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4Chan launches a SJW raid, wait wut?
GRGA the turtle

On 16th July of 2014, 2 evil whores set a gopher tortoise named GRGA on fire and then uploaded the video of it to Failbook. This caused a massive flood of SJW comments on Facebook, but the 2 whores didn't receive enough hate comments and decided to upload the video to YouTube too. Some anon saw the video and decided to launch a campaign to punish the girls.

The operation step by step

Anon working with Google view
The job
Whore dox´d

One of the first things that OP did was to make an Imgur and started spreading it until it reached the daily tops. This was made possible by posting it via 4Chan, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Some SJWs from social sites joined the operation too; (4Chan working with Tumblr WTF!!1!1!). Then 4chan turned on the Internet Hate Machine and started spreading Shock Site links and all other kind of spam to the whores' YouTube channel and Facebook profile.

Next, some anons started to do an analysis of the video with Google Maps, Google Street view and reverse image search tools. This made possible a location of the place in which the video was recorded. A bit after this, the 2 whores were doxed completely by some anon.

The next step was to spread #JusticeForGrga via Twitter to gain more attention. Then some anon came up with the brilliant idea of reporting this to animal protecting agencies like PETA, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, the Police, the whores highschool and the ASPCA. The days after the whores where being investigated and the investigation was even reported in the news, an epic win was achieved.


The heroic young ladies who decided to rid the world of this obvious terrorist in a half-shell were exposed by /b/tards as Jennifer Greene and Danielle Susen Ruger of Ridgeview High School, in Orange Park, Florida.


Mirror of the original video can be found HERE

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