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A person of color is a terminology for social justice warriors to look down on whites and try to divide them with actual racism despite most leftists who push this are self-loathing whites. This shitty term likely originated from Tumblr (no fucking surprise there if it did) to push a one-sided agenda of oppressing the superior race and to make them look bad because they were hogging the spotlight. Unsurprisingly, the people who push this propaganda are reasonable people and debates on excluding PoCs easily turn into glorified pissing matches.

It can commonly be seen in the comic book and television show communities to switch characters with different races in an ill-fated pandering attempt to feminists. Which of course, no one had a fucking problem with them for years.

"Colored person" versus "Person of color": what's the difference? (or, SJWs are totally NOT racist!)

File:PersonOfColor fountain.jpg
Sorry white allies, but if you want to help us POC people, you need to give us the safe spaces to be away from YOU. But hey, you can still be white, because society is ALL white! So just go be white over there, and don't touch our POC stuff.

Another reason why "Person of color" exists is for white SJWs to get away with using racist terms. Y'know how much conservatives lament the fact that they can't use the word "nigger" anymore? Well white SJWs feel the same way about "colored people"; they still find the term super convenient, but nonwhite people just get soooo pissy when they're called "colored"... there has gotta be a better way! Fortunately for white SJWs, there WAS a better way! All they had to do was move "person" in front of "color", and VOILÀ!, they can use "colored person" all they want without actually using it. How convenient!

What's even more funny is that SJWs have somehow convinced nonwhite people to use "person of color" to describe themselves. Y'know, instead of "black" or "[email protected]" or "Asian"... because the term "people of color" group describes all nonwhite people as a single group so precisely, since if they're not white, they're "miscellaneous", right? This is totally not a racist way of seeing things.

But seriously, the ONLY thing that separates the two names is the fact that "Colored People", not "People of Color", hung over water fountains during Segregation. That's how SJWs justify their use of "person of color": it has never been used to be INTENTIONALLY racist. But not that that matters; at the rate things are going—with SJWs fighting to give "People of Color" their own "safe space" away from the EVIL "white people"—it's only a matter of time before "People of Color" IS used like "Colored people" once was, and we'll be right back to this:

File:PersonOfColor BlackOnlyZooDay.jpg
The end goal of SJWs who want to give "People of color" a safe space away from white people. Oh wait, this picture was taken during a Segregation-era American Zoo, not Safe Space-era American College. Sorry, it's just so easy to mix the two together.

Of course SJWs will try to convince you that Segregation and Safe Spaces are totally different because the former was forced upon Colored People while the latter is willingly created by People of Color. Yeah, they're completely different things, because I'm sure no one is forcing anyone to use (or stay out of) Safe Space, and Black and Whites TOTALLY didn't want to avoid each other during the former. This is just what all People of Color want, because ALL People of Color think as a single, monolithic group; consider that Blacks, Latinos, Arabs, Asians, and so forth obviously have more in common with one another than any of them have with White People.

And so now do you see how much SJWs AREN'T racist by using "People of Color"??

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