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A rarely seen photograph of a penis-nosed fox in the wild.

that is the worst meme i have ever heard


Mori, demonstrating his extraordinary "vision-to-sound" sense, on Penis-Nosed Fox

GTFO the Internet, Mori, the PNF>you


a distinguished expert on memes, demonstrating the ability to tell off a non-believer of the way of the PNF, on Penis-Nosed Fox


Penis-Nosed Fox is a small ascii fox with a penis-like nose, which originated on trolltalk

 \ \        ^.^._______
   / /    \ \
   \_\_    \ \


The posting of the original spawned a number of humorous variations relating to penis memes that already existed in the trolltalk community.

Penisbird-nosed fox

Here a trolltalker has cleverly combined penis-nosed fox with penisbird.

\\\                ( \
  \ \        ^.^.___X___
    / /    \ \    
    \_\_    \ \   


  \ \        ^.^.___
    / /    \ \         
    \_\_    \ \        

It doesn't matter because women prefer cunnilingus anyway you dumb stupidhead

Phone Text version

Since it isn't possible to use the characters in penis nosed fox for an extremely old cell phone text message, the good people of ed devised a simpler version for your texting needs.

! !       N .N .
 l l A wild l l
Penis fox approaches
notice that this looks much better in phone text then in the font of ed and due to texting limitations you may not be able to fit the word "nosed" into the text.

Penis-Nosed Fox PWNED by Ensign Mousecatur


Ensign Mousecatur (2005-2005), official Trolltalk mascot, after shitting on his enemy Penis-Nosed fox.

Penis-Nosed Fox IRC Drama

<@Mori> what is this shit shenee
<@Mori> what is it
<@Sheneequa> wtf
<@Mori> i would delete this shit if it was new
<@Sheneequa> undelete penis-nosed fox
<@Sheneequa> now
<@Ribo> >:[
<@Sheneequa> Mori did
<@Sheneequa> penis nosed fox is very important
<@Mori> i fuck you shenee and your little penis nosed fox too
<@Sheneequa> We must protect our lulz from ppl like Mori
<@Mori> i hate you
<@timbo> no one delete the penis nose fox is a grate part of me

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