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Typical Internet Petition.

Did you know your opinion really matters? Like, really? Even on the Internet? Well, thanks to Internet petitions, it does! By anonymously signing an online petition, you can change artists' tour dates, gas prices, local laws, military decisions, the Constitution, and even events in other countries. Feel the power!

Statistically, 33% of online petitions are about bringing back some obscure anime series that is truly missed by loyal fans. Another 33% of internet petitions are devoted to moral crusades such as gay marriage, abortion, legalization of marijuana, or saving the Clock Tower. The other 33% of petitions are about serious hot button social issues, like net neutrality, Tibet, or Darfur. The remaining 1% are petitions to give the death penalty to morons who don't realize 33% + 33% + 33% only equals 99%.

Internet petitions are serious, serious, business. Only sign them if you truly and sincerely believe in the cause they are trying to promote, because you wouldn't want to give the petionee a wrong impression, because they do take note. Companies/governments who are petitioned against really pay attention to these petitions. If x number of anonymous Internet people say they believe in this cause, they MUST comply, right?

Take action at these Internet Petition sites!

Other sites where you can take action!

  • Myspace (Post a bulletin. People really pay attention to those.)
  • Facebook (Make a group or a blog, maybe it might go to the Senate.)
  • LiveJournal (LJ is serious business.)

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