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You're a pervert, right? Maybe you use the subtypes listed on the porn page as a checklist, or maybe you like wearing wimminz clothing as a guy, because it turns you on a bit, lets you relax and masturbate while locked in the basement with the curtains drawn. Welcome to the group, boys and girls - you just might have a paraphilia.

Types Of Paraphilia

Fantasizing about random objects and/or things, centering your life around it in a weird way. That's a fetish. Example: being turned on by 50 year-old virgin Jew clowns pissing on your balls in a ball pit.

Get off on getting hurt (masochism)? Get off on hurting others (sadism)? Humiliated? Humiliating? Check out S&M or BDSM.

  • Exhibitionism

You like flashing little girls? How about big girls? Perhaps big boys? Sounds like exhibitionism to me!

  • Frotteurism

Do you like rubbing your engorged penis or swollen clit against someone without their knowledge and/or consent? Do you sometimes like to manipulate their ass with your mind to force it to rub against your crotch? Yeah, that's frotteurism. If they knew (and consented), it'd be sex. If they knew, and didn't consent, that's rape. If they didn't know, and didn't consent, that's date rape (or necrophilia if they're dead).

  • Voyeurism

If you like to watch without them knowing, that's voyeurism. Go be your peeping-Tom self.


Don't be surprised if you suddenly discover you're technically a pervert because of this. It's only a psychological problem if it impairs normal functioning and lasts for more than 6 months.

A More Exhaustive List

An average paraphilia.

If you have any of these, fuck you:

Paraphilia Fap fodder Causes Notable sick fucks?
Acrotomophilia Amputee N
Agalmatophilia Statues, mannequins, dolls N
Arborphilia Tree fucking Being lost in the Amazon rainforst N
Asphyxiophilia Suffocation probably trying to swallow on huge cocks N
Autagonistophilia Being recorded. Living in Hollywood N
Autassassinophilia Being in life-threatening situations. Living in a third-world country N
Autoplushophilia Imagining yourself as a plushie N
Biastophilia Rape Being a faggot N
Chremastistophilia Being robbed Visiting the local bank at a bad time N
Coprophilia Scat Dumbass parents who never bother to change your nappy as a babby Y - Shmorky
Dacryphilia Crying Being an SJW, most likely N
Emetophilia Vomit Growing up on a diet of shit food N
Eproctophilia Farts Being a Mexican/Having your friend fart on your face accidentally Y - AnimatedJames
Forniphilia Being turned into a piece of furniture N
Gerontophilia Old people Raised by grandparents/raped by an oldfag N
Heterophilia Opposite sex loving Not being a lolcow Y
Homophilia Same sex loving Being a lolcow Y - You
Hoplophilia Guns Some argue that many people who become mass shooters display this paraphilia. Y - Sam Hyde
Hybristophilia Criminals Obsessively watching Breaking Bad Y - Columbiners
Kleptophilia Stealing Being a nigger N
Macrophilia BIG shit N
Maiesiophilia Pregnant wimminz N
Maschalagnia Armpits Living in a gym shower/sportsfield/Australian state - anywhere inhabited by jocks N
Mechanophilia Robots are technology Growing up watching My Life As A Teenage Robot Y - Soos, from Gravity Falls
Metrophilia Poetry Being alive in medieval Europe Y - Probably most people who lived in medieval Europe
Mucophilia Boogers Starvation/dipshit N
Narratophilia Fucking swear words Being rasied by bogans who spew out obscene fucking shit and piss that'll make your nigger dick/cunt hard/wet. N
Nasophilia Noses Being a Jew Y - All the J00z who survived the holocaust
Necrophilia Corpse fucking Having a father named Lionel Dahmer Y - Jeffrey Dahmer
Objectophilia Inanimate objects Neglectful parents/caretakers Y - Objectcucks
Pedophilia Children Sick fuck Y - Anyone who has ever browsed BoyChat
Plushophilia Stuffed animal fucking Y - David Hockey
Pyrophilia Fire Sick fuck Y - Pyro, from Team Fortress 2
Rangerphilia Christian furfaggotry Being Christian, and a furfaggot Y - Gay Bennet
Trichophilia Hair Refusing to get a haircut N
Vorarephilia Eating other people Not eating your greens Y - Armin Meiwes
Zoophilia Animals Having lots of housepets Y - Mr. Hands
Corprophagia Eating shit Living in Brazil Y - Dem 2girls1cup bitches
Urolagnia Drinking and/or showering in piss Too much water N

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