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A distant relative of Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter
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Lj-favicon.png pleasant_muse is a furry on LiveJournal. He refers to himself as a "male college kitty", and frequently ends his comments in "sigh!" His alternate journal, Lj-favicon.png pleasant_mews, chronicles his days as a "ten-year-old kitty-boy" who also moderates the Lj-favicon.png kitty_lovin community.


Despite having flounced from Lj-favicon.png neopian_adults on August 13, 2007 for being reminded not to break community rules, pleasant_muse continues to haunt the community on a daily basis. He has bitched over 9000 times about not being the first to post some random useless shit in the neopian_adults community. Despite being stifled by a mod, he continues to be a drama whore every chance he gets.

Because of his furriness, pleasant_muse feels the need to post cutsey HTML-coded posts every chance he gets (and then some). He also posts comments that make no sense whatsoever, and posts filled with wannabe role-playing dramalicious emotions.

On August 24, 2007, Lj-favicon.png fuzio_ flew off the handle, causing a major shitstorm for pleasant_muse, calling him fucking dumbass, fucking moron, and the child of a stupid cunt. Lj-favicon.png fuzio_ then dared to ask the ultimate question "Who the hell, especially an alleged heterosexual male, introduces themselves like that?" After the drama ensued, pleasant_muse dragged the lulz to his personal journal, where he received advice and sympathetic yiff that completely went to waste.

Screenshots of lulz, Lj-favicon.png fuzio_ versus Lj-favicon.png pleasant_muse:

After the drama, pleasant_muse posts in the Neopian_Adults guild on Neopets under hard_case. Thinking that most of us wouldn't figure out it was him on his side account, he acts like a total fag.

More useless shit

As if neopian_adults was not filled with enough posts about shit nobody cares about, pleasant_muse feels the need to post more spam about winning prizes worth nothing. He also used the community as a place to cry when an imaginary creature stole 5,000 imaginary neopoints from his account. When adviced that he was being pathetic, many words of wisdom came out, such as:

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