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Featured Article - Kanye West
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Kanye West

Kanye West aka Yeezy, Ye, (or whatever else he's currently calling himself) is an American rapper, designer and actual 2020 USA Presidential candidate.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in Chicago, on the playground is where he spent most of his younger days; Chillin out maxing and relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school...

Srsly though, West was raised in Chicago, and grew up around gangbangers and playas. We don't have much to say about his young adulthood years since that's BORING SHIT, LOL.

Kanye West has been at the forefront of much IRL and internet drama, and as a result we here at Encyclopedia Dramatica are humbly taking on the vital public service of explaining his discography, musical career and personal life to plebians such yourself. "Yeezus just rose again..."

(( "KANYE 2020" LOL ))