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Information icon.png Protip: Link this article anywhere on TV Tropes if you want to troll their moderation team, especially Fast Eddie

PmWiki is a type of Wiki software, only unlike MediaWiki, it lacks quick revert options, making it easier to vandalize.



TV Tropes

TV Tropes used to run entirely in PmWiki in it's early days, but it allegedly uses it's own code now, only keeping the PmWiki URL tags for legacy support.

In fact, here's the TVT forum thread where the moderators lie on that subject:

However, this is not true, since both share a lot moar, and since both are coded in PHP, it still uses the same interface, just many customized extensions.

It should also be noted that unlike MediaWiki, TV Tropes source code is not freely distributed unlike MediaWiki, even though it is based on PmWiki, which is also freely distributed.

Then again, it's shitty and full of fail, so why would anyone want it?

Some fun facts about their ghetto customization of PmWiki include:

  • Lacks a quick revert button, just like the original PmWiki software, meaning page move vandals and people using the time sinks strategies on the Vandal/How-to page will be able to start lots of drama and gets tons of lulz in the process.
    • Recent builds of PmWiki DO have a restore button to restore certain changes back into a page, but it's still slightly half assed because it is only specific to one page and doesn't apply globally (you can't check the recent changes and see if someone moved text from page to another and get a good idea if someone is a text switch vandal), and Eddie's wiki lacks the ability to not only restore changes like recent builds of PmWiki, and it also cannot detect delta changes (the amount of bytes added/subtracted by an edit) like can be done in MediaWiki. This feature can be enabled using certain Cookbook scripts, but Eddie's wiki lacks these features.
  • Extremely exploitable log in system. Like Wikipedia, you just put in a username and a password and you can start being a productive editor. They do have a feature to bounce you from their IP, but this is easily avoided using proxies.
    • The log in system now requires email confirmation, so just use a throwaway email service along with your proxy IP when creating an account.
  • Unlike Wikipedia, which tracks by IP address, they rely on a cookie based tracking system. They can check out IPs, but their CheckUser equivalent is shitty and a stealthy troll can avoid the ban-hammer for a long time if they are clever.
  • One thing is different about TV Tropes is that, aside from CamelCased words, some of the markup is customized, so it's not much like it is in Wikipedia or PmWiki. However, one user once got banned for finding interesting ways to fuck with the syntax code which caused the whole code base to go batshit in hilarious ways, so a clever troll with some programming know how should be able to find even more lulzy ways to mess with the code base.
  • It's admin, Fast Eddie, is the only one who actually knows how to code his ghetto wiki, and so far has never released any source code for his customized version of PmWiki, which means any exploits must be patched by him alone, and most of the time his patches suck. In fact, he once made a macro to prevent certain trope pages from being viewed, and all people had to do to sidestep the macro was type the page names in lowercase. Also, even after he fixed this exploit, the page source could still be accessed if you knew the page name and could add the source action string to end of the page name.
  • TV Tropes has no ability to detect Tor usage like Wikia, and their ability to detect proxies is shit, so any troll with a long list of proxies can vandalize for a long time without being detected.
  • Unlike MediaWiki, PmWiki has no ability to preemptively "protect" pages from being created with certain words and phrases until after they are created, so any troll could cause a lot of asshurt by finding the name of a user or admin, then creating a bunch of pages mocking the fuck out of the user/admin. It is possible to create a page that is blocked from editing preemptively, but since it does not block whatever word or phrase the admin is trying to prevent from being used as a trolling tool from being added to the page title, this protection is fucking worthless. Also, if the words in question are someone's name or a really common phrase, any attempt to use the spam word filter to stop a troll would fuck over any further legit use of the words or phrases used by the troll so making variations of "AdminX touches children" pages is piss easy on the trolling side in PmWiki, and really fucking hard for the admins to do anything effective to stop.
    • And, for those who want a cheap laugh, it seems Eddie is such a thin skinned pussy because someone called him a "faggot" that he actually went to the trouble to create a redirection macro that will redirect to a special page if you type in a page URL with the word 'Faggot" in it: (see here for an example).
  • Eddie is lying out his ass when he says his code uses less than 5% of the original PmWiki code. In fact, here's a list of shit from stock PmWiki he is still using (or has used):
    • The color code markup is identical. Now disabled, but this is easily confirmed by going back in time on the Wayback Machine and examining the page source for any page with colored text.
    • Most of the same WikiWord behavior and CSS rules works like stock PmWiki, just with some minor spacing and other tweaks such as making "{{" "}}" brackets part of the markup, and a PmWiki provided custom markup cookbook file exists to allow this.
    • The reason why people who lose passwords have to beg for it in a forum thread is because that's how it works in stock PmWiki - since it has no email authentication, you have to make another account and beg for your old account's password, essentially forcing the user to have to make a sockpuppet by default. Well, that's how it used to work. The current system is slightly less full of fail, but if you forget your password, you have to manually request a password reset instead of (on browsers that support this) being able to check a list of saved passwords and/or have the browser auto-remeber the password for that site.
      • Fun fact: TV Tropes has no true database since it uses PmWiki (which uses PHP). That is not proper database software. By contrast, ED uses an SQL database (required for using MediaWiki, which its wiki software runs on), which IS database software. Regardless, it didn't stop Eddie and his goons from lying about both the password security and the fact they are running a wiki that has no proper database backend to speak of, as you can see in this thread.
        • Then again, according to this page, they do have a MySQl backend, but considering how easily their site has been DDoS'ed and how the ability to use a MySQL backend in PmWiki is more a hack than an actual, fully supported option, that may explain why when Fast Eddie changes features, shit breaks sitewide all the time due to his hacky code fucking his database in the ass.
    • It uses the same emailess login authentication scheme as this cookbook script. The login script itself works like this cookbook script, or it used to for the longest time.
    • Pages are stored like "Main.HomePage" in PmWiki, and the forward slashes are an option enabled in PmWiki. Want proof? Try going to:
    • Want to know why TV Tropes' passwords are stored in a plain text file? Well, since PmWiki is coded entirely in PHP (with optional support for HTML/CSS) and the core design is basically set up to be like a collection of web editable text files (which includes the config files), that means anyone who manages to break into the admin account and has a working knowledge of PmWiki would be able to have total control over the inner workings of the site if they edited the .php files on the site itself.
      • And it gets better. Anyone who can look at the source pages of a web page can see the code from practically everything on Eddie's shitty website, and his server security is so fucking poor any idiot could insert RAW PHP code into any page to fuck things up royally, which is only possible because Eddie LEFT THAT SHIT COMPLETELY EXPOSED due to his customization to his PmWiki build, something the PmWiki website itself warns is one of the most fucktarded things you could ever do.
    • The reason why there are Jewgle Ads on TV Tropes is because he added the script codes (cookbook files) of PmWiki that allow HTML/CSS code to be enabled on TV Tropes, so for you trolls reading this, that means TV Tropes is vulnerable to HTML exploits. In fact, PmWiki's own website even warns against enabling this sort of access due to the security problems it causes, but FE apparently wanted his ad money so much he apparently didn't care.
    • Amusingly enough, TV Tropes actually has less markup available than stock PmWiki, with many types of markup either outright disabled for general use or restricted to the forums, like the strikethrough markup. In fact, if you have an account on TV Tropes, go read up on PmWiki's markup and try it all out. Most to all of it will function as was originally intended on stock PmWiki either on the forums or on the main wiki and has the same syntax.
    • Eddie's website gags when trying to load massive indexes (categories in MediaWiki) with lots of subpages because PmWiki lacks the built in throttling MediaWiki has to limit each category page from only loading a certain amount of content on it. It also lacks an actual distinction between category pages and main pages because such a distinction doesn't exist in PmWiki, so Eddie slapped together a crude solution where he added prefixes to pages to give the illusion of creating new namespaces (in truth, this is cosmetic at best), as opposed to MediaWiki, which actually has discrete namespaces like Main, Category, and MediaWiki namespaces. Also, the reason why some of the indexes including the "Index Index" redirect to a ".php" page is because Eddie realized PmWiki was a piece of shit that had no decent categorization feature like MediaWiki, so he redirected the main page of something like "Synopsis" or "Index Index" to the .php documents that control the entire subpage index as a workaround.
      • PmWiki DOES have support for Categories in a similar manner as MediaWiki, and there are even cookbook files that add further support for something way less fucktarded than Eddie's current setup, which is apparently coded using an early build of PmWiki, since categories don't actually exist in his ghetto build, so the shitty workaround he dreamed up concerning linking massive indexes of pages to the .php files is basically outdated in modern versions of PmWiki.
    • Eddie's image upload form comes from this cookbook file
    • Eddie's category schema is actually some retarded BS called "wiki trails". This is a PmWiki version of categorization that adds tags to pages that will "index" everything between the tags as being associated with the page, and every page that has the same tags (which are basically a half assed version of what MediaWiki calls parser hooks) will (in Eddie's version of shit) add a link in a massive category daisychain to every single page that has these index tags. Or, the tl;dr version is this: it isn't so much a category system as it's a massive chain binding all the pages together, and unlike actual categories, all someone would have to do to vandalize the shit out of something like this is to replace the items between the index tags with shit that doesn't belong, which would fuck up the whole wiki trail, provided all the items between the index tags are actual page links. Also, if Fast Eddie claims he's not using PmWiki anymore, he's lying out his ass, as what he's using now is a highly customized version of the shit explained on this page.
    • PmWiki has a really shitty page history option that tracks history by the page changes, but doesn't save a complete revision of the page, merely what lines were altered. This means that not only is keeping track of really long page histories really fucking hard, the page history is not transferred if moved to a new page. This sucks ass for Fast Eddie for two reasons: he and his minions are manually forced to root through pages to discover subtle vandalism, and in the event he tried a lolsuit if someone copied his pages to another site, he'd have to prove what was ripped off with his page histories, which he usually can't do because he has deleted most of the older ones and moved lots of pages around, leaving him with some horribly incomplete records. MediaWiki is much better by far, since it saves all the complete page revisions in chronological order, which makes for much less retarded record keeping. Also, this is one feature that is basically identical to a stock version of PmWiki minus his customizations, so he's bullshiting if he claims he made any substantial changes to this feature.
    • Their spoiler text code is complete and utter shit, with yellow text showing up prominently on blue background pages, partially because Eddie is a fucking moron that can't use web colors properly. The other reason is that PmWiki has it's own fucked up internal CSS rules that don't work worth a damn with modern web standards very well, which results in weird looking shit whenever he tries anything creative using customized color schemes.

Tropes, Lies, and Faggotry

The above section chronicles the technical shit about how TV Tropes is running a really customized version of PmWiki, but if you ask the moderators, they will swear up and down, so help them Fast Eddie, that it only has mere remnants of PmWiki code and rest is completely customized.

For those not in the know, this is horseshit for a variety of reasons, most of which are covered above, but one additional thing Fast Eddie loves to claim is that his code is so customized that only he know how to fix it, which is probably true, because it's such a clusterfuck of shitty coding married to a shaky MySQL backend that has been so mutated from how the stock PmWiki coding started out that in some ways, it is greatly altered from how stock PmWiki operates, but it still uses the same CSS rules, the same markup, has the same text limitations, still uses most the same login coding and upload/attachment code from stock PmWiki, and any asshole with a web browser that can view page source code can easily prove Eddie is a fucking liar, but while it's slightly sad that he would choose to lie about using a customized version of a freely distributable/customizable wiki engine, it's pathetic when the rest of his asshole tonguing sycophants keep repeating this shit, despite the fact they admit they are goddamn morons when it comes to the coding side of the wiki they moderate on.

Here's a list of links filled with their facepalm worthy bullshit and other lulz:

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