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Persian Poet Gal was an ugly deformed dwarf prostitute and Bureaucratic Fuck that enjoy(ed) reverting vandalism on Wikipedia whilst schlicking with four cucumbers up her ass. Said cucumbers instantly pickle upon contact with her HIV ridden ass. She has written shitty essays about how vandalism is pointless on Wikipedia but neglects to address the fact that considerable Wikipedia vandalism has gone unreverted for what seems like an indefinite period.

Showed in 2005, and spent her first year working on her userpage. Snork.

Begged for admin in 2007 and gave up, tried again a month later after making much fiends and won big. Obviously she had been there before and was a sockpuppet, because soon she was reverting vandalism like a pro. Gal's maybe a guy with a very small scrotum, aight?

"She" was a robot of very few words:

The result was delete. ¤~Persian Poet Gal (talk) 16:37, 11 October 2007 (UTC)


Around 2008 she tried to hide her talkpage because it was full of people bitching at her for reverting their work or "work". Still think she's a "he" posing, as Wikipedia is always infested with looney people who are either genuinely cockhider or just plain phony. Poet Gal's history is full of suspicious bullshit which just screams "sock admin", like use of a "status" page and endless hiding of various things. Poet Gal was also either very good friends with, or possibly was, Riana, because PPG kept voting for Riana in various elections, heh.

After fucking with people hundreds of times, in January 2010 she simply disappeared. Or more likely switched to a different sockpuppet account, as happens often in Jimbo's Shit Factory And Gag Shoppe. Not much else to say. The fat lady has sung, "she"'s been gone for a long time. Don't you just love the feeling when you shave your ballsack and slap some alcohol on it? Eat a cock, fag.

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