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Typical post on Parodychan's /b/
A good example of how much the userbase fails
The cancer took over

Parodychan was yet another ripoff of 4chan, this one sporting the Burichan theme. It was relatively new on the Internet, having been created in 2010 by its admins - PolarBearTux and Leggett. Its userbase wasn't too big, being new and all. It consisted of several boards; /b/, /z/, /x/, Science and math, Music, Art, Videogames and Technology. There were two former versions of Parodychan, being AirGuitarChan (in the form of a forum), and Frozen Mercury (imageboard), but both were succeeded by Parodychan.


Parodychan currently has HAD two britfag administrators, which were also founders of the site.

PolarBearTux - Tux created the site, did all the coding for it and alike. He essentially brought it to life, along with the former versions of it. He controled the site as such, is pretty laid back about what users do, but did enforce rules.

Leggett - Leggett specialized in graphic design for the site, helped in putting the site together. Leggett was a sort of CommunistLock of Parodychan, banned any newfags on sight. Didn't turn up too often, though.


As of 16:42PM BST Parodychan was taken down for failure. Lulz.

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