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Power Rangers

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Power Rangers Nazi Chainsaw.gif

It's morphin' time!


Power Rangers is a show that everyone used to watch at least for two years of their life, but will never admit to doing so. First aired on FOX in 1993 when you where still hoping to get a Sega for Christmas, assuming you were alive then. The show has had many hit-or-miss seasons, two movies with a third one releasing in March 2017 and over 700 episodes, though noone seems to know why.

The show itself is based mainly on a Japanese show known as Super Sentai. It can pretty much be summed up as Sailor Moon + Voltron + Crap = Power Rangers.

Every single episode

Fuck your childhood.
  • Power Rangers as normal faggots.
  • Introduce life lesson to be learned.
  • Fight those gray clay dudes (win).
  • See monster and morph into Power Rangers.
  • Fight monster and lose because it's too early.
  • Wrestle with issues for ten minutes before coming to conclusion that could have been reached in ten seconds.
  • Fight with monster again and seemingly win.
  • The monster then becomes giant.
  • Power Rangers summon giant robot.
  • Fight the giant monster and destroy half the city then cut it in half with a power sword attack.
  • Power Rangers now as normal faggots talk about what they learned.
  • Next time on Power Rangers ___!

The Power Rangers

The original Power Rangers in all of their spandex glory.
Kimberly transforms.

The Mighty Morhpin' Power Rangers

The original Power Rangers were well known for being a clusterfuck of lulzy racist sterotypes, though noone seemed to care. Supporters of the show said it was an oversight, but we all know it was to teach them the truth.

  • Red Lion Wild Force Ranger: Ricardo Medina, the only one of them who can really make his Japanese forbears proud about what he can do with a sword. Has a lifetime exemption to never argue over a parking space again.
  • Red Ranger: Jason: Your typical jock normalfag. Was a karate master and outdoor sports fan IRL at time of filming. He somehow became a fatass after quitting and a paramedic to boot.
  • Nigger Ranger: Zack: Portrayed by a black person whose suit was also black. He's good at hip-hop dancing and incorporates it into fighting. Also, he has the only weapon that turns into a gun.
  • Blue Ranger: Billy: Only one with half a brain. Closet Homosexual and supernerd.
  • Yellow Ranger: Trini: Portrayed by an Asian woman (coincidence?). Also known as "The Other Girl". Died in a car accident in 2001 that was arranged by FOX executives as a not too subtle apology for featuring so many revolting minorities on a kids show. She was later cremated (on September 10, 2001, no less) and fed to Zordon, because anything from Asia is an aphrodisiac once it's turned into powder.
  • Green Ranger: Tommy: Only present to meet the spic quota (are you starting to get the subliminal message yet?). Had a sweet ponytail and betrayed the other guys about a thousand times, but they always let him come back because... well... who else was going to mow their lawns? Later became the Red Ranger in Zeo.
  • White Ranger: "Same guy as above": Originally from Dairanger and introduced to the west as an upgrade for Tommy as he became leader after Jason, Zack and Trini fucked off to Switzerland.
  • Zordon: A giant face in a tube that gives orders. Later on we find out he just an old man in a bag. Also a Racist, probably due to the fact that he's like 8-million-years-old or something.
  • Alpha: Zordon's gay little bitch robot. Gayer than C-3P0 and the Blue Ranger combined. Had a nipple-shaped head and ran around saying "Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi!"
  • Lord Zedd: The main bad guy from season two to three. Had his skin inside-out and wore a silver thong. He also wore an S&M mask with a penis on top of it.
  • Rita Repulsa: The original bad guy despite having a vagina and a really annoying voice. Later replaced by Zedd, but fans complained, so she later came back and lost her virginity to Zedd.

No one cares about the rest.

The Sentai Rangers

Sentai rangers.jpg

The Akiba Rangers (unofficial)

  • Akiba Blue: Delicious 16-year-old tomboy jailbait who is Akiba Red's first bottom bitch. Likes to kick people's asses with her martial art, even though women can't fight. Was later killed and replaced by Luna in season two. She's basically the retard that serves no purpose other than to pursue a life of a popular idol that has nothing to do with being a Ranger.
  • Akiba Yellow: A 23-year-old female otaku who likes to cosplay and draw manga about Sentai yaoi. She was supposed to be the retard of the show until she got replaced by Luna for that role in the second season.


It has moar series' and spin-off's than Menudo has members. It's not like anyone cared after the original pink slut ranger left, anyway. Except the 16-year-old Green/Pink Ranger shippers, of course. Seriously, at least 100% of all fanfiction from this series is about Green and Pink being emo over each other for breaking up between the original series and Zeo.

List of Power Rangers series

Asian Rangers have green hair because fangirls think it's SUPER KAWAII! Seriously...they do.
A furry encounter in Power Rangers SPD.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One: Mindless beat-em up action with spandex, plastic weapons, giant robots and monsters.
  • MMPR Season Two: They replace the Black guy with a Korean, the Asian girl with a black girl and the Red dude with a beaner. Cause the original Red was like "I want a raise", so he got fired and the black guy was like "Ah hell no boy, if he goes I go." They fired the Asian girl cause they felt like it.
  • MMPR Season Three: The Rangers become KKK Ninjas and get an Australian whore.
  • Might Morphin' Alien Rangers: Barely exists. Also, the Yellow Ranger is a male in this mini-series.
  • Power Rangers Zeo: They replace animals for shapes so they can reverse what the fanfic writers did. Former Red guy comes back as Gold guy to try to take revenge on the White guy turned new Red guy for his sodomized buttcheeks. Former Red guy fails, loses his powers and becomes an hero.
  • Power Rangers Turbo: This season has a 13-year-old boy for the Blue Ranger, the enigmatic Phantom Ranger, space pirates and the greatest thrashing by said pirates against the Rangers for the season finale.
  • Power Rangers in Space: Dark Spectre caused 9/11. HOLY SHIT! ANDROS KILLS ZORDON!
  • Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Jihad Stingwingers cause 9/11 again and it's up to the Rangers in a big floating root beer barrel to save their ship from space terrorists.
  • Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue: They use the same races for each colour as the previous series and has a badass Red Ranger. Also includes the Titanium Ranger that was in only five episodes due to budget reasons.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Includes several wapanese and an Asian that acts white. Plus, their leader is a talking hamster! The show is now filmed in New Zealand. The wonders Lord of the Rings, Hercules, and Xena can do...
  • Power Rangers Dino Thunder: Throwback to the original cause they ran out of ideas. HOLY SHIT! TOMMY COMES BACK AS THE BLACK RANGER!
  • Power Rangers STD: Where the Green Ranger says Buttery and everyone thinks its funny. Includes multiple furry encounters (FYI, their boss is that dog guy in the picture and his assistant is a catgirl). It's shit like this that turns kids into furries when they grow up.
    • Also, the Yellow Ranger became a stripper. Fap away!
  • Power Rangers Harry Potter Force: The Rangers are wizards and fight other wizards. HOLY SHIT! RITA REPULSA IS THE MYSTIC MOTHER!
  • Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: The one where the Nigger Ranger is actually a nigger for the first time since Mighty Morphin. Not so coincidentally, he's also a thief.
  • Power Rangers Jungle Furry: Oh shit, furries have invaded Power Rangers! The Sentai was called Juken Sentai Gekiranger and had a bunch of Furry Martial Arts masters.
    • Now in Jungle Fury, it's a bunch of martial arts students saving the world from the furry menace as they work for a white kung fu master that owns a pizza parlour. Said master is also the son to one of the furry masters.
  • Power Rangers RPM: The world is taken over by a computer virus. The Rangers here are composed of a Blue Ranger that speaks in Woll smoth, a Black Ranger who is a cyborg with amnesia that gets more character development than all the other rangers combined and the worst sixth rangers ever.
  • Power Rangers Samurai: Saban got back the rights because he thought Disney didn't exploit it properly. It's a carbon copy of Shinkenger, and thus hated by the fanbase even though Time Force was a carbon copy of Timeranger and fans ate that shit up.
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai: The word "Super" in the title is because of Nick's idiotic decision to split one season into two; meaning that it will take two years for a season to run rather than the standard one. Because they're money grubbing whores, Saban and Nickelodeon took the last half of Shinkenger and adapted it into it's own season. Actors were better, but perv fanboys still wanted to fuck the Pink and Yellow Rangers to kingdom come.
  • Power Rangers Megaforce: The 20th Season. When it started, fanboys said "ZOMG!!!!! wHy dIdN't SaBaN uSe tEh GoKaIgEr FoOtAGe!!!!1111 GoSeIgEr iZ tEh sUxXorZ!!!!!!!!!111111111" When the cast was revealed, they were like, "ZOMG!!!!!!1111 I wAnT tO SeXxXxXxXxXxXx tEh YeLloW rAnGeR!!!!!!!!111111111111" And when the first episode aired, they were like "ZOMG!!!!!1111111 sAbAn iZ uSiNg tEh LeGeNd WaR fOoTaGe fRoM tEh GoKaIgErZ!!!!!!!!!!11111111"
    • They have a bigger version of their morphers as their mentor and the retarded love child of Johnny 5 and WALL-E as the Alpha for this season.
  • Power Rangers Super Megaforce: The Megaforce Rangers can now turn into all the other rangers. The Black Ranger also becomes the Green Ranger, which makes no fucking sense. But as long as Saban gets that money, he really doesn't give a shit. Fanboys are also butthurt just because only ten former actors are coming back. Fans also got really pissed when Sentai suits were used, especially the ones made before Zyuranger, who aren't supposed to exist in this continuity.
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge: The 21st season and the third dino-themed season. Again, like with all seasons, fans are pissed because this is the first instance where a Sentai season will be skipped over. Seriously, this damn fandom is made up of whiny manchildren. But it's okay because Judd Lynn is coming back. You know, the same guy who people hated during the later half of RPM.
  • Power Rangers Dino Supercharge: Hey, at least it's not called Super Dino Charge. Some progress is better than none, I suppose. Oh yeah, and dinosaurs didn't go extinct.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Because regular steel just isn't enough to kill the pesky space aliens. Also, the sixth ranger is a golden cowboy who's essentially a stereotype of what Japan thinks of America. So much for the era of "Social Justice". The villains of the series run an intergalactic game show... yeah... an intergalactic game show. Talk about running out of ideas. But at least the rangers have ninja sword chainsaws, so it balances out.
  • Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel: Hey, if regular Ninja Steel can't kill those pesky aliens, SUPER Ninja Steel damn sure will!!! The 25th anniversary of Power Rangers, even though it's highly unlikely it will be acknowledged...
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers: After seven years, Go-Busters FINALLY gets the Power Rangers adaptation that fans will hate when the show is only a few episodes in. Everyone's also happy that Bandai America is not making toys anymore, being replaced by Hasbro, the company responsible for Bronies.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury: The fourth, no fifth dinosaur-themed season. It's the first season to have a female green ranger. Trumptards made a fuss since the green ranger had a skirt, and took it off. Also the last season to air on Nickelodeon. Supposedly, this will be the last season to adapt from Sentai, which means nothing. Also, has the first black guy as a sixth ranger. Man, checking off those woke boxes...
  • Akiba Ranger: Ran for two seasons. A parody to everything above. This time, it sets in the land of the degenerates: Akihabara. The show stars with only three rangers who are unofficial because they are all losers living in basements. The trio now must fight against da evil corporation jews led by some hot mama slut who is a porn actress irl.
    • In a typical episode pattern, the Rangers will encounter a new asshole that tries to destroy Akiba, the heroes and villains clash, Akiba Red will make a reference to everything above just like how Family Guy kept making unfunny reference to Movies and TV, then the villain is defeated by the Rangers' finish move. If not, then they'll burrow the already existing power of other rangers mentioned above because they are unofficial and they suck.
    • Akiba Red later fucked the world by breaking the fourth wall, thus creating a time paradox and eventually found the creator of this piece of shit show, who is also the creator of the official Sentai. Akiba Blue was later replaced by some mentally retarded pop idol in season two.

The movies

In an attempt to make more $$$, FOX released two movies to the big screen and grossed over 60 million dollars mainly due to all the parents who paid the 10 bucks a pop to sit in a room full of screaming kids and watch a bad movie about a bad show rather then just molest their kids like they should have.

  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie: This is the REAL storyline: A giant egg hatches a purple man named Ooze who looks like Ozzy Osbourne mixed with a goat. Ooze traps Zedd in a snowglobe and starts handing out "Ooze" to lolis. The ooze given to the lolis then turn their parents into zombies.
    • The Power Rangers come to save the day and in doing so get their asses kicked as the command center gets Hurricaned Iked to much lulz. Zordon is almost killed, causing the Rangers to lose their power and we find out the face in the tube was nothing more then an old man in a bag. The rangers somehow teleport to and unknown planet and become Ninjas with help from a scantily clad woman. The rangers then come back to earth defeat ooze in outer space by using a comet. I shit you not.
    • The zombie spell is broken and everyone lives happily ever after. The only memorable part is when Jump Around by House of Pain plays.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie 2: Electric Boogaloo: Also known as Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, or simply shit.
    • Unlike the first movie, FOX wouldn't even spring for CG effects or good outfits. The actors had to wear spandex and the robots where just costumed actors. No one saw this move partly due to the fact that FOX wouldn't even pay for advertising, and secondly because it was shit. The Rangers go around chasing a Pirate who is chasing a Wizard. Seriously. Jason and Kimberly die but only for a half a second before being brought back to life. Watching this movie may make you contemplate suicide.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Iron Man Force... Or just Power Rangers... Doesn't really matter at this point.
    • Third movie to come out. The Ranger suits look like Iron Man ripoffs. HOLY SHIT!!!11111 Elizabeth Banks from the Pitch Perfect movies is playing Rita Repulsa!!!!11111 Though she looks like Poison Ivy from Batman had sex with a Bayformer. Also, the Blue Ranger is a black guy and the Black Ranger is asian. The Yellow Ranger is some sort of teen Pop Star, or something, and the Red and Pink Rangers are just there. Zordon is played by Bryan Cranston, which leads fanboys to think this movie will be dark and serious...just because a dramatic actor is playing Zordon... Yeah...


Power/Rangers is a grimdark parody/tribute to The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers by Joseph Kahn and Adi Shankar.

It was removed from YouTube and Vimeo by the killjoys at Saban Entertainment, once again proving that copyrights serve corporations at the expense of true artists who can do more in fifteen minutes than what Saban did in two hour-and-half-long feature films. In addition, Kahn and Shankar apparently can't base their work on a work that Saban based on a work from Japan.



Every episode in a nutshell.
Gay Black Rangers.
White Power!
An average day for the Black Ranger.


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