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Operation Phobos-Gone (Fobos-Gone; OpPhobosGone and OpFobosGone) was a supposed Anonymous operation that is enacted by Anonymous following the failure of the Russian Phobos-Grunt space mission. Invented during a Wikipedia argument by an editor known as Starkiller88, a sockpuppet operated by link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Bryan Seecrets Bryan Seecrets, its intended objective was to rape the project website and redress the injustice of the scientists and engineers behind the mission, who were being accused of treason by one of the Pastebin posts. The campaign was initially evidenced by a knockoff journal and a Twitter post, it also been supplanted by a Youtube account. Overtime, this campaign is nothing more than a front to disrupt and vandalize Wikipedia with shit to illustrate a point to BatteryIncluded's statements that no further Russian sample return missions were planned after the failure of Phobos-Grunt and his trolling that was taken seriously by administrators and editors alike, and a resulting ban from Wikipedia in which BatteryIncluded took advantage of it.

The Operation

The operation was to avoid using distributed-denial of service attacks or defacements against the websites, and protest and occupy around a building, as it was stated that these only brought false criticism and bloodshed. However, this operation is to be carried out by Anonymous Russia or any other affiliate within Anonymous like AntiSec. Its stated objective was to take down the Phobos-Grunt website, and bring those responsible for the failure to justice.

Should the operation itself to succeed, it aimed at the destruction of the corruption within Russian space industry and a return back to the military-level technical control of Soviet times. The space failures would be reduced to zero and the industry would prosper, beating out the other space-faring nations.

The Failed Start

After the failure and a fiery reentry of the Phobos-Grunt spacecraft following a botched launch, there are several mentions of an upcoming Anonymous operation, particularly on Scratchpad and Pastebin. Originally, these called for a complete and utter destruction of the Phobos-Grunt project and the criminal prosecution of the scientists and engineers involved.

The scientific component also plays a very big part in this sector, and this is something that will always receive budget funding. But of course we must promote our products on the international market, develop quality spacecraft, because our recent failures in this area have made a serious blow to our competitiveness. This is not a fatal blow, but it does mean that we are going to have to make a thorough examination of the situation and punish those responsible. I am not talking about putting anyone up against the wall, as during Stalin’s years, of course, but we can use money as a punishment, get back from them the funds we put into them, or, in cases where clear responsibility is established, disciplinary or criminal liability might need to be considered. If we sort out this whole situation properly, I am sure that our high-technology sectors have an excellent future ahead. The main thing is not to lose them.


—Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, "Meeting with journalists from the Central Federal District", November 26, 2011

The campaign finally revealed itself on Wikipedia after a failed settlement in which BatteryIncluded stated no more Phobos missions, in which another editor, Starkiller88, insisted that there would never be another mission to Phobos; before that he tried to rationalise hopes for a repeat mission that was planned. In addition to his claims about the scientists behind the mission were wanted for treason, he started adding shit about it. He created four redirects for the supposed operation, he was asked to account for it. He admitted in broken prose that he started the campaign with the Twitter and Blogspot accounts. He was forced to do so in retaliation for his statements about the failure and the mission became unrepeatable, in which he stated it could be forever. However, after telling BatteryIncluded that he concoated it in an attempt to get back at him, BatteryIncluded deflected from this, in which he was accused of being part of Anonymous hackers waging war against Starkiller88.

After the shit article was raped, he went on a spree of vandalism against BatteryIncluded before pleading to him. It failed terribly, as the editor was pissed with greater fear. Starkiller88 was banned shortly after this conversation, and BatteryIncluded gave him a kitten, telling him to step back from his computer and commit suicide.


Following the ban of Starkiller88, the effects of this operation made BatteryIncluded worst, even telling Piotrus to place his "flashy bullshit" and kittens everywhere, and telling Medeis to increase his medication intake. This is why Starkiller88 called him stupid and pathetic, comparing him to a computer virus.

Ultimately, the operation, entitled Phobos-Gone failed to materialize as the official Anonymous operation to succeed in its goals.


The obligatory YouTube video declaring war!

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