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Welcome to the deviantART portal!

Just like any fandom on deviantART, there will always be that one person who milks the fandom just enough so they accumulate a huge following with their shit drawings. Renee, or DeterminedToDrawUT, is one of these people who have drawn people over to her shittacular Undertale artwork. She claims that she is "saving Undertale" by making a group where people don't have to be criticized for their equally as shit art. Not to mention, she seems to like bonezoning Sans with Frisk a lot, and makes the excuse that she "ups the age of the character, so therefore it's not pedophilia".

Renee uses the depressed card and plays victim like Keemstar, so she can find ways to justify her actions when she's called out on.


This page will provide navigation for everything related to the lordly assfaces on deviantART who think that their crayola drawings will make them rich and famous.


Use Needed/Proposed (formerly the DA/Needed page) to propose articles of lulzworthy artists you feel should be written about.

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