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Police.gif FACT ALERT:
This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually doing this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for educational purposes only.
A phreak scans the local areacode for open numbers.

Phreaking means [email protected] fonez, you know, those old things your parents use to talk to other old people. Phreaks were hackers, before there were hackers.


Back in the 1960s, some blind kid named Josef Carl Engressia a.k.a. JoyBubbles who was sexually abused by a nun as a child learned that when he farted at just the right frequency, the fone system shat itself, allowing full control and shit. This opened up a ton of possibilities, allowing people to make free calls by phucking with fonez.

The magical frequency was 2,600hz. Phreakz soon built blue boxes that contained midgets that could fart at exactly 2,600hz, giving rise to the name blue box.

On an odd note, Joybubbles (mentioned above) learned how to do a bunch of this stuff, and passed it on to kids at his blind kids camp. So alot of the early phreaks that really got into this shit were blind, because what the fuck else are you gonna do, amirite? And here's the kicker: They can't stop this shit, ever. To change the tones, or what they do would entail replacing every phone in the entire world.

Phreaking was common among the 1980s basement anarchists, hackers, MIT students and generally retarded people. Textfiles were the main form of communication for phreaks, which is quite ironic considering how THEY HAD PHREE PHUCKING PHONE SERVICE.

Extremely detailed instructions, and stories about this cromagnon Anonymous can be found in the Jolly Roger Cookbook if anyone can dig it up (Cookbook get)(phucking phail). The colored boxes give one an ungodly amount of power over the phone system when used correctly. (Note a lot of the boxes in the Jolly Roger are complete bullshit, out of the ones that actually worked very few still work today) Just don't do it from your fucking house, the shit is federal. One of the old phreaks ended up making a shitload of the blue boxes small enough to fit in a cig pack for the mob. Ma Bell was not amused.

Video that explains it quite nicely, it is quite lengthy, but nonetheless good: (A quite good, quite lengthy but nonetheless nice link to an explanation video)


  • Red Box - Once the whole free calls at home thing got old, phreaks decided to phuck up payfones aswell. Someone discovered that nigger midgets could fart the tone that's produced by inserting a quarter into a payfone and by recording these and playing them back, they could get free phone calls. However the moar popular version was replacing the crystal in a Radio Shack tone dialer which would cause it to generate the proper frequencies. Today it is easier to use an MP3 player or other digital audio device.
  • If you find a pay phone that is operated by the local telephone company there is a chance you may still be able to red box it. Ask the operator to dial a number for you, when they ask for your money play your red box tones and hope they accept it.
  • Beige Box - This 'box' is built at least once by everyone and their grandmother. All it is, is two alligator clips spliced with the line from a phone cord. It is used to clip on to a phone line from the telephone network interface. The red wire is clipped on to the right terminal and the green wire clips to the left This is not 1972 and polarity doesn't matter. You can now place calls using that buildings phone line.
  • DiTTo Box - This is a phone with an added mic mute switch that can output audio to an external source such as a stereo or tape recorder, a sort of phreaker's wiretap. DoctoR DiTTo's original tutorial can be found here.
  • Gold Box - Allows the user to be partyv&'d at speeds thought previously unattainable.
  • Copypasta Box - The most important box of all!
  • Copypasta Box - The most important box of all!
  • Copypasta Box - The most important box of all!
  • Copypasta Box - The most important box of all!

Derp Engineers = Win

After At least 100 years of phreakz in her proverbial vajayjay, Ma Bell finally douched. This involved having engineers dream up some way to screw over all the phreakz. They settled on installing T1 lines, which used signals that a midgets flatus could not reproduce, ending most phreaking.

Phreaks then began hacking computers, becoming full time anonymous and remaining Basement Dwellers.


I did it for the lulz, and phree fone callz.



This new box will let me 0wn Ma Bell with absolutely no risk of being v&.


—An Phreak

STFU and let me raep this trunk line. NOT GAY


—Phellatio Phreak



—Leet Phreak

I'm so 1337 for figuring out how to leech enough electricity from Ma Bell to power a digital watch.


—A Typical Phreak

Modern Phreaking

Now days Phreaking is basically just spoofing Caller ID. That and screwing with PBXes over VoIP.

You can get 83 30 minutes of free caller ID spoofing at and phreak away new school style!

Phamous Phone Phreaks

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