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Parody account

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A parody account is a popular method of trolling, whereby one user creates an account where the name is almost identical to another user or community. This method of trolling can be applied outside to most any social media sites, as well as lesser sites. The main purpose of this is to satirize this person, usually aided by serial adding and/or commenting in as many other people's accounts/pages as possible. It's also very useful for making the fans of a certain user butthurt. Many lulz can be had in this way, by impersonating mods and threatening users with the banhammer.

Parody accounts may be suspended within a few hours of their creation depending on the site (Failbook and twitter are usually safe though) due to the fairly obvious fact that their purpose is to harass. This only means one thing: GOTTA GO FAST!

Common methods

Character replacement

Certain ASCII characters are similar in appearance, leading to swapping of certain characters that goes initially unnoticed. This is largely dependent on the font used of the target site.


  • I and l (bonus points if used on a site where these have the exact same appearance)
  • O and 0
  • | and l
  • m and n (best used when the target has a long username)

Hidden characters

Certain communities can not process certain characters in their usernames. In these rare cases, it is possible to copy the target's exact name as long as these characters are attached, leading to confusion of mods that have no idea what the fuck they're doing.


This technique is used mainly by lazy fucks. It involves simply involves the copying of a popular user's name while adding the suffix "'s" followed by Mom/Dad/Son/Cousin/Niggerslave/Dyke/etc....

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