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Phobos = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Phobos creates beautiful artwork
Original EDF user.
Phobos trolling well respected lawyers

Phobos is a "tryhard" lol where's your chan now fuckheads, a pretty princess, and, among users who are THE LEADERS OF ANONYMOUS, a Sephiroth clone. She is ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdescribed as "the beautiful, androgynous Aryan queen of IRC". Don't you fucking forget it. After building an epic internet reputation on Encyclopedia Dramatica (later OhInternet) she decided to wreck half the chans on the Internet (whatsup weeaboos). Former member of #RustleLeague, GNAA, and dongforce. Labeled an Internet terrorist by Randi Harper, Laurelai, and Gamergate. Guilty of compromising numerous twitter accounts, deviantART profiles, and making your girlfriend insecure about her looks. Known for participation in IRC wars, Twitter d0xing, being BFFs with Meepsheep, and never banning anyone on WTFux IRC.

Believe it or not, Phobos claims to be a neuroscience student and one time actually said she worked at Google. She is currently "unemployed"; lol what? Phobos currently lives in Vail, Colorado where she railjams your fucking mom.

STATUS: Not banned from everything. Guess I'm too hardcore fgt.

Current Whereabouts

Phobos can be found on many ircd's proceeding to fuck all your shit up. #ed Come the fuck at me bro.

Im also on twitter you shitnerds: PERMANENTLY BANNED IN 24 HOURS

From Humble Beginnings

VD April 2011

Phobos wasn't always the badass, epic trolling glam rocker we know today. There was a time when she was merely a young lad, carefully building up his internet reputation on hardcore underground sites like Encyclopedia Dramatica (also, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngOhInternet). Has done incredibly important things like write numerous AOTN. Peruse her masterful writing:

However, she was still failing to receive the admiration and respect that she deserved for her contributions to internet culture. So after moving to #buttes she proceeded to hone her hardchat abilities. Eventually she resurfaced on EDIRC sometime around 2012. She currently spends her time researching cutting edge school shooting jokes and insults directed toward the FAGGOT community.

Inspiring Quotes

Phobos is very newsworthy
Upcoming phobos novel
Yeah I am so try hard on Internet Relay Chat it is the most technical and difficult of human interaction. Go fuck yourself.


—Phobos on chatting

all of the old guard is gone I just watch now


—Phobos on being an oldfag

Lol, 789chan is a fucking joke to anyone outside of this retard circus. I dont give a fuck how hard you 12 year olds put on your Internet super hero costume and try yo impress one another of your ability to type out shit tier baby's first trolls at me. I'm here to watch Robb not to read your basement authored cheeto stained opinions. I dont care how much your mother lets you borrow the mini-van you are all homosexual deviants of the highest degree. Thank you : )


—Phobos is a badass on the internet

Phobos destroys nigamajiga

The definition of asking for it.

A bunch of gay shit from a website that doesnt exist anymore

Oh no, thats awful
789chan is kill
Seanie why are you so beleaguered?
789chan giving up
Wow 789chan is upset

Phobos then stumbled across the ED article of one Robert Wayne Stiles, and had a brilliant idea: she would become the next Clyde Cash by epically trolling Robb! He followed the links at the bottom of Robb's ED page back to the chan that discovered Robb and instantly made himself at home in 789chan's IRC. Unfortunately, Robb was quitting the tranny buisiness and no one on 789chan appreciated his ingenious attempts at trollin. She was called out G-lined for being a tryhard faggot after a month day of actively being on the chan. Despite being the proclaimed "greatest person to have ever graced ED and OHI," he ignored the old "Don't feed the trolls" rule and vehemently argued posted 5 times against the original poster who called him a tryhard and other users who laughed at his antics. The mods finally had enough of the pointless arguing and banned Phobos from the chan.

He tried to secure his place in trolling history by trolling 789chan and sucking up to actual Rika trolls IntroMan. Unfortunately, his trolling attempt backfired and everyone at 789chan laughed at him. Naturally, the only course of action was to declare war against his detractors. His hobbies include bragging about his internet reputation, pretending not to be mad, and reverting all edits



Then phobos came back (quite easily) and continued to spam, ruin, and brutally fuck 789chan to death to the point that its main owner SeanieB decided to call it quits. The chanfaggots all decided to migrate to a new chan and continue being highly angry about the Internet happily ever after the end. GUESS THEY SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME MORE CAPTCHA~ RIP BUTTFUCKERZ ~#~#~

In conclusion...


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: 789chan/Phobos Dox.

Power Word: Janet Holmes
Address: 1701 Bryant Street #700 Denver, CO 80204
Phone: N/A
Last Work Address: The Melting Pot - 30 East Pikes Peak Avenue Colorado Springs, CO 80903


More Dox


George Crosby AKA phobos
18530 Woodhaven Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Home: (719) 473-6868
Mother: Janet Lee Holmes-Crosby
AKA Jan & Jean
Father: Peter M Crosby

Phobos Gallery

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