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Welles is about to pwn the shit out of some nazi aliens.
Welles shouting his famous battle cry of "Trolled!"

Orson Welles aka AH HAHAHA FAGGOT guy began the age of modern trolling at least 100 years ago. He is famous for many IRL trolls that have yet to be matched by anyone since.

Most Famous Trolls

  • Welles pwned America by broadcasting a fake news broadcast called the "War of The Worlds", fooling everyone into thinking that the planet was being invaded by some Martians who need to transfuse blood to live (AKA a Jehovah's Witness' worst nightmare), but because our blood is so damn filthy they all get sick and die. After being confronted by the Internet Police, Welles was reported to have shouted "Trolled!" and ran away cackling. In later interviews, Welles would claim that he "did it for the lulz."
  • Welles also pwned both a really fucking rich guy named Hearst and the American public by creating his trolling magnum opus: "Citizen Kane". In a nutshell, Citizen Kane is bad fanfiction about Hearst but with the names changed. It's also the most boring movie that has ever existed. The world is full of losers (like your mom) who try to seem cultured by insisting that this movie is great, even though watching the movie makes you want to become an hero. When such a loser finds a victim who doesn't like Citizen Kane, the loser will act all shocked and whine about it until the victim agrees that Citizen Kane is the best movie ever made. Thus, the world is full of people who insist to each other that this movie is great when in fact nobody likes it at all.
  • Throughout the late 70's and early 80's, Welles' pwned Paul Masson out $1,786,809,937.00 worth of stock of their shitty wine by doing 789 takes in their big budgeted (reported at $500,000,000 in todays money) wine commercials.
  • Welles' final troll was to pwn whiny Transformers fanboys by calling Transformers a show where "two groups of toys do awful things to each other". Srsly.

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AH HAHAHA FAGGOT is one of the most commonly used reaction images on /sp/. It is typically used whenever someone posts anything that has to do with one or more of the Sports teams from Philadelphia. Because Philadelphia fans are easily trolled, this causes much lulz and butthurt to ensue.

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