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Piss For Equality is another 4chan troll that our lazy fucking staff was too high on cough medicine and weed to make an article about, until far too late. It all started October 2, 2015 when a btard posited that it would be hilarious to mock feminist trends such as freebleeding by encouraging people to piss themselves for equality.

Piss for equality OP.jpg


The sheer hilarity of social justice warriors being so gullible as to fall for such an obvious troll again illustrates how leftists are so desperate to engage in 'virtue signaling' that they will literally piss themselves and put photos of it on Twitter to try and earn ‘progressive’ social brownie points.



Naturally, old media tried to deny the reality that many Twitter and Tumblr users fell for it. The #pissforequality hashtag is now populated with trolls giving each other asspats for suckering the most gullible people on the Internet.

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