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<Pink_Poodle>I told you, just don't mirror ED


—Ok, we won't

We also wont post pics of you either.
See this? This cute little thing is a fucking sellout
Called out for her Jewish ways on the CWCiki.

Pink Poodle is another tumor in the cancer that sold out ED 1.0. Clearly a furry, and jam packed full of USI, only notable due to being part of the cancerous cabal. She is currently under investigation by Animal Welfare for starving her dog "Boo" to death trying to give him the authentic "rexic" look.

Inexplicably, she is also chosen to star in various Chris-chan trolling projects, despite having the acting abilities of Keanu Reeves and a microphone that sounds like it came bundled with a copy of Windows 95.

A Day in the Life of Pink Poodle

  1. Wake up.
  2. Rape a trusty Canine companion
  3. Sell Out
  4. Cry about how fat you are and how you need to lose moar weight
  5. Eat one cherry tomato daily
  6. Stay up playing MMORPGs about dog molestation
  7. Cry more and go to bed.

TL;DR: Pink Poodle is a generic furry.

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