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This is the IRC Portal, and if you don't know that, you should really poke out your eyes and then chop off your hands so that you may never sully the internet with your presence again.

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During 2006 Wikipedia, in an effort to jew more people out of THE ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR EVERYONE, began op'ing some of the children in their Freenode IRC channel after a careful decision process involving secret ritualized circle jerking. Why did this occur? In earlier days, #wikipedia was initially welcomed with open arms onto Rob Levin's sham of an IRC network. After all, they were a seemingly credible group of elitist Internet enthusiasts. Their channel slowly grew and largely went undisturbed until they started to become the target of repeated attacks from nefarious individuals. Wikipedia suspected that their new IRC paradise had been lost to their feared nemesis the TROLLS and moved to establish a system to keep their much hated rivals out of their secret club house.

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