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Isn't this the snuggley-wuggliest example of having a backwards fetish you ever saw?

Did you ever know someone with a foot fetish? Then you are as much of a sick cunt as they are for having such "friends."

Even famous celebrities including Quentin Tarantino love the foot. The occasional Rule 34 involves feet as well. So of course, Furfags have to have a foot fetish too, but because they think they're animals, they call it a paw fetish instead.

Paw Fetish

People would probably wonder how the fuck would anybody get any sexual satisfaction from animal paws. What they need to remember though is that these are furries, so it shouldn't be surprising. While not as bad as rottenfurs or babyfurs, a paw fetish is nonetheless weird and fucked up, thus typical for a furry. It just gives them another reason to want to fuck animals. And because this is the internets, there are entire groups and websites dedicated to worshiping paws. Theses sites are usually filled with vast amounts of Rule 34 and fapfiction involving paw fetishes. Much faggotry ensues.

Furfags on having a Paw Fetish

Because furries are as of yet, not allowed to have furious buttsecks in the streets wearing cuddly animal suits of their favorite childhood creatures, they face fursecution because of their fetish:

"I like receiving sexual pleasure from feet."



—Emwell Shein

My biggest gripe is how badly the American society seems to oppress those of us that love going barefoot - especially after Sept 11.



—Wolf Who Runs with the Shadows, who is oblivious as to why that is.

I come originally from South Africa, where barepawing it is completely acceptable, unlike America where I am now, where it seems to be considered bad to go barepawed!



—Vektuz, who should go back where he came from.

I like paws. Yeah, found out a few weeks ago, saw a picture, wanted to look a more, didn't wanna stop. Note I don't have a paw fetish. I just like them.



—stephen133. Liar.

If the scaly foot happened to be Wargreymons, or Charizards, I'll be cumming myself, knowing my most favorite scalies are there.



—Super Sonic

But I still prefer smothering while I have my favorite foot rubbing my cock (ooo yea!)."



—EyeFusion. Luckily the smothering can be arranged.

If I happened to come across Charizard or someone I'd have to go with smothering/licking. He's got the smoothest soles to lick.




Furry Art Involving Paw Fetishes

A typical furry with a paw fetish will usually get off to rule 34 involving massaging, licking, tickling, and paws being shoved up someone's cornhole. Some furries will take their paw fetish to the extreme, fapping to the very thought of being squished by a giant paw.

Paws, paws and more paws About missing Pics

Fapfiction involving Paw Fetishes

Fanfictions will typically have paws involved in yiffing in some way. Not too surprising there.

"He put the groceries down and followed King to King's special chair.

King sat down in it with a large phoomp.

Max then started staring at King's feet. King just chuckled deeply. Max started to touch King's feet. King started laughing, as it was very ticklish. Max then rubbed his face on King's feet, mmming at the feel and smell of them. King murred slightly. Max didn't want to let go of King's feet. He was too obsessed with them. Max then started to massage King's feet with a rolling thumb motion. King murred even louder. Max went up King's feet, from the soles, up to the sensitive middle part(which made King laugh again) up to the ball (which made King go back to murring), and finally around the toes. King then motioned Max to stop for a sec, as King started stroking Max with his feet. Max started to mmmm again as the soft chubby feet went down his face over and over again. Max then gasped, as he felt something out of place. His groin felt wet, and he blushed a lot.

(Yeeg! I cummed myself! Maybe I'm enjoying this a little too much) Just one more face rub on his feet, then I should change my underwear.

King saw Max blush, and knew what had happened. He pet Max with his hand and smiled warmly. "Maybe you should go get that taken care of. I'll be here". Max nodded and walked away. He knew that in the future, the same thing might happen again. But he knew his roommate King would always be there with him, to be his joy, his happiness, and his King..."

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