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Info non-talk.png Potterforums is run by incompetent fucking morons so any bans you may get can be undone by deleting cookies. which is good because they hand them out like fucking candybars
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Potterforums or Potterfaggots or Potterfapping is a shitty fan forums website based on shitty (XXX) childrens Harry Potter Books and films written by J.K. Whoring. The entire forum is run by a Jew named DarMonkey who doesn't give two shit about his shit as a results it is filled vast amounts of trolls, Jews, Niggers, Fags, inbred, Britfags and Spammers.

The forum's Leaky Cauldron, and it's many other forums and dedicated to anything else than discussing Harry Potter are a piece of shit. The typical threads that the staff and it's e-penis suckers approve are 100% generic threads like "How's your day goin?", "Which type of juice do you prefer?", "What did you eat today?", etc. If you post anything else, you're banned, specially if it is a touchy subject. Most of forums poster's spend their day to day live posting on Forum Games which is basically a shitload of faggotry that can corrupt one's mind more than rape

Also, the forum itself is running phpBB2, which is the main reason h4x0rZ fuck and expl0tit this site daily. Apparently the admins pay developers cock-suckers to code their own scripts and put them in the shitty forum, because without these scripts the site would be nothing than a piece of shit. The servers are always down, at least a few hours every day, because the admins are always too busy sucking Niggers cocks. Hacked and DDoS'd over 9000 times since it started becoming popular, the servers deserve to have it's ass raped, due to the amount of AIDS and fail.


It all started when a jew named Eric(DarMonkey) was playing handegg with his wife when suddenly he realized that he needed something to entertain his wife since his wife had aids and cancer long before he was born. He thought of something creative as a result created a site dedicated for his dead wife(who is a Harry Potter whore).


Potterforums[1] was started in mid July 2005 as a small forum by DarMonkey and with the help of Phoenix started luring pre-teens, attention whore, and basement duellers for the sake of making Harry Potter series popular. With the help of his friends (moderators), they began advertising straight away across the internet. The forum site is a part SparqTech Network that is owned by his DarMonkey and bunch of niggers. It contains 45 main categories:

The website recently achieved 1 million members earlier this year; seeing as the vast majority of these are trolls, niggers, jews, attention whore, britfags' account created solely to steal the hard work and intellectual property of others HP sites, this is hardly a milestone. It also sponsors Mugglenet which always gets its asspwned by its competitors mainly by "The-Leaky-Cauldron.org " and "Snitchseeker.com".

The Staff/Moderators

Nobody cares about these people, and nobody should. The staff are pretty evil. Make a double post and expect to be banned. But here are the bastards anyway:

  • GinnyXXX - Mod that trolls around his her ideology all over the forums and expect members to follow his her ass lead. Often seen posting stories about his her buttsex with pedobeardoll and his awesome nights with his her black person. This modertor has the tendency to lock as much thread as she can because she more lives than three Harry Potter combined.
  • AO - Ass Out - Usually seen hidden throughout his online apppearance. Doesn't do anything but ban people.
  • Fagoster Moody - Calls himself the "tech geek" but in reality he is a fucktard going through people profile and pedoing on 13-14 yr old teens and their ips. He has the tendency of trolling people in online because he can't really do some IRLtrolling as a result get butthurt when someone tries to brings up his RL.
  • Missfag - A well known Arab britfag who loves to brag about how she has wetdreams and isuncapable of getting raped by british politicans and popular british celebrities because of how ugly she looks like in real life.
  • ThE_DaRk_CoCk - Promoted to an admin for giving DarMonkey blowjobs each night in 2009.
  • Phoenix - Moderater promoted to admin within days DarMonkey lost his virginity to him her.
  • Arab - The first and hopefully the last jew moderator in Potterforums history. She often gets in a fight Alastor Moody for having his candies taken away by [troll|him]].

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