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Pomf =3 will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

It's not cleaver, it's not funny, but neither is anything else from Japan.

Pomf was an unfunny shitty meme that was spammed on /a/ Last Thurday.The meme originated from a loli manga called "The Light of Tsukimi Manor", which now has 4+ chapters or so due to the meme. For some reason, people found this crap funny and they created their own variation of the image, replacing the loli in the pic with another character and typing in something else in the speech bubble. The meme is now practically dead because nobody gives a fuck about it anymore.

The Light of Tsukimi Manor

The manga or doujinshi or whatever the fuck it is was about a gullible little girl who worked as some kind of maid at a boarding house for college students. Since the college students were lonely chronic masturbating faggots, they decided to take peep shots of the little girl because it was the closest thing they would get to pussy in their pathetic and meaningless lives. Seeing that the girl believed that these peep shots were just regular pictures, the college students decided to take advantage of the girls stupidity and told her that "being voluntarily gangbanged would give someone energy" . She actually believed it and was penetrated many times by their tiny cocks. The other chapters involved the same shit because the author is too fucking lazy to come up with an original arc for every chapter.

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Megamilk03 p213.png
The panel that was responsible for the meme's creation


In 2012 Knowyourmeme-favicon.png (KYM) uploaded a parody of the 2011 anime song "PonPonPon"; sometime since then, for reasons unknown, the original video (MkWWx0YSyM0) was made private; here is a mirror:


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