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Major Boards/pig/, /chat/
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Pigchan is the successor to Shrekchan. It is maintained by the same admin and it is also focused on memes; This time pig memes instead of shrek memes. Pigs are Muhammad´s favorite animals and that's one of the reasons the admin made the site: to increase multiculturalism.


Muslims aren't welcomed
This is the face Piglets put when they get ass raped

The site admin is Pig!!Admin and is helped in moderating by a bunch of tripfags such as Derek or MrShroom. There are more or less only 25 active members on Pigchan and they call themselves Piglets, like /b/tards call themselves anons or previously faggots named themselves brogres (bro + ogre) on Shrekchan. Even with so few members, the board seems to be active and full of more faggotry and memes everyday. Other slang words used by the site are:

  • Newswine or Newpig: a Newfag.
  • Oldpig: an Oldfag.
  • Ancientpig: someone who has been on the site for longer than an Oldpig.
  • Pen: Piglets house/basement/area.
  • Shrekfag: person that only comes to complain about how Pigchan is no longer Shrekchan.
  • RP: autistic horseshit done when two or more users create real-time fan-fiction.
  • Porking: Fapping.
  • Brogre: Old term for a member of the community, comes from Shrekchan.
  • Dreck: Old term from Shrekchan meaning bad, evil or shit.
  • Dank: Used for thanking (comes from German). It can also mean good or related to drugs.
  • Pig Day: Is a holiday celebrated by Pigchan users.

Mac Tonight

Enjoy your cancerous Hamburger

This is the first original Pigchans meme, it originates from Mac Tonight, which was a McDonalds pet from 1986. It became popular in Pigchan because a tripfag uses Mac Tonight as their name.


Le pig shig

One of the most unoriginal memes ever made, by [s4s], close in in its' retardation to Ayy lmao. It consists in an image of Porky the Pig which is posted in a belittling reply to a user on S4S. Sometimes goes along with the words: Shiggypiggydoo, which are a copy of Scooby Doo´s shout. This meme is so awful that it wasn't even used by 9faggers on unfunny stuff.



  • /pig/: It's the main site board, where people crapflood the place with pig memes and other crap, you can actually post anything according to the sticky.
  • /jesus/: "Hidden" board which shows a dancing jesus .gif, you cant do anything else on it.
  • /chill/: Shrekchan's memorial site, only funny because it means Shrekchan's bullshit is dead.
  • /chat/: A chat to talk to other pig rapers.
  • /int/: Another memorial.
  • /420/: This one is located in 8chan, they frequent it a lot. /420/ is composed of memes, shitposts, music discussion and drugs.
  • /img/: Place where the admin places his banners and shit.

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