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Overclocked ReMix (aka OCRemix and OCR) is a website "dedicated to arranging video and computer game music. [Their] mission is to prove that this music is not disposable or merely background, but is as intricate, innovative, and lasting as any other form." It is one of the geekiest sausagefests in the history of the internets, which is wholly analogous to being the most racist member of Klu Klux Klan. Here, twenty year old basement dwellers steal Fruityloops or Reason off of bittorrent, find a Super Mario Bros. midi, and pass it off as their own work.

Site History

Back in 1999, known pedo David Lloyd (known as djpretzel) created OCR as a way to attract twelve year old boys back to his apartment. He stole a few midis, found what he could off of Kazaa, and BOOM! Minor e-celebrity! As of this writing, OCR's forum alone has nearly 18,000 members. At some point in mid-2002, djpretzel forgot his pedofiliac roots and decided OCR was serious business. This led to a sheerly enormous amount of drama which spills over to this very day. Dozens of the most respected members of the community left to create their own sites. Ironically enough, this left Mr. Lloyd alone with none other than, yes, 7,000 13 year-old-boys.


Occurring roughly around the time as the Great Exodus, djpretzel decided to institute a "judge's panel". The sole purpose of the panel is to rip apart the works of prospective remixers sufficiently that they will never try submitting to the site again. The community thus remains a small, manageable size.

Noone has ever liked a judge, and it is common knowledge that anyone claiming otherwise is just a sycophant hoping to become a judge himself.

List of Active Judges


If given the chance, every user will dispute every judges' decision ever made. To rub it in even more, djpretzel made every decision ever made a matter of record. To combat any semblance of fun, questioning whether a remix should have been posted is a bannable offense.

Xx PxFury xX: fuck you
JTnights (vigilante): i love you.
Xx PxFury xX: you're a shitty judge fag
JTnights: i love you
JTnights: hug me
Xx PxFury xX: wow, what a fucking faggot
JTnights: i love you
JTnights: starblast says hi
Xx PxFury xX: fuck that fat fuck
JTnights: what an impressively large vocabulary you have!
JTnights: thats why i love yoU!

What Happens when a remix gtes rejected:

What happens when a judge responds to someone that got rejected:

How the Judging Panel is an Oversized Circlejerk

<BGC> howdy
* pixietricks spanks BGC
<pixietricks> chop chop!
<BGC> woah
<The_Orichalcon> ho ho ho
<BGC> haven't even started yet and things are getting a little kinky
<BGC> o_O
<DarkeSword> What the hell. I thought I told you guys none of this horny teenager bullshit in here.

List of OCR Catchphrases



Former judge and remixer, Protricity is a Jew. As a judge, he ripped on any mix he could get his hands on in beautiful, sardonic manner. Unfortunately, he made fun of djpretzel once so he was removed from the panel of judges. Since he once signed up for phpbbforfree, Protricity also thinks he's a 1337 h4x0rz. So far his mischief has included,

  • Hacking vgmix, forcing them to shut down the site altogether for one year and six months so far. (Confirmed)
  • Hacking oneup studios and spamming everyone on the mailing list. (Confirmed)
  • Posing as a n00b with stolen samples on the works in progress board. (Denied)
  • Gaining OPs on one of OCR's IRC channel and banning everyone there. He is still dodging the g-line bans sent his way through Enterthegame's administration. (Confirmed)
  • Making threatening phone calls to pixietricks (Denied: She actually made threatening calls to me if you'd believe it)
  • Blanking the OCR Wikipedia page. (Denied)
  • Periodically flooding the forums with thread-breaking animated gif posts. (Denied)
  • Hacked the Doom Petition into a different dimension of pwnt. (Confirmed)
  • Last but not least, "fag" is apparently the most insulting word ever. (Confirmed)

Keep in mind that he's kept this up for a solid two years, now. There's a difference between trolling for the lulz and doing so because you have no friends.

OCR Welcomes ED Article with Open Arms!

"That is possibly the worst thing I've EVER seen. I don't care how funny anyone thinks that is. That's pretty insulting to me. In my own opinion that site should have that page removed, or the site should be shut down.

I don't care how funny they think it is, it's NOT. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Making fun of people, making fun of OCR, the judges, and the shenanigans of the past. Honestly, let sleeping dogs lie, and get over it already. There's enjoy negativity out there, I don't believe we asked for, or deserve more here.

If it was something a bit nicer, maybe even actually joking, I wouldn't be taking the time to write this post. However, the way I see it, it's scathing, ill-humored BS that I honestly cannot stand for." ~Dyne

Note: Dyne has no affiliation with OverClocked ReMix whatsoever. He also lacks a sense of humor.
[04:02:53] <Nicholas> oh lord
[04:02:53] <Nicholas> dyne
[04:02:54] <Nicholas> you idiot
[04:02:57] <Nicholas> ed = sarcastic humor
[04:03:00] <DarkCecil13> hahahahahahaha
[04:03:03] <Nicholas> someone delete dyne's post
[04:03:03] <DarkCecil13> dyne failed


The mods on this site probably all have Asperger's.
A fairly accurate allegory.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, djpretzel created an unmoderated forum so he could create an alt account and start a loli thread without raising any eyebrows. The move backfired, however, when a few good men, starring John Travolta and Jack Nicholson, started posting half decent threads, spamming the bad ones with goatse, and pointing out the plot holes in a certain judge’s enormous nose. After a few years of this nonsense, djpretzel outright deleted the forum because someone took pictures of him at a public event or some other manufactured crap. He replaced it with Offtopic, which is exactly the same thing only you have to carefully mask yourself when spamming it. That isn’t exactly hard since the site staff is comprised of morons obsessing over video game music.

Sidebar Shenanigans

According to those who have not left their computer in the last two years, the creation of the sidebar is more important historically than 9/11. All the pissing and moaning ever boiled down to was 26 unmodders shrilly screaming “SIDEBAR IS HUEG LIKE XBOX” followed by them getting banned. Lots of people called it fascist since getting banned from a private site for acting stupid is entirely comparable to the Holocaust, but none of that ever really mattered since every single one of them just began to post from their alt accounts five minutes after posting in the satellite sites they were quitting ocr forever and most hopped the boat to UnMod.org where they found the foul stench of tyranny and returned to OCR just in time for their fair hero djpretzel to delete the forum entirely, resulting in epic pwnt The important thing to remember is the sidebar, as with most things, was just a delicious pretext for the lulz and drama internet people live off of during winter.

Remaining Sub-Forums


The slowest satellite of the community. While some struggled to keep it alive early on in the game, those brave heroes soon departed for the fair shores of mental retardation over at Remod leaving only the cream of the Atomic-Dog-ass-kissing crop, such as sycophant teh existentialist. As a result, it never evolved from the fourteen year olds from general discussion wandering in and posting unfunny YouTube videos. Its only purpose today is to serve as a vent for such radical ideas as "NO ONE POSTS ANYTHING INTERESTING HERE ANYMORE" and "WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO".

Politics, Philosophy, and Religion

While never considered Unmod canon and in fact as close to an anti-unmod as possible, PPR is a good place for idiots on a video game website to debate politics with other idiots on a video game website. As such, it did serve as a wellspring of humor for everyone else. Some of the features that show the whole thing is made of win are the prolific bands of uber-Christians who respond to every single post with "CUZ GOD SEZ SO!!1 ITS IN TEH BIBLE AND PAT ROBERTSON IS MY DAD!!" Then the atheists come in and are like "UH HUH, GOD ISANT REEL..." There are also economic debates that amount to internet Karl Marx debating internet Ayn Rand. Suffice to say, no one of quality would click the link to this subforum.

Splinter Sites and "successors" to Unmod


The original refuse overflow for UnMod, Overlooked Remix was created by Richter, a /b/tard with a simple dream: to give birth to the absolute most god-awful music ever created by human hands. In mid-2004, there was a hilarious backlash against postwhores and many of the members of the OCR Postwhore Society made the exodus to OLR where they proceeded to settle in and become the only users of the site. Richter hated his new-found friends and banned a few of them. The community eventually languished or maybe just normal people stopped remembering it was there. OLR peeked around 2004 and since then who fucking knows if it even still exists (don't bother checking).


In ancient times, Unmod's unsurprisingly massive furry community decided there were too many kids in unmod for sophisticated dialogue such as their yiffing or that, more accurately, there was not nearly enough emo drama to properly sustain a full-grown fur. And thus gerbilfat was born. Yes, it still exists; No, noone knows why.


.org was created by a few of the core members of Unmod's secret cabal when they realized that OCRemix's forum sucks and that DJP is a tool who can't tolerate differences in opinion. The new site was a garden of free expression with only one rule: follow the Party line. Internal politicking and confusion about exactly who speaks for the cabinet keeps members on their toes. The 2005 Anti-Wackiness Proposition declared all behavior that can be described as "wacky", "zany" or "random" morally offensive; a number of immigrants that came in the waves following various reprehensible acts of OCR's administration fell afoul of this rule and were mocked slightly as a result. This apparently being too much to bear, they left, and went on to create their own forums, where they spend all day happily posting random catchphrases and stupid Flash videos. Unmod.org is home to Flankingline, a disgusting faggot who has a lion king fetish. Occasionally, he posts a new Simba fanfic involving him raping another Disney character. Some argue that this was once a joke, but the buckets of semen jerked off as a result of reading said fanfics suggests otherwise.


Spinoff to Inadequate Cheese Fondlers Club or something else no one cares about, Remod is where the animu obsessed 17 year olds ended up. In addition to posting strange, inscrutable humor that no one ever really laughs at, there is also mounds upon mounds of low-quality fanart and ridiculously zany webcomics about girls and maybe a giraffe and hey they're on the moon I'm a genius. It is believed Remod has the most users of all the successor states but it is tempered by the fact noone can tell them apart.

Notable People Still Hanging Around Offtopic/OCR

Atomic Dog

Egocentric wannabe libertarian with insecurity issues. To make up for his baby sized penis, he regularly posts LJ-esque rants, ok-cupid quizzes, and bragging about his fast lane life in Los Vegas when in reality all he has to offer is sitting at his computer and posting LJ-esque rants and ok-cupid quizzes in A FORUM ABOUT VIDEO GAME MUSIC.

Greatly enjoys Superman because he is a closeted homosexual who has the need to be dominated.

Radical Dreamer

Bisexual pedophile rapist whose massive libido and promiscuity is caused by the fact that he was molested as a child. May have also caused a post count of 30,000. His passage here is the only part of this article to be literally true.


"Hey guys I’m really sick I only have a month to live :(" "That sucks dude good luck" "Yeah these are my last days" "Feel better" "The doctor’s got a new heart today I might make it a little longer" "Why won’t you just die already"

Non-Notable Personalities Who Added Themselves as a Desperate Cry for Attention


  • Does not seem to understand the meaning of the word pretentious.

Basement dweller who splits his time between arguing politics, attempting to force memes in offtopic (a forum anthropologists estimate has about 3 users) and lashing out at invisible internet enemies. He is nothing more than a fag that should stop breathing and save the air for those that matter but believes this is all very "ironic" (another word he throws around and doesn't seem to quite get) and that everyone is in fact enamored with his charm and wit. He also can't write a funny article for shit, except for all dis shit. Is emo.

  • Always posting about his social ineptitude and his lone drinking, which is obviously a cry for help: "hay guys i am durnk is this awesome y/n ?"


  • Entire existence is a desperate cry for attention. is also better than you because he attends the PEABODY CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC and wastes no opportunity to remind everyone around him of this fact.


  • 14 year old ska homosexual gay faggot who likes Le Cock and brags about doing hard drugs because he's cool like that. Used to sign "--chth" at the end of his post to marginalize himself from the lesbian otherkin who likes his copypasta music.


  • Nobody. Been around UnMod since what, these days, could be considered reasonably close to the beginning, and, as such, refuses to leave, despite knowing full-well that there's nothing much there anymore. Also, mashup mashup mashup. Mashup? Mashup. P.S. Nethack Firefly mashup. Also, you just lost The Game.


  • An idiot that doesn't get the message that no one wants him around. Enjoys ◕◡◕.


Nice Work!

A three year old meme everyone loves because they do not leave the forums. Lately people have started shutting up about it.

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