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Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Paheal.

[-+]Synonymous Red X

Congratulations SR-X(lolwutnoone) you have earned your own section for trying to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING about you in this article.

SR-X's Reaction to this article
<Jeb> kay...
<Synonymous_Red_X> So, I guess this means you really don't have a problem with me?
<Jeb> I've got a bit of a problem; I just wouldn't wast my time creating an account on an irrelevant website to state it
<Synonymous_Red_X> ...
<Synonymous_Red_X> Ouch.

Even though Jeb has fucking nothing to do with the creation of this article.

SR-X then started to edit the article under the username lolwutnoone and when confronted in IRC said the following (The following registered usernames have been made *****)

<*****> we know you are that lolwutnoone
<Synonymous_Red_X> Dude, seriously. I logged out right now.
<Synonymous_Red_X> Is it still being unedited?
<Synonymous_Red_X> Someone must have hacked my account.
<Synonymous_Red_X> :/
<Synonymous_Red_X> Not really surprised or anything.
<Marona> Your password was 12345 wasn't it
<Synonymous_Red_X> No, it wasn't.
<Synonymous_Red_X> It was deji12.
<Synonymous_Red_X> ...
<Synonymous_Red_X> Oh well, I lost it anyway.
<Synonymous_Red_X> I was watching GaoGaiGar when this was going on.
<Synonymous_Red_X> I'm being absolutely serious and honest here. I don't understand why you guys don't believe me.
<Synonymous_Red_X> Accounts have been hacked before MySpace and everywhere.

SR-X Babble
<Synonymous_Red_X> No job? Gets funding from the military?
<Synonymous_Red_X> Sounds like a spoiled-rotten fag.

No SR-X. Sounds like a war veteran.

The Final Day of SR-X
<Jeb> HAHA!
<Marona> lolwut
<Jeb> Synonymous_Red_X
<Synonymous_Red_X> YES
<Synonymous_Red_X> So amirite when a cloaca is both a vagoo and an anus?
<Jeb> in the den?
<Blazephlozard> lol niiiice
      • Synonymous_Red_X is now known as Niiice
      • Niiice is now known as Synonymous_Red_X
      • Synonymous_Red_X is now known as SR-X
<SR-X> :3
      • Marona is now known as Noice
<SR-X> I lol'd.
<Noice> superior!
<SR-X> Stop.
<SR-X> Don't be a eurofag.
<SR-X> ... Oh shit. I just noticed something.
      • Mode change "+m" for channel #rule34 by Warrior
<Warrior> ugh
<Jeb> What?
<Warrior> 5 minute time out
<Warrior> lol
<Jeb> o rere?
<Warrior> y not he was the only one talkin lol
<Warrior> Luci had to go, her mom kicked her off, so she called me
<Jeb> lame
<Noice_Cuouluours> BOMZ
<Blazephlozard> D:
<Jeb> mic check
      • Warrior ([email protected]) has joined channel #rule34
      • Mode change "+h Warrior" for channel #rule34 by TNT
<Blazephlozard> hai
<Warrior> is it still +m?
      • Mode change "-m" for channel #rule34 by Titanium
<SR-X> ...
<SR-X> Well shit.
<Blazephlozard> inb4+m
<SR-X> I asked Luci if she was mad at me, she said a little bit, then I said, "Well, we'll get over it, right?"
<SR-X> ... I am so gonna go be an hero. Tomorrow. Or something.
<Blazephlozard> kbai
<Warrior> oh gawd
<SR-X> Sigh ...
<Warrior> you did not say that
<Warrior> you said 'Get over it'
<SR-X> I wasn't thinking ... :/
<Warrior> and she hung up on you
<SR-X> Yeah, I know.
<SR-X> Thanks for reminding me of the worst mistake I've made thus far
  • Noice_Cuouluours throws a ticker-tape parade with banners everywhere
<SR-X> Well, I can't call her anymore, but can you at least tell her that I apologized for being the failure that I am?
      • Noice_Cuouluours is now known as MOST_WONDERFUL_FAIL_EVER
<Jeb> ?
<Warrior> i read that aloud to her
<SR-X> I bet she's double pissed now.
<SR-X> Sigh.
<Warrior> "Yeah he is a failure, isnt he"
<SR-X> ... Yeah, I'll be feeling that later.
<Warrior> you shouldn't have gotten on her bad side
<SR-X> Well ... what can I do now except let time take it's course?
<SR-X> Ya know?
<Warrior> "Time taking its course wont do crap" -Luci
<SR-X> She want me to call her?
<MOST_WONDERFUL_FAIL_EVER> Time heals all wounds. Except the mental, so you're probably out of lick.
<SR-X> Lick, maybe not, luck, yeah.
<Warrior> "only if you reallyreallyreally want to sort this out, and the minute you says something stupid, I'm hanging up" -Luci
<Jeb> dongs
<SR-X> H
<SR-X> That's it. I'm going to bed. Maybe forever.
<SR-X> Forget this shit.
      • Signoff: SR-X (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.81 [Firefox])
<MOST_WONDERFUL_FAIL_EVER> I wonder what stupid thing he said now.
<Warrior> Luci said SR-X told her to grow up
<Warrior> SR-X told LUCI to grow up
<Warrior> HAHAHA O WOW
<Jeb> ?
<MOST_WONDERFUL_FAIL_EVER> Yeah, I can see him becoming an exceptional dating advice columnist.
Rule34d: Did I miss anything?

And so after an epic war cry, SR-X set off to become An Hero. As of this moment SR-X is assumed to be dead Disregard that, I suck cocks. The faggot was too limp-wristed to follow through.

SR-X's Return

After arising from the dead SR-X decided he had one mission and one mission only to be a bad enough dude to rescue the president from ninjas to destroy his friendship with the only person left in his life that could ever love bear to look at him again, his ex-OL-Girlfriend, and he did just that... in an MSN chatroom with four other people

<SR-X> This just in GURO means GORE
<SR-X> Lern2jap like me
<Luci> Guro means Ero Guro which means Erotic Grotesque.
<SR-X> I find nothing erotic.
<SR-X> About that.
<Luci> You, my good sir, FAIL!
<SR-X> Whatever buttplug.
<Luci> Is that it?
<Luci> Is that all you can think of?
<SR-X> Don't be an internet tough guy.
<Luci> Sorry, that's your niche.
<SR-X> My niché is to say I DON'T CARE to your argument.
<SR-X> And continue to fap.
<Luci> See. This is why you annoy me so much.
<SR-X> Join the club.
<Luci> You must really be an asspie.
<Luci> Go back to your hugbox, 'cuz I'm not gonna be there to tuck you in anymore.
<SR-X> Wow, you just found out?
<SR-X> Good job Sherlock.
<Luci> I was trying to ignore the worst of it.
<Luci> You act full blown autistic to me.
<SR-X> Yeah, well, we all can't be winners.
<Luci> I see. God must've been slacking off when you came into the world.
<Grobda> oh dear
<Grobda> what's all this then
<Luci> Good Ol SR-X decided to start an MSN chat with me.
<Grobda> Sorry, I haven't been keeping up with things here lately
<Luci> Warrior?
<warrior> here
<SR-X> Yeah, well, we all can't be winners.
<Luci> I see. God must've been slacking off when you came into the world.
<SR-X> The same could be said about you, although, I don't think you'd realize that until you're older.
<SR-X> Still resisting the truth I do see.
<SR-X> Opinions are like buttholes, Luci. Everyone has one.
<SR-X> And claiming yourself to be more adult is nothing but.
<Luci> IT'S FACT.
<SR-X> Says you.
<SR-X> Sorry, but where does it say I care what everyone says?
<Luci> For Christ's sake.
<Luci> NEVER!
<SR-X> Oh joy, you wrote a paragraph and a few lines about your life. Now, I could either choose to read it, or we could both stop arguing.
<SR-X> 'Cause as far as I'm concerned, you're not impressing me.
<Luci> He sickens me.
<Luci> The last thing I mean to do is impress you. I just want you to know how I feel.
<SR-X> And I've already heard what you felt.
<SR-X> The bad news for you is that, well, that's tough luck when you're around me.
<SR-X> So, are we done talking?
<Luci> I'm done. In fact, I'm done with you.
<Luci> Never speak to me again, Bruce.
    • SR-X has logged off**

It's pretty much safe to say that SR-X fails it

Word is, that Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on 'Fat' makes SR-X Baww for hours. Be sure to remind him of this.


Synonymous Red X's DA account
Yahoo: crimsonbarrelknight
Gmail/MSN: [email protected]
Personalized E-mail: [email protected]
SR-X's number
Drop him a line, he'd LOVE to hear from you. Oh and he also owns a game shop so make sure you ask him if he has battletoads

He's also a major pokefag. He is also avoiding a permaban on 4chan so if you see him report him, FOR THE HIVE.

Oh hay I just committed ban evasion, well I gotta gb2b

Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm actually in the middle of a drama war, and I wasn't the one that started it.


—Synonymous Red X

He's like a broken toilet, just keeps spewing shit everywhere.


—Luci, former internet girlfriend

With SR-X the BAWW flows like wine



[-+]Luci The Lucky

Luci, SR-X's X-Internet-Girlfriend, who was once notoriously loved on Paheal's IRC was tragically infected with the SR-X virus. Paheal IRC first became aware of this sad truth May, 19, 2008 when she let loose in the following log; (Don't worry folks Akigawa is just a retard)

Luci's Infection
--> YOU (Solid_Snake) have joined #rule34
- Mode #rule34 +v Solid_Snake by Warrior
--> wiiaboo has joined #rule34
- Mode #rule34 +qo wiiaboo by TNT
<Akigawa> luci's boobs calm me
<Solid_Snake> To bad you'll never get em eh?
<Dagith> pwnt.
- Mode #rule34 +v Dagith by Warrior
<Purple_Mange> gropes Luci's boobs. I am just making sure she doesn't have breast cancer
<Warrior> and everyone knows early detection is the best protection. so he checks once every hour
<Akigawa> they never leave
<Akigawa> they're always full
<Akigawa> and when they do..
<Akigawa> they never come back
<Akigawa> and-and when they do come back,
<Akigawa> hey never leave
<Akigawa> they're always full
<Akigawa> and when they do..
<Akigawa> they never come back
<Dagith> stupid gayfag STFU
<Akigawa> Warriyah, can i have halfop for a sec?
<Akigawa> i'll give it right back, i promise
<wiiaboo> what do you want it for?
<Akigawa> because, i has sum business to take care of
<Akigawa> something to do with trash, and me taking it out
<Solid_Snake> Shut up Akigawa you just want to kick Dagith
<Dagith> aww, did i offend the gayfag?
<wiiaboo> Dagith has MUCH more status than you here Akigawa
<wiiaboo> gayfag
<Akigawa> ...
<Dagith> pwnt.
<Solid_Snake> To tell you the truth though I kinda like SRX more than you Akigawa....
<Solid_Snake> Except I don't
<Purple_Mange> No one loves SRX, ever
<Luci> Agreed.
<Solid_Snake> Except Luci when she did
<Luci> I need a sopping wet, sweaty moldy cock to wash the taste of his name out my mouth.
<Purple_Mange> I'd mold my cock if it is what it takes to get a 16 year old nigress' to suck it.
<Purple_Mange> Damn't Luci, why did you have to mention cocks?
<Purple_Mange> Now I want to suck a cock :(
<Purple_Mange> I was with a girl once who had a whole -daddy/daughter- fetish. It was sort of awkward.
<Dagith> ...thats great mange
<Purple_Mange> Does the talk of real life relationships, which you will never be involved in, bother you Dagith?
<Dagith> no, faggotry bothers me and you are full of it, mostly you and luci
<Purple_Mange> Wow, you sure are a angry little one aren't you.
<Ciorba> DO IT
<Luci> Me? Hey...when did I become half-op.
<Solid_Snake> Warrior gave it to you for the day
- Ciorba was booted from #rule34 by Luci (Ciorba)
-Dagith was booted from #rule34 by Luci (Dagith)
--> Ciorba has joined #rule34
- Luci was booted from #rule34 by wiiaboo (bitch)
<Solid_Snake> lol wiiaboo
<Ciorba> lawl
<Purple_Mange> lulzapalooz
Two Minutes Later
--> Luci has joined #rule34
<Luci> why is everyone so butthurt?
<Luci> What did I do?
<Dagith> you bawwwd all the damn time and whined and in short, were a gigantic faggot
<Solid_Snake> Get over it Luci it was just a boot to the head
<Luci> So, I 'baaawww'd" Fagith?
<Solid_Snake> Whenever anyone says butthurt or bawwws I forever associate them with SR-X
<Luci> You DO realize that I'm a kid right?!
<Solid_Snake> Luci you're really starting to sound like him
<Luci> WHO?!
<Solid_Snake> Synonymous Red X
<Luci> DON'T
<Luci> YOU
<Luci> DARE
<Solid_Snake> ^look your even typing one word posts at a time
<Luci> THAT
<Luci> NAME!
<Dagith> GODDAMN
-Mode #rule34 +m by wiiaboo
(Luci and Dagith are muted)
<wiiaboo> i think its time for a time out kids
<Captain_Phil> :D
<Purple_Mange> :3
<Solid_Snake> :D
- Mode #rule34 +v Luci by (Warrior)
(Luci is now unmuted)
- Mode #rule34 -v Luci by (Captain_Phil)
(Luci is now muted)
<wiiaboo> Warrior stop
<Solid_Snake> Getting Luci to chill out was the whole point warrior
<Warrior> 3:
<Warrior> ok
<wiiaboo> Luci and Dagith need to settle their differences over a nice PM
- Mode #rule34 -m by wiiaboo
- Mode #rule34 +v Luci by Warrior
<Purple_Mange> Hahaaaa, well, that settles that. I mean, I understand why we don't allow bitching from our MALE compatriots. But we can't expect all females to be as stoic Malorie...
<wiiaboo> i think i hear a pair of lips kissing a certain dark skinned ass
<Luci> What is wrong with you people?!
<Ciorba> yeah, females are always hysteric and shit
<Dagith> expecally niggers
<wiiaboo> Malorie is the glue that holds this place together
<Luci> Wii stop!
<wiiaboo> stop what?
<Solid_Snake> Luci the +m was for you to settle down and settle your differences with Dagith
<Luci> HOW!?
<Solid_Snake> By being grown up Luci
<Luci> I don't negotiate with fags.
<Luci> Especially when they troll for no reason.
<wiiaboo> the fail in this place makes me lul so hard, i think i shat my panties
<Dagith> we only started the decent into failure after luci and X had a gigantic faggotry shit-storm
<Solid_Snake> No.... #Rule34 started going down hill when the first underage kid came
<Luci> Dagith...
<Luci> NEVER!
<Dagith> goddamn nigger, STFU
<Solid_Snake> Luci stop one wording
- wiiaboo has changed the topic to “ LUCI LOEV SR-X 4EVAR OMG xxxxx ^___________^”
<wiiaboo> Luci...
<wiiaboo> NEVER
<wiiaboo> EVER
<wiiaboo> bait yourself like that
<Solid_Snake> LOL
<Dagith> Luci, if you didnt want to be associated why did you have a gigantic fail internet relationship with him? that was so stupid
<Amun-Ra> Where is FagR-X, anyway?
<wiiaboo> He baw baw baw bawwwwed all the way home
<Luci> HE"S DEAD!
<Dagith> I see SR-X as above luci, at least he had the good grace to leave. luci had to stay around and bitch
<Solid_Snake> She still has a fan base here. Like Amun-Ra, Akigawa, Purple_Mange, and for some weird reason FusionWarrior.
<Amun-Ra> You know what?
<Amun-Ra> I'm glad she stayed.
<Ciorba> Amun is desperate for pussy.
<Dagith> fuck I didn't even care if it hadn't been for the bitching
<Solid_Snake> ^you don't count for any opinion against Luci because you two just fought.
<Luci>: It really is
<Luci> Perfect perfect...
<Purple_Mange> Just shake it off Luci. It's hazing. It's what dudes do. Just suck it up and you'll be one of the pack, or some such shit. Even though it hasn't worked for Akigawa yet, lulz.
<Luci> "It's what dudes do."
<Ciorba> she has a vagina
<Ciorba> she'll never be one of the guys
<Purple_Mange> Luci, I know, but you are in a room full of guys. So you sorta have to be a guy, and a manly man of a guy, or you are going to get hazed. But of course you could always just ignore the people who make fun of you, that works too.
<Luci> I don't understand.
<Dagith> not suprising.
<Ciorba> ZING
<Luci> What did I do to deserve any hazing?
<Ciorba> you don't comprehend the whole concept of hazing do you. you're gonna get it hard in university
<wiiaboo> Your on the internet
<wiiaboo> everyone gets hazed
<wiiaboo> it is unavoidable
<Solid_Snake> Sage words will always be ignored
<Purple_Mange> There are six sort of guys in this room. 1) The Old Guys who ignore you because you are a little girl. 2) The creepy old guys who try to flirt with you. 3) The gay guys who think you are filth. 4) The old Guys who hate you because you are a little girl. 5) The little boy who idolize you because you are a wimminz.
<Dagith> im 3!
<Solid_Snake> Mange if that had been thought out more it COULD have been solid win
<wiiaboo> Mange is both 2 and the first part of 3
<wiiaboo> 2.5?
<Luci> I see. So only online can this occur.
<Luci> IRL, none of this would go on.
<Ciorba> no it happens pretty much all the time IRL
<Dagith> I never had a problem with Luci
<Dagith> until...THE FAGGORTY
<Purple_Mange> And Luci...maybe it's just a bad idea to try and confide in a bunch of cynical old men. We really aren't the best people in the world to tell your innermost thoughts to.
<Luci> I'm not confiding in any of you.
<Luci> I'm simply asking for advice.
<Luci> I SPEAK to you guys.
<Ciorba> oh come on black person
<Ciorba> you post your Livejournal entries on here
<Ciorba> if that's not confiding I dunno what is
Dagith crys in a corner
<Luci> My innermost thoughts are on the beige pages of a dollar store journal I share with my bestest friend/lesbian lover ever.
<Luci> Dagith? Do I even know you?
<Dagith> no, thank god.
<Luci> If anyone, Dagith should be the least involved in this discussion.
<Dagith> ok, my troll has been satisfied...FOR NOW
<-- Dagith has left #rule34
<Purple_Mange> Yeah, another thing you should know. Dagith, Soemele, and a couple others are always trying to stir shit up. So should probably just smile and nod when they talk.
<-- Luci has left (Ping failout: 34 seconds)
(Five Minutes Later)
--> Luci has joined #rule34
<Luci> If you guys want excitement, go to your 'supar awesome IRL" lives.
<Luci> Go on a drive, call some friends, get some damn sunlight!
<Luci> Don't clog up a relay chat.
<wiiaboo> lol "get some sunlight", kind of hard when the sun isn't even out
<Ciorba> oh yeah, it's 2 am
<Luci> Well, get some rain.
<Ciorba> not raining
<wiiaboo> not raining here either, its a pleasant night
<Luci> It's not safe for me to get out past dark, but you should have no problem.
<Ciorba> I'm recycling my cig smoke by staying inside
<Warrior> ew
<Solid_Snake> moar liek jew amirite
<Warrior> smoking is so NOT faaabuloooous
<Ciorba> oh please
<Ciorba> what's a fag without a fag?
<Luci> Agreed, smoking is gross.
<Luci> I'd rather keep my breath and lungs intact.
<Luci> And I don't want stained teeth.
<Luci> You don't want brown teeth, do you.
<Ciorba> brown teeth would match your skin
<Luci> Hardy harr.
<-- Luci has left

We are currently working on a vaccine to return Luci to her original state but as time goes on we seem to care less and less about what happens to her

The Birth of Luci the Troll
--> Luci has joined #rule34
<Luci> I'm still mad about yesterday.
<Purple_Mange> What? I didn't do anything...
<Purple_Mange> I tried to be a middle ground between you and everyone who was butthurt. And Rule34d(Solid_Snake) still gave me flak for even being that nice.
<Luci> You guys are all just haters.
<Purple_Mange> Hey know, I've always tried to chill everyone out on BAWWWing over you. Don't be saying things you can't take back~
<Solid_Snake> Wait... did Luci just bring up something we're trying to get over?
<Solid_Snake> ..I guess so
<Luci> black person does not forget. ANYTHING
<Purple_Mange> If you get the ball rolling again Luci I'm not going to be the one to stick my neck out for you.
<Luci> I just don't like being targeted.
<Purple_Mange> No one even said anything to you to start on this line of conversation again, so why did you start it?
<Dagith> because its in her nature obviously
<Luci> I brought it back up because I want to get my point across.
<Luci> This idea of "FUN' isn't fun at all.
<Luci> Especially to me.
<Solid_Snake> No one was even talking about fun
<Purple_Mange> Well then...don't bring it up Luci.
<Purple_Mange> If you don't bring it up and just go along with it, everyone just goes on with life and smiles politely.
<Luci> I want to get my point across.
<Luci> You guys don't get it.
<Luci> You guys have never been trolled IRL before.
<Dagith> haw! im a furry! I get RL trolling all the damn time
<Purple_Mange> Luci, everyone gets trolled, always.
<Purple_Mange> ALWAYS
<Luci> Have you been locked in a room with your older siblings and tormented to tears.
<Luci> Crying for them to stop.
<Luci> And mama was always at her friend's house...
<Solid_Snake> No because my family doesn't want me dead
<Purple_Mange> I got shit talked when I first came to the room. And I still do when I fag out with Mal and you. It's just what people do. Ya gotta leave it be.
<Purple_Mange> Anyway Luci, this really isn't the place.
<Luci> I hate being ganged up on!
<Purple_Mange> You aren't being ganged up on, no one is saying anything to you except me. And all I am saying is you need to calm down.
<Luci> last time I got ganged up on, I pushed the bitch that initiated it down the stairs. I fed her dog sharp bones, so it would choke. Then the dog died.
<Luci> She deserved it. She should've kept her mouth shut.
<Luci> Sadly, the dog was a pretty husky.
<Purple_Mange> So you killed a dog out of angst?
<Luci> I've killed all sorts of animals out of emotion.
<Dagith> wow, luci not only are you stupid and annoying
<Dagith> but you're a bitch too
<Luci> When I was 8, I got mad at my sister, so I found an injured baby bird.
<Luci> And fed it to a dog.
<Purple_Mange> Luci, do you like to light fires?
<Solid_Snake> ...Idk if I wanna put this on ED now seeing how sick you are Luci
<Solid_Snake> ....I probably still will though
<Luci> I burned my house down when I was 9.
<Purple_Mange> Do you also wet the bed Luci?
<Purple_Mange> Cause you are 2 for 3 of sociopath
<Luci> Now do you see why no one picks on me anymore.
<Luci> Last time I wet the bed was yesterday.
<Luci> don't judge me.
<Luci> Seriously, all my angst comes from my treatment as a child.
<Dagith> cool, stfu nao, plox
<Luci> Sort of typical in a black person family.
<Purple_Mange> If you need someone to talk to, then talk to someone. But don't come to a room full of pricks and expect fair treatment.
<Purple_Mange> Especially if you are going to be crazy
<Luci> I tried talking to someone.
<Luci> No one takes me seriously until I act out.
<Luci> Then they get all bitchy.
<Dagith> because you're a nigger
<Luci> Stepdad-case and point.
<Luci> the bastard denied me anything containing sugar up until I was 7.
<Solid_Snake> That's because your a diabetic Luci
<Luci> NO I"M NOT!
<Luci> I'm 100% health.
<Luci> My blood sugar, and blood pressure are unusually low.
<Luci> Which is why I'm sleepy often.
<Purple_Mange> Low blood sugar is also a sign of Diabeetus dear
<Luci> I eat sugar daily.
<Luci> All teh time.
<Luci> I'm eating candy right now.
<Purple_Mange> I'll see you guys later, I WILL NEED A FULL STATUS REPORT UPON MY RETURN
<-- Purple_Mange has left
<Luci> I know why he's such an ass.
<Dagith> because he has to live with you
<Luci> That, and something else.
<Dagith> he's a nigger?
<Solid_Snake> Your step-dad obviously wanted you to die from low blood pressure
<Luci> He doesn't wanna share his 85,000 a year salary with his wife's daughter.
<Luci> Or his biological daughet.
<Luci> but he'll jump to spend it on his 28 year old, jobless, college grad son.
<Luci> emphasis on JOBLESS!
Dagith shoots luci, then himself
<Luci> Dagith, stop bawwing and recognize classy trolling.
<Soild_Snake> You fail at trolling
<-- Dagith has left
<Shish> You remind me of my GF x_x She keeps threatening to get her dad to call in a favour with a gangster friend and get me killed <_<;;
<Shish> Also, the sucky family description
<Luci> All because you guys just HAD to have a few laughs at someone else's expense.
<wiiaboo> give it a rest toots
<wiiaboo> its been a long day at the office
<wiiaboo> your attention whoring only makes me laugh at you
<Luci> Is hurting people's feelings fun?
<wiiaboo> yes
<Solid_Snake> Yes
Luci said she was just trolling. Best troll ever right guys?


Gais thar is no wai dat this be an April Fools joke! It already be April 2nd!! ZOMG!!

Psycho2332 is, well... a psycho in every sense of the word. He lurks Paheal commenting on every guro image he can find on the site, stalks Soemele, and tries too hard to be edgy. Aside from guro, his hobbies include asphyxiation, necrophilia, calling people who don't like his fetishes "butthurt," and generally being annoying. On rare occasions, he will comment on a non-guro pic, usually about how the subject would be hotter if they were dead. He's also been known to ask for Spyro the Dragon guro in the past.

Word is that Naruto is a whiny bitch! This is unacceptable!

His DeviantART account is here - Note the juxtaposition of the typical 13-year-old boy obsession with sex and violence, with an emphatic use of Hello Kitty smilies and chain letters involving pretty roses. Perhaps this is another Ed Gein in the making, and we should be more scared than we are. (Naturally, he has denied this being his account. In the unlikely case he's telling the truth, drastic measures should be taken to prevent the two from ever meeting.

During the great April Fools joke of 2008 Psycho2332 was the only one to complain that the mods made Naruto redirect to Shitty_Anime and Naruto_Uzumaki redirect to Whiney_Bitch. He even went as far as to put a _ in between N and aruto making it so that no one could look up their precious Naruto pr0ns because newcomers had no idea that Psycho had changed the tags to N_aruto and N_aruto_Uzimaki.


While not being a regular on the site, he is a member of the IRC. In fact because he spent all of his money to give the site 2 MB of bandwidth he was given a +h to keep him warm at night in his cardboard box. Phil, is illiterate and has anger issues. On day on IRC Phil came on bitching about how he couldn't take being kicked while away anymore. Ironically he came in yelling at Warrior, who was AFK, and wound up dealing with Rule34d, and when he couldn't do jack shit he went on a booting spree.
<Captain_Phil> wow
<Captain_Phil> WARRIOR
<Captain_Phil> u be kicking me when im out of town
<desumilk> lololwarrior
<Rule34d> Captain_Phil
<Rule34d> I kick you all of the time when you aren't here.
<desumilk> lol
<Drinky_Kraw> lol
<Captain_Phil> i know
<desumilk> and call him a whore
<Rule34d> ^Sometimes
<Captain_Phil> and tit said he was going to talk to u about it
<Rule34d> Yeah he did, he lol'd
<Rule34d> 9_9
<desumilk> lol
<Captain_Phil> kicking idels is bs dude
<Rule34d> Get over it, it's not that big of a deal Phil.
<Rule34d> When you get back you just get on IRC and log in
<Captain_Phil> dude i stay loged for other reasion then rule34
<Rule34d> Yeah, to log stuff
<Rule34d> Psh
    • Rule34d was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil (ideling to long)
  • Rule34d has joined #rule34
  • Mode #rule34 +h Rule34d by TNT
<Rule34d> See no big deal, you hard ass.
<desumilk> INTERNET
<Captain_Phil> i would appreciate it if u didnt kick me when i was afk
<Rule34d> And I would appreciate if you sucked it up
<Rule34d> Do we have a deal?
<Captain_Phil> anonomos delerium desumilk luci_luci n0liv3 phy platinum_kuro shwei soviet[away] you have 60 seconds to respond or rule34d will kick u for idling
<desumilk> suck my dick Phil.
<Platinum_Kuro> Phil shut up.
<Luci_Luci> Phil is an illiterate fag.
<Soviet[Away]> FAG being the key word :O
<desumilk> OH SHIT.
<Luci_Luci> illiterate being the word he doesn't know.
    • Platinum_Kuro was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
    • Luci_Luci was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Platinum_Kuro has joined #rule34
  • Luci_Luci has joined #rule34
    • Soviet[Away] was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Soviet[Away] has joined #rule34
    • Shewi was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
<Rule34d> Wow Phil.
desumilk was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Rule34d has joined #rule34desumilk has joined #rule34
    • Phy was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
<desumilk> get fucked, phil.
    • Rule34d was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Rule34d has joined #rule34
    • anonomos was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
<Platinum_Kuro> BAWWWWWW
    • Delerium was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Delerium has joined #rule34
    • desumilk was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • desumilk has joined #rule34
  • anonomos has joined #rule34
<desumilk> phil be bawing.
<Luci_Luci> Not our faults that no one wants to talk to Phil.
    • Luci_Luci was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
<desumilk> :( WHY YOU KICK DEL?
  • Luci_Luci has joined #rule34
    • Soviet[Away] was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Soviet[Away] has joined #rule34
<Delerium> ;____;
<desumilk> look what you did phil.
<desumilk> you made del cry.
<desumilk> *hands del some delicious cake.*
    • Rule34d was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil (idling for 5 seconds)
  • Rule34d has joined #rule34
<Platinum_Kuro> ...
<desumilk> in b4 phil loses his +h
<desumilk> and his mind.
<desumilk> and his two inch penis.
<Captain_Phil> bitch u seen my dick
<Luci_Luci> and gains 200 more pounds.
<Rule34d> No it's his two inch TSUNAMI
<desumilk> LOLOL.
<Captain_Phil> luci go get white
<desumilk> in b4 phil cracks the shits.
<desumilk> and shits his pants.
<desumilk> and shits on his two inch dick.
<Captain_Phil> and rubs it in ur face
<desumilk> and eat shit and dies.
    • Drinky_Kraw was booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
    • Rule34d has been booted from #rule34 by Captain_Phil
  • Rule34d has joined #rule34
  • Mode #rule34 +h Rule34d by TNT
      • Mode #rule34 +b *!* by Rule34d
    • Captain_Phil was booted from #rule34 by Rule34d (Calm down faggot)
<desumilk> in b4 phil compensates his lack of penis size by kicking a bunch of people.
<desumilk> oh wait.
<Platinum_Kuro> I'll laugh if Phil loses his +h
<desumilk> lol.
  • Drinky_Kraw has joined #rule34
<desumilk> i laughed so fucking hard.
<Rule34d> Kraw
<Rule34d> I banned him
<Rule34d> For faggotry
<Drinky_Kraw> Hes gonna come back like "OMG U ASSHOLEZ IM PULLIN MAH SERVER"
<desumilk> this needs to be on the ED article.
<Rule34d> Ok
<Luci_Luci> What a fatty.

We can only hope that Captain_Phil loses his +h

Captain_Phil and Desumilk

It began when Desumilk finally proved she was a female by providing tits. When the picture suddenly floated in front of Phil's gaze, being the lonely, lonely man that he is Phil instantly fell in love and started to bombard Desumilk with pictures of his two inch penis. After being rejected by Desumilk seeing as she is gay and doesn't like penis up her vagina, Phil turned the love into hate

TL;DR: Go stretch your two inch penis and shove it up your own ass, Phil. - Desumilk.

<PlatinumWarrior> there hasn't been this big aboom since the day SR-X went mad

<Rule34d> I know, it's always the fat guys


—Warrior and Rule34d on current events

<Rule34d> Your clit is bigger than Phil's dick.

<desumilk> yeah.


—Rule34d and Desumilk on Phil's tiny dick and Desumilks huge clitoris


Sagat is more over an IRC user of Paheal, Sagat has been banned a thousand times for spamming the old played out meme Tiger over nine thousand times. Sagat himself is a very sophisticated man who enjoys the finer things in life, such as shemales and BBW.

Sagat's Dickparade

In early October 2008, after noticing that everyone in Paheal's IRC was AFK Sagat posted the mother load of Tiger. So much Tiger in so little time, when Titanium came back two hours later and upon seeing all of the TIGER banned Sagat. Soon after Sagat was unbanned. Then warrior joined onto the IRC and Sagat said columbo was a great fucking detective. Warrior being a world renowned Columbo hater banned Sagat's ass until the next millennium. As a response to this Sagat took the massive amount of pictures he had of his dick from late lonely nights photoshoping and let all hell run loose on Paheal. Under the veil of the username Seshonbonhonfondonbonkon Sagat unleashed the mother load of dick shops. He uploaded them all with the tag "comma, penis, more_commas,". About five minutes after uploading the dickfest Titanium came back from his vacation in Hana lulu and upon seeing said dicks proceeded to shit bricks. He quickly deleted all of the vast amounts of dick in under two minutes, sent Sagat an angry PM stating: "READ THE RULES AND FAQ ABOUT TAGGING. THIS IS A WARNING. WE DO NOT USE COMMAS HERE. WE DO NOT TAG BY CONTENT EITHER." and then banned Sagat. Although his dicks were deleted in record time this event was still considered a win for Sagat as his uploads screwed with the sites thumbnails and Paheal quickly disabled uploading. Or this would have been considered a victory for Sagat, but the truth is nobody gave two shits.

"<Captain_Phil> well i only came for the dicks

<Captain_Phil> later

Captain_Phil has left #rule34"


—Captain Phil, on why he had come back to Paheal's IRC

"The joker has stolen our thumbnails, help us shishman!"


—Anonomos, on the epicdemic

[-+]In b4 Desumilk

In b4 Desumilk is a meme that is used for trolling a paheal namefag called Desumilk, Desumilk is painfully easily to troll, and much lulz are produced in the process. All you have to do is say is start out with posting on a Pokemon that Desumilk has not posted on then after her reaction proceed with "In b4/after Desumilk...." and the conversation should progress as follows;
MetroidAddict: in b4 Desumilk
Desumilk: Fuck you.
Anonymous1: in after Desumilk
Rule34d: In after Desumilk uses capslock.
Anonymous2: In after Desumilk says nigger
Nietzche: I b4 DesuMilk responds to anon2
Nietzche: Fuckin' pwnt
Trolling Desumilk
Emperor_Desu ([email protected]) has joined #rule34
<Emperor_Desu> WWE announced that Dolph Ziggler (a/k/a Nick Nemeth) has been suspended for 30 days for violating the Wellness Policy.
<Warrior> He's gayer than kane, not as gay as goldust
<Warrior> but saying anyone is gayer than kane is saying alot
<Warrior> what happened to paul bearer?
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Emperor_Desu> Paul left.
<Emperor_Desu> now works in a morgue.
<Warrior> Kane shoved him up his ass
<Emperor_Desu> >:(!
<Warrior> it was easy
<Warrior > loose butthole after years of submitting to anal
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> kane looks so gay without his mask
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> caveman face is caveman
<Warrior> no, not caveman
<Warrior> he has the same face as the Goombas from the Mario Movie
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> but his brain is not quite as developed
<Warrior> and judging from his spandex, his balls are more shriveled up than Mark McGuire
<Warrior> and his cock is smaller than a Po-Ju Shota
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> i bet his breath smells of HBK's taint
<Emperor_Desu> >:( !!
<Warrior> he doesn't get paid in money
<Warrior> he gets paid in vicious, hardcore anal
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> all the fights in WWE are fixed. If that wasn't the case, he'd never win
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Emperor_Desu> Yeah, i know that. but kane isn't gay.
<Warrior> that's not what your dad said last night
<Warrior> when he was buttfucking him!
<Warrior> wheres your witty retorts now?
<Warrior> silenced by the TRUTH?
<Emperor_Desu> oh
<Emperor_Desu> i dunno
<Emperor_Desu> naw
<Emperor_Desu> i was fingering my vagina
<Warrior> just as Kane fingers his asshole, and others!
<Warrior> then he licks it
<Warrior> assholes and fingers
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Emperor_Desu> ANIME SCAT
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> he'd suck cock, but his tiny head and his tiny mouth cant fit even phil's dick inside
<Emperor_Desu> >:((((((((((((((((((((
<Warrior> and he tried
<Emperor_Desu> >:(
<Warrior> for hours
<Warrior> then he gave up, and took it up his loose, brutalized anus
<PersonaKuro> D:
<Emperor_Desu> :(
<Warrior> hahaha
<Warrior> you are too easy
<Emperor_Desu> >:(

An Epic From Desumilk to Warrior

I would pull your ass cheeks aside, allowing the soft gentle breeze to caress your open hole. Your muscles relaxed, a fart slowly pushing through your tight hole before getting louder and louder. In the final second of the fart, a black person would escape with your fart and splatter over the floor, leaving a brown stain upon the ground. The fart ended, but the turd did not stop; another long thick turd pushing out of your tight muscle hole and drop onto the ground. A sigh of relief at your delicious fart escaped you and a stream of your urine would flow to the ground, creating a puddle of hot, yellow liquid at my feet. Accompanying your turd and urine was the stench; generating a smell of rotten cats and dogs in a butcher.

And so, once again, Warrior showed us all that his balls aren't just for show


—Rule34d on the triumph


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