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Oh, so that's why he hates pr0n.

Paula Benson (aka Paul Conroy aka Filthy Whore) is the ladyboy whore wife of Ausfalian Minister of Silly Lists Stephen Conroy. It was recently discovered that the whole idea for The Great eBarrier Reef of Australia and for the banning of small titties, female ejaculation and cartoon pr0n that sparked Operation Titstorm was because Paula has not only had reconstructive surgery to look like Michael Jackson, but that she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2003 and required a radical hysterectomy. This means she can't carry a child, as her ovaries were also removed and she didn't have any eggs, but they most likely were stolen by Dingoes while she slept.

Paula is also a drug addicted sperm-burping gutter-slut and a snaggle-tooth dirty-ass ho who puts out to kangaroos and mongles dingos giving them herpes in the process.

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It is Reported that Paula Benson his cock-hungry, AIDS-carrying wife, caught Stephen (the Jew) Conroy wanking over this intimate video of 2 hungry young ladies. It's also reported that Stephen (the Jew) got his wife Paula to take a dump on his chest, which Stephen rubbed into his belly so he could then slither around like a snake

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