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Phil Sandifer

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Mr. Toilet seat face himself. He's super tough on the internet.
Snowspinner checking out some Mindspillage ass.

Phil Sandifer (sometimes known as Snowspinner) is very overweight, doesn't brush his teeth very much and is badly in need of dental work, and is repulsively ugly. Snowspinner is the quintessential nerdy computer guy who nobody would actually want to meet in person.

He is a Ph.D. student in English, specializing in Webcomic Studies srsly, at the University of Florida (Hey say hi to Miltopia!) He is also a managing editor of ImageTexT, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of comic strips and animated cartoons [1]. Even wrote a fat, big, unreadable book about Doctor Who that nobody ever heard of.

Is this guy for real?

Phil Sandifer is the fellow who set himself up as "Dictator for Life" of the Wikipedia's Member Investigations Committee. When he discovered that the term "dictator" was unpopular among the masses, he used a novel bureaucratic technique to make himself appear like less of a fuck ... he changed his title to "intern" but kept the same amount of power. Here is an example of his moderate and sensible views:

...all we are saying is give jackbooted fascism a chance


—Phil Sandifer

He really, really enjoyed being a tremendous dick to everyone except the hardcore "cabalfucker" crowd. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] When Phil was losing an argument with others, he simply deleted everything and started over.[11] In early 2005 he fought like crazy with 172, got desysopped for his "dedication", and talked someone into giving back his "powerz". All nicely covered up.

He got his patrons on the Arbitration Committee to pass a Restraining Order to stop Everyking from giving him the shit that everyone agreed he deserved. And if you ever get the chance, and corner Phil/tie him to a chair, ask him about Cyrus Farivar. Loads of lulz. (It is A TERRIBLE SIN to create a Wikipedia article about Farivar, a well-known journalist, simply because Phil hates him. That's all. It's not "all human knowledge" like Jimbo keeps saying, and it never will be.)

Payback is a bitch

In May 2006, people found a creepy short story about a murder on his livejournal, they posted it to The Wikipedia Review and tracked him down IRL. Here is where karma finally swung around and bit Fat Phil in the ass. Then tons and tons of people complained to his university. Schools have a long history of sending people to jail whenever they write a short story about killing. The University of Florida sent in the cops, who fingerprinted and DNA-scanned him, dug through his garbage, and sent him to prison to be raped, only releasing him after he'd enjoyed it enough for the experience to turn him bisexual. Afterwards he wrote about it in his Livejournal. His humiliation was even reported IRL [12] [13]

Then he fought with the cuntboy of bloggers and sci-fi writers, Cory Doctorow, over a biography Doctorow created about Phil (after all, he was now "notable"). This is all that remains of the insane squabble that resulted. Sockpuppets piled on like mad to delete it/save it, Phil threw an embolism, and you missed all the fun.

Nobody likes a fat kid...

In the aftermath, Everyking, although disappointed that Phil hadn't been shanked in the prison showers, still managed to find a silver lining:

I don't need his weird musings to tell me there's something wrong with his head; I've been pretty sure of that for a good while now



Phil tried to leave in 2011......and just couldn't stay away. Dogs return to their vomit because it's yummy. Came back in 2012 to do four edits to avoid desysop, left again. Returned to WP in 2013, changed his account to his real name, and proceeded to fight over the Chelsea Manning article.

Condemned Arbcom, was accused of "outing", and desysopped and b&d for "eternityeternityeternity". The talk page argument is fucking hilarious. Wikipedia's masters are not allowed to post identifying information about a user on Wikipedia, even information that has been publicly disclosed by that same user. Nor can they post links to any discussion of it. So the discussion is cryptic and weird.

The Aristocrats! And Dracula just couldn't keep his paranoia to himself:

The difference is, of course, the banning arbitrators hang out on Wikipediocracy - David Gerard (talk) 19:38, 6 November 2013 (UTC)


So long, Phil, you magnificent bastard! Thanks for all the turd cupcakes!


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