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This luser is a lolcow, and should be trolled to death in the usual fashion.
You can help by posting their nude pix or spamming their talk page.

PowerfulHorse is a furry artist who spends his time pretending to pump iron at the gym, and rubbernecking the bodybuilders. He also enjoys shooping the heads of animals onto the steroid abusing men and calls them "artworks". One will notice that the arms of his "OCs" look as if they have been injected with cantaloupes. Like all furries, the internet is out to get him.

Is dat sum shoop?


Noteworthy offenses

  • Founder of Universal Furry Union
  • Larger e-peen than Zeriara
  • Thinks that DESU is stupid
  • Makes music
  • Thinks Caturday is stupid
  • Frequents at "Gay Yiffy Club" in Second Life

The Free Furry Union and Universal Furry Union

The Free Furry Union was, originally, an idea made by two furries against United Furries Argentina (UFA) after the UFA tried to join a Union from Spain.

PowerfulHorse took the name of Free Furry Union (UFL IN SPANISH) and took a different way than the two original furries had. This resulted in the original two being b& from the UFL and the change of the UFL to UFU.

Sum Data : This original furs were NEVER EVER part of the UFL, but Powerful added them to the list of members anyway. This brought the total number of members up to three.

Good old times…
UFA members don't admit, but they fap to BAAWfulhorse 'til today.


  • The members, at the UFU website, are three furfags. PowerfulHorse, Starsoul and Tsubaki the kitten babyfur.
  • All of the members are gay.
  • All of the members claim to be lawful good.

Starsoul: [email protected]

The Butthurt

Since you will have seen the community Union Furry Libre I change name and his new name is an Union Furry Universal, this was due to the fact that after an investigation there was discovered the real Origin of the UFL that belonged originally to two users who are very hostile of the convention and group called Union Furry Argentina, on having discovered the truth, These users were automatically expelled from the UFU (Union Furry Universal) since they cheated our members trying to do a community that dyed the intentions of taking her to him against to the UFA, thing that the UFU although we do not share ideal any with the UFA, WE ARE NOT A COMMUNITY THROWS AGAINST THE UFA IF NOT AN ALTERNATIVE TO THE LATIN, INTERNATIONAL AND ARGENTINE FANDOM THAT EXISTS AT PRESENT.

As Other News us to come information and assertion that some ex-users who were expelled are defaming saying blasphemies lies and defamations about some members of this community in webs like Deviant Art, Encyclopedia and others, for the readership they are careful they do not believe in everything what they read and find out well the truth before extracting its own conclusions since in the world of the Furry as there are the good people also there are many Liars circulating.


—PowerfulHorse on tl;dr


Right now, he is watching this page and WITH THAT face.
This is his fursona, a very muscular macho with a huge penis.

Once upon a time, a whore called Genoveva and a Ktulu spawn called Alfonso, met at a motel and Alfonso, after several infusions of beer, decided that fucking the bitch would be a good idea. This led to sum fun with farm animals, whereupon after a wild orgy with several sheep, a pig, and the family cat, they turned their lust upon an innocent horse, Lucy. Lucy was clearly asking for it, and nine months later gave birth to a horrible crossbreed with Asperger's syndrome.


Claiming to be heterosexual, this little cunt thinks that he is the alpha male, and you are nothing. And if you talk against him, then you are in a plot with the UFA to kill him.

Newsflash: Drawing yourself with females and doing the sex with them don't make you more macho. It just makes you look MOAR gay.


Hi guyz I am not a sockpuppet lol

PowerfulHorse Farenheith, is a fucking pegasus with the same fucking style, claiming that "Powerful Horse teached him how to draw with the only condition of be just like PH and to be his succesor" … because, you know, faking leaving the internetz must sound dramatic and like you will never come back, while you have this extreme suckpuppet that is YOU and although anyone notice that it's you, you claim that you are another person.


YOU can also post BREADFRUIT.

This seems to be some sort of meme found only in Argentina.


like this :

Breadfruit lol.JPG
  1. Screencap
  2. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  3. ?????
  4. PROFIT!

Fur Affinity Drama

PowerfulHorse has been banned forever from FurAffinity. He just couldn't stop with his Macho insults and threats. But that wasn't Enough for him, He decided to pull an angry fit and went for the members of WTF_FA and sent Lulsy comments full of Daisies and Flowers.

How are You Piece of Son of a Bitch

How are you , you fucking piece of faggot, human trash, I would love to be near you to break all your bones one by one, you are nothing but an AIDS-filled faggot that deserves the most painful death of the world only for generalize everyone that has contact with you in your sorry-ass person. You will blow soon and I will pee in your trash of a grave and everyone will be happy that you die and your dirty soul will be destroyed so you will never bastardice anyone more with your extreme faggotry. I am Homophobic of fucking sorry-ass faggots like you, and I am also an antifurry because of trash and human waste like you make me hate furries with my soul. I would love to see you pay one ?????? (Srsly what the fucking shit) for that that scandal of AIDS-dreaded histerical gay thing you have been doing of my persona, I hope to see you dead soon. I shall see you in hell you fucking bastard .




Yes, now PowerfulHorse makes music.

an example of his fine voice

Journal about hiz muzikz He is now planning to take out a CD

Fur Affinity Drama Redux

When we finally had some peace of mind, Powerful Horse decided it was a great idea to come back to Fur Affinity creating a new, original and totally different character named Star-Light. The reason why he made a new account was because he actually e-mailed Dragoneer and Dramatus asking for permission to make a new account. Since he never got an answer, his little mind understood that it was totally ok and awesome to go ahead with the plan!

Of course that after insulting all the members of the UFA, random friends of those members and even Dragoneer himself, he got a nice perma-ban sammich served with lulz and chiantti.

Hi guyz I am not a sockpuppet lol

It was presented as a new member of the furfag nation, mysteriously drawing the same crap, the whiny music, broken English translator overdose. Of course, it was a brand new member, totally not Powerful Horse.

But he made a fatal mistake! He actually made contact with the demonic forces of the UFA, who played along with him, until he posted a very heterosexual, straight, macho submission. A Donkey on a red diapper right here! That's when they nailed him, got a nice "BAN EVADER!" shout on his shoutbox, reported and banned.

Now how these masters of the puzzle solving, trouble shooting and overall gods of the lulz found that Star-Light was Powerful Horse? Because of this little morsel on Powerful Horse's Deviantart. It seems that nobody told him that if you make a new account, you don't leave the name on the old one.

After he found out that his new account was banned, he did what any sane and smart person would do in his place.

Open not one, not two… but fifteen new accounts! Here they are:

powerfulhorse01, powerfulhorse02, powerfulhorse03, powerfulhorse04, powerfulhorse05, powerfulhorse06, powerfulhorse07, powerfulhorse08, powerfulhorse09, powerfulhorse10, powerfulhorse11, powerfulhorse12, powerfulhorse13, powerfulhorse14, powerfulhorse15


After harassing the shit out of anyone from Argentina, furry and with a DA account. A miracle happened!

An Anonymous user actually found the morph used to make this amazing picture right here. You can tell the similarities to this one here. So he sent a friendly note to Dineegla @ DA.

The story goes that circa 2007, Powerful Horse got the morphed picture from Morphed Muscle, a pay gay site… and added his trademark shitty horse head on it. Little he knew that the morph was made and copyrighted to Dineegla.

Hilarity ensues! Specially here and here!

Of course, Powerful Horse took it as an attack to his rock solid heterosexuality and a crap fest started on Dineegla's profile and journal.

And guess who appeared out of nowhere to the rescue? Yes! His girlfriend! Abel-a-trix!

You can totally tell it's a real profile because of the details, the photos of her, specially the ones with Flavi-oh!

Ban Evasion

Because he just wanted to evade SUSPENSION. And as everyone know You can't get away from THE BANHAMMER… or SUSPENSIONHAMMER, whichever is the case right now.

Anyways, while we were all looking around and enjoying our "JEWS DID WTC" day… PowerlessHorse decided to evade a suspension that was done yesterday by the DeviantArt Staff in his last account.

You can spam and report in his new DA. http://powerfulhorse2010.deviantart.com/ BANHAMMERED TO DEATH

Remember kids, trying to get away from THE BANHAMMER means that you will be permaban'd. Always read the FAQ, and STOP-REPORTING-THAT-WHO-REPORT-YOU-FROM-EVADING-SUSPENSIONS OR BANS.

Shouting everybody who tells you that you are raping the policy and terms from the site "YOU ARE REPORTED" doesn't make you smarter or will help you to get away from the suspension.

Orobas2012: PowerfulHorse Verbose Personality

First of all, we must tell that PowerfulHorse suddenly got assburgers, and make an online DA-Friend called Orobas2012.

And friendship came along, where PowerfulHorse (as Orobas2012) praised himself and his art.

But then the storm came, because people discovered quickly that they were the same person by a journal that Orobas posted which (Oh, good heavens!) was the same journal that PowerfulHorse posted that same day, at the same hour, at the same minute.

So PowerfulHorse decided to invite Orobas to his DA account. Oh, and made a fake picture for the lulz!

Srly guyz,no photoshup heer lol


After the Orobas incident happened his "Orobas" personality sent pseudo-verbose comments to other users in DeviantArt.

But today the lulz happened. Someone actually hacked PowerfulHorse DeviantArt account, and posted a nice journal saying the following.

The truth is that you were right about me. I'm pathetic. I'm just a looser without friends, who craves for attention because when I was a kid my school mates bullied me for being slow. I'm 30 yo. and I live with my parents and I play being a pop star instead of looking for a job, because they've kicked me out of every job I had for being totally useful.

Sigh… I want to confess that I'd really like to be shagged but at the same time I fear I'd like it. I'd love to try a plonker I my arse but I've not the bravery to ask anybody. It's ok to be gay.

I just want to be accepted, to love and be loved in return.


The hacker decided to invert some time and modified PowerfulHorse icon, his ID, and posted "apologies" into other deviants that PowerfulHorse attacked.

We must congratulate the Anonymous DeviantArt user who did this work, and rise him on a temple for a work that should have been done last thursday for the win/fail.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Powerfulhorse on deviantART 1256222253560.jpeg


When you think that it's over for a while, PowerfulHorse appears again with a new account.

SeptimoArcangel, his new brand ban-evasion account. BANHAMMERED TOO

Because someone can't handle being hacked, amirite?

Oh, and you can report him for stealing his own artwork, since the gallery of PowerfulHorse (hacked or not) still have the original works.

By the way,he posted on his own hacked account with this, so he just shouted to the world "I'M POWERFULHORSE! HACK ME AGAIN! IT MAKES ME HORNY!"

He loveth thyself

In January 2010, two years after starting all his drama with the furry community, he sends some Argentinian furries several pictures of his venous cock and his overworked flexing muscles to show how much he has overcome his narcissistic personality disorder over the years. His pictures come with something which translates to

Enjoy them, and with these you don't need to make scandals, or talk about me all day, you see me and that's all.


We can all see he clearly has no issues with himself anymore, he's not a self-centered dickweed. What he needed to become a good wholesome fulfilled person was bodybuilding and showing off to people who don't give a shit through e-mail.


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