan club were and about how much dick they suck and about how she was leaving the Pokémon fan club FOREVAR. Some of her bitching about the fan club that she never did end up leaving is in her MOST IRONIC JOURNAL (seen in next section).

The following day she posted more art to the Pokémon fan club and deleted said journal. Only one user called her out on it, but she was too dumb to realize it was a troll, and no lulz were had. Just general shame at the knowledge one belongs to the same species as her. Naturally the picture on which the comment string was on is now deleted because it was traced. SURPRISE! However, as everybody knows "every club she's a part of that she didn't make herself hates her, and she obviously is never going to change." Thanks, moderator of the sheezy Pokémon fan club, for summing it up so succinctly!

O noes someone stole my art you gais :(

The irony was lost on her
Cognitive dissonance in action

In what may possibly be the most ironic thing to ever happen on the webbernets, Princessangel83 posted a journal wherein she did nothing but bitch (hold on) about art thieves.

Do like some people not have a brain at all, does everyone think they can get away with it, they even strink the images to make them smaller at that point you have to know its stolen and taken.


—Princessangel83, olololololol

Honestly I... I don't even know what to say at this point. It's just so fucking ironic that I think my head exploded. Aah. That is seriously some fucked up shit.

In a stunning display of cognitive dissonance, Princessangel83 still does nothing but trace artwork. It really is a wonder her head does not explode under all that hypocrisy. To quote one of the great masters of psychology: "Die in a fire, Sarahpom".

Tracing Queen

She never learns. BAWLEETED!

Well, let it never be said that Princessangel83 isn't persistent. You see, after getting b&, v& and permab& by both deviantART and SheezyArt, PA83 had to find somewhere else to mindlessly grab for attention. So she turned to the haven of attention whores everywhere, LiveJournal. And - get this - posted her art, which was - get this - TRACED! My word! Naturally, overlays were produced in record time.

To which Princessangel83 baw'd and denied, deleted and ignored. But a merry time was had by all!

Keep fightin the powah!

You can't stop the moonlight!

Butthurt rant by Anony4456

Despite having a set of her own, PA83 has in fact gotten worse over time at drawing le boobies (yes this is traced)

Recently some little faggot by the name of Anony4456 kept removing the tracing overlays above and posting a butthurt little rant in its place:

I have no idea what all of you are doing, don't you have lives? Or do you just have a lot of spare time to go and make someone else feel like crap because you feel like crap yourselves? It's really disappointing. Regardless of what it is, that is no way to behave. Act like mature people, it's the internet, a little maturity is appreciated.

I don't see what the big deal is to be quite honest. Tracing, eyeballing and the like are all a way to learn how to draw. Once you are VERY comfortable with drawing out of your mind (poses, details, etc) then is the time to try. Some artists don't feel comfortable quite yet with themselves and it makes YOU look poor as artists for criticizing someone who is clearly still trying to learn.

If you don't like her work, just. Don't comment. Why give it attention? Nothing is being accomplished by people ganging up saying "TRACER!11ONE" Leave some sort of constructive criticism and then if the person goes off at you, then that's their problem.


and for those who would go so far to make someone feel like crap about there artwork.



Welp, we've certainly seen the error of our ways. We'd better just pack up and go home now. Thanks, anonymous! You have shown us the light!

Even LJ hates her

Crazy and Butthurt, the only words needed to summarize PA83. Oh, and maybe fat.
And as an added bonus, Princessangel was actually ripping off the people of the LJ Pokémon community anyway. What an angel. [2]

Of course, being that Princessangel83 is a whiny, shiteating cuntbag who should go eat a bag of dicks and get the fuck off the internet, she was less than welcomed into the Pokémon communities of LiveJournal. Now, can anybody guess how this happened?

Why yes, it was due to her rampant art theft and constant advertising of her own shitty communities, tied in with her innate inability to follow even the simplest and well-spelled-out of community guidelines.

So naturally, after breaking the rules on the rather laid-back Lj-favicon.png pkmncollectors by being a whiny bitch, Princesspom was given a mod warning. Of course, Prettyprincess accepted the warning fairly, and moved on knowing how not to act in future.

LOL J/K. Princessangel did the SAME FUCKING THING she always does. She posted another journal about it, bitched like fucking crazy (perhaps because she is fucking crazy?), and then deleted the journal when she was criticized for it. HURR FANCY THAT. Bitch never learns.

[...]I'll never post here again[...]I'll only post once a month



Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ. A kind LJ user reminded Princessassgel that the post was against the rules and she'd get banned, so she first edited it, then deleted the entry entirely. Of course, not everybody in the internets is as ass-fucking-stupid as Princessangel herself, and, as promised, she was banned from the community. The three pkmncollectors mods acted together, and after some discussion, Lj-favicon.png heerosferret became the lucky soul who entered the powerwords. ban_set sarahpom83

But a storm was brewing for pkmncollectors.

My house burned down you gais :'/

noooo it totally didn't happen like that I swear

curtain goes up:

SARAHPOM stands before it. she makes a ton of sales posts for very common Pokémon cards which no one buys, but whatever, it happens. people mostly ignore it and go about their business.

SARAHPOM feels this is not fair and so googles a picture of a burned house, and then starts claiming her friend's house burned down and she needs to sell these common cards to help rebuild it. like 1.50$ is going to build a house. but, again, people kind of gloss over it with a few pats and hugs because this is pkmncollectors, not Rich Nitwits Associated.

a few months in obscurity, nobody thinks much of SARAHPOM. then, out of the blue, she starts asking really obvious questions over and over in single posts. ie, "how much is a dollar to yen?" "where is a link to SMJ?" "how do i shot internet?" etc. the general community response after about 15 of these is "GOOGLE MOTHERFUCKER. DO YOU SPEAK IT!?"

the MODS also get annoyed, and tell SARAHPOM to stop repeatedly posting off-topic threads. SARAHPOM responds by continuing to do so.

MODS warn SARAHPOM again, saying if she does not stop, she will be banned.

SARAHPOM lays low for about a week...then makes the post you see above.

FIN? (see screencap on right for a lulzy, backpedaling response to this)

Pokémon LJ butthurt

File:Pa83 Pokémonljraaaaage.gif
File:Pa83 Pokémonljrebuttal.gif
Heerosferret responds to Princessangel83's insanity, revealing that Princessangel tried to bribe the other two mods into letting her back into pkmncollectors. Lol wut.
Don't call her childish you guys, she's a very mature mother

Now not many people know this, but Pokémon is in fact serious fucking business. When Princessangel was banned from Lj-favicon.png pkmncollectors, the users and maintainers heaved a sigh of relief and moved on with their Pokémon toys.

Over the horizon, a gigantic wall of text loomed. Driven mad by her own perceived self-importance and sense of entitlement, Princessangel83 exploded into a mighty ALL CAPS fury. She mashed her fat fingers against her keyboard wildly, spewing forth a large and hilarious entry on her personal journal wherein she did nothing but lash out impotently at pkmncollector mod Lj-favicon.png heerosferret.



—Sarahpom83, "so fucking angry"

Yeah, okay, but-



—Sarahpom83, "so fucking angry"




—Sarahpom83, "so fucking crazy"


Heerosferret, and the rest of the LJ pokefans, did what anybody would in their situation. They laughed their asses off. Heerosferret even brought some lulz back home to share. Sharing is caring! Of course we know Princessangel83 will never pull her head out of her ass long enough to see the lulz, it's clear to us that her time at LiveJournal will be profitable only for the drama-mining industry.

The lulz fallout from this LJ drama was almost as large as Princessangel's portly visage, and is expected to last for many days to come. Indeed, on the 10th of January she deleted her LJ, though being the attention whore she is, brought it swiftly back. She posted many more entries about how much of a bitch heerosferret apparently is/was, and deleted them all in turn. But the internet never forgets.

Cascade failure

A review of what went wrong

Now that Princessangel had completed step 1 of her retarded fucking reaction to drama suite, she was ready to move on to part 2: taking her ball and going home. Or in specific language, she huffed a dick and moved on to making her own Pokémon LJ communities that were going to be soooo much better than that STUPID FERRET GIRL's.

Of course, Princessangel is so self-obsessed that she has enough trouble reading community rules, let alone seeing who the maintainers are. So she went to LJ's biggest Pokémon community - Lj-favicon.png pokemon, and advertised her BRAND NEW SUPER GREAT FANTASTIC better than heerosferret's POKÉMON COLLECTORING CLUB.

Now just looking at the userinfo one would see that a) advertising is against the rules and b) ...

Heerosferret is a maintainer there, too.

In a wonderful display of speed and lulz, Princessangel83 was - surprise! - banned. She's still a member of several other LJ pokecommunities though, so the drama shall flow. She also swiftly waddled to the corners of the internet - the oekaki boards - and bitched about it there, where more drama is expected to grow.

Memorable Quotes



Some people will tell you how to make your artwork better but of course I just ignore them again about that. [11]

Sock puppets


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