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Posts regarding origami dog sex (and papercuts) are typical on /po/.
Typical post on /po/ before it was transformed into /i/.

/po/, the Papercraft & Origami board, is a worksafe board about papercraft, which involves cutting and gluing pieces of paper to make a model, and origami, which does not. Moot believes that /po/ is the best board on 4chan, but nobody really cares what he thinks.

/po/ is also Pokemon-related board on 420chan. What will they think of next?

/po/ as /i/

On Monday, August 20th, at approximately 10:00 am GMT Just Last Thursday, Anonymous rebranded /po/ as i/, even though an /i/ exists, but that's for drawings.

There has been no response by the admins, however a lot of /po/sers insist that the awesome art of paper-folding (which, by the way, cannot be folded more than 8 times, unless it's a really fucking big sheet of paper) should continue.

Yet, the invasion of /po/ and renaming to /i/, was Anon's first raid. /po/sers are just the victims.

The /i/nvasion was started on /b/ by Jack. Threads were invaded with picture of Samurai Jack claiming that /po/ Papercraft and Origami is now /i/ Invasion. This was soon followed with other Jack's (such as Captain Jack Sparrow and Jack Skellington) claiming the same. From then on, Jack has been the official figure head and founder of /po/ = /i/.

A Deeper Look at Julia and the Formation of /i/

Jack leading sum /b/tards to the newly founded /i/.

Last Thursday, a /b/tard posted a thread in /b/, containing pictures of his hot jailbait "friend," Julia. He briefly acted like a douchebag, debating on whether or not to post her facebook account. In the end, he succumbed to the temptation of the pathetic chronic masturbators on /b/, and posted her facebook account. Anonymous actually gave a fuck for once and took enough initiative to find out more about Julia. Within minutes, most of her personal information, including AIM, MySpace, and phone number, was posted for the basement-dwelling /b/tards to see. Few /b/tards actually felt social enough to talk to her, as actual faggots on 4chan are too afraid to talk to girls.

It was discovered that Julia was, in fact, a /b/tard who actually did nothing wrong except for being hot. Raids against her didn't great much lulz (a corruption of lol) due to the fact that she knew what she was up against. Apparently she didn't even get many phone calls, again proving that anonymous is nothing but a large group of virgins who will never get laid. Ever.

Anyways, attention was turned back to the OP, who was considered a cake boy for exposing his 'friend' like he did. A mission was started to find out who he was. Julia didn't disclose any information about him, so it was up to anonymous to avenge her.

A couple persistent nerds dug through MySpace while actually talking to Julia via AIM, eventually stumbling upon a myspace that included the phrase "FUCK YEAH SEAKING!", a forced meme that was spurred notoriously by stupid gaiafags. Determined that this was the culprit, the two conspired on AIM to find out as much as they could, while hiding in their parents'

MOAR PLZ! The pic that spurred the whole ordeal. SHOULD I POST FACEBOOK Y/N

basement/garage. After starting a new thread, showing displeasure in Hayden (accompanied by pictures of friends found on his myspace), one of the two that found the page found, in the middle of an early blog, the faggot's phone number. He called it once to check authenticity, then posted the number. The thread exploded as /b/ had actually delivered, a very rare occasion.

However, a few people felt that a fast-moving page, like /b/, would not work for the raid on Hayden. They decided to move the raid to the Papercraft and Origami page, because honestly, who gives a fuck about /po/? The geniuses that thought the move up accompanied the idea with a picture of Jack Sparrow and some lame comment about /i/nvasion. Surprisingly, a few people followed and a couple threads were started. The /po/eple at Papercrafts and Origami were against it, but fared no chance against the vast army of /b/.

Eventually, /b/ silenced everyone including the namefag of "naru wuvs his veny" and conquered /po/. With the few threads dedicated to /i/ and Julia well on their way, the discussion was completely moved over. Most personal information of Julia was left behind with the /b/ thread

Proof The /i/ raid on /po/ began on August 19th 2007

that died shortly after (at the ripe old age of about 3 hours), and the thread was dedicated to faggots that missed it searching for Julia's personal information and the raid on Hayden. Within minutes, reports put Hayden's voicemail about 30 up, a record for a 4 a.m. raid.

It was later found that Julia was indeed not the beginning of the raid on /po/. It was in fact Jack that started the invasion a day earlier. Julia simply rode the wave of invasion, igniting the first noticeable invasion on the board. Anonymous sent ban screen cap proves that the invasion of /po/ by Jack did indeed begin on August 19th 2007.

Debated Chan Status

/i/chan or not?

After everything went down, many anonymous felt that Julia deserved a Chan status for helping form i/ on 4chan. However, several faggots disagreed, saying that she never posted tits. Those for chan status argued that she's over 9,000 times hotter than any existing chans, and should be made an exception.

Either way, she did not have to GTFO and was labeled the "TEMPTRESS OF b/"

Someone made the notion of calling her /i/chan, and it has caught on to a few. Whether or not this title will gain popularity remains to be seen.


Po is also one of the Teletubbies played by a midget Chinese woman in a fursuit on cocaine.
Those who are not retarded would also realize that it is the name of a river.

Unfortunately, moot and the other mods did not like having /po/ turned into /i/ and deleted the posts. It has since been flooded with more awesome origami shit, but everyone knows when it's time for another raid, /po/ is where the action will go down.


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