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Featured Article - Kraut and Tea
Kraut and Tea Face.jpg

Kraut and Tea or Joseph Lancaster single-handedly stopped the raise of the anti-semitic, meme-spouting, racist-fascist, white-ethnostatist alt-right by making poorly researched videos on race realism, where it was quite evident he had no fucking knowledge on the subject. And these videos were fucking boring as Joseph likes to try to sound smart, but he just isn't. And his voice is that of under-developed Microsoft Sam, with an awful German accent.

Before his time on YouTube as a protector of the fair Jewish people, Joseph was busy protecting M'Lady on various atheist forums, where he tried to his abysmal spelling to impress all the fair maidens, so they would have sex with him.

In December of 2017 it was found that Kraut's crack team of researchers were trying to dig up old posts to find dirt on alt-right losers. Newsflash idiot, the alt-right are already lolcows. They touch their tiny dicks to traps and anime tiddies and will never touch a real girl. Something both the alt-right and Joseph have in common. This caused Kraut's best friends Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) and Veemonro (Codrin Stavri) decided to ditch their support for him.