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Operation Overlord iswas the organized raid in which /b/ planned to destroy the hipster blogging tool Tumblr. /b/ flooded Tumblr with phishers, gore porn, and cp, temporarily sending tumblr users into a whirlpool of rage and confusion until both sides decided this was boring and that they should sex the living fuck out of each other forever instead.

Cancer and Scoliosis

Spam /b/ with kittens, oh god no!

On November 12th, 2010, a butthurt Tumblr user got sick of not receiving as many reblogs as FuckYeahKissing, and decided to make a personal army request to /b/. This included photos insisting 4chan had declared war on Tumblr. As most people who use /b/ nowadays are the same people using Tumblr, nobody really cared. The first move of Operation Overlord, started when /b/ organized a flood of tumblr accounts used to phish, troll, and post gore porn and cp.

After a few 16 year old girls were sufficiently butthurt, a couple of them decided to name /b/ "scoliosis". Tumblr then began to flood the 4chan boards with kittens (a really great idea) and their own forced meme What is air? They even blanked the ED page for Tumblr and got pwned by mysterybot.

At 5pm, November 14th, /b/ planned to DDoS Tumblr, claiming that it would "deliver the final blow" to the website. This threw Tumblr users into a nerd rage and prompted them to shit all over their blogs. Unfortunately, since the only people who use 4chan are hipsters, nothing happened.

Nothing is going to happen to your Tumblr. We are the only people who use /b/, anymore.


—some hipster

It's obviously a butthurt hipster, these Operation Overlord photos are way too nicely done and way too color coordinated.


—some other hipster, stating the truth

DDoS Failed

Not surprisingly, the DDoS failed due to most /b/ users being stupid faggots. Tumblr began claiming that they had defeated /b/, but it was the mods who fucked with the site, possibly because they too are virgins and want some hipster pussy.

When the DDoS attack against Tumblr failed to bring the site to its knees, the gooey hipster core of Tumblr began to shit post all over /b/. When this happened the mods at 4chan put in a word filter that 404'd every thread with the word "Tumblr" in it, creating a vast empty space where /b/ once stood.

Sorry dumbshit /b/tards, but I'm not gonna let your shitface cock sucking 4chan ruin my tumblr sanctuary.



—-letsgetfuckedup.tumblr.com (ALSO A NIGGER LOL)

I swear if they shut down my tumblr, I’m gonna go grab my machine gun and hunt em all down and kill them one by one, whoever the fuck is running that shit.

Just sayin.



let me the first to say, 4chan is a worthless piece of shit. At least Tumblr looks decent, it looks like a four year old built their site. BRING IT CUNTS.



4chan is trying to shut down Tumblr through hacking the site..

Well guess what, FUCK YOU 4CHAN. I don’t care what your reasoning is, but if you shut down Tumblr, I will personally come after you.



We are like the Civilized version of 4chan






Tumblr Dumbledore’s Army, 4chan Death Eaters, we’re stronger, and better. they will fail.


— edgartv.tumblr.com

If 4chan is so big and mighty, then why the hell have I not heard of them untill today?

I’ve been trollin’ on the internet wayyyy before I found the life I now call tumblr, and 4chan has always been unheard of to me.

So, I can’t help but laugh at this threat. It might turn out to be try, but right now it kinda sounds like a bunch of DnD nerds who still live in their mothers basements.




COUNTER-TROLL. Go to /b/, now, and see what it’s like. Go there post a thread saying ” Hai guise!!!1!!! I’m from Tumb1r!!! Oh, yeah THE GAME. Lololol.”(or post anything else but say you’re from Tumblr) and then leave they’ll get all mad and troll that thread and waste their time. Veryy simple.



lolololol /b/ try and fuck with us, just try.



4Chan Is Apparently Taking Down Tumblr?

So apparently some fags are taking down Tumblr because they’re jelly? Seriously leave Tumblr alone and get some fresh air, crack open your basement window if you nerds have to. Obviously your plan isn’t going to work, people who love the site are going to work hard to get it running back up in no time. Bring on the LOIC cannon Oldfags.



If some Porno bitch hacks my tumblr tomorrow

I’ll go ape shit.



4Chan and Tumblr: Wet and Messy Fuckbuddies

How both sides immediately reacted to this discovery.
Anonymous was bound to love her. The furious sex was inevitable.

As tumblr and /b/ users found themselves torn between the two sides, they decided to create a 3rd side like a child during a divorce. This gave birth to a line of one panel comics featuring /b/ as the bitter husband, and tumblr as the cute hipster wife.

  • What /b/ apparently claims: Everything below is the direct result of all the underageb& faggots on /b/, so please disregard it.
  • What everyone else is saying: Only butthurt newfags pretending to be oldfags are in complete denial over this.

[Posting on /b/: A survival guidePosting on /b/: A survival guide]

First off, understand that this is a tentative peace. Fuck it up and there will be bloodshed. The key to understanding what just happened is simple. 4chan has temporarily suspended hostilities toward tumblr in the wake of some truly amusing original content, namely 4chumblr. I say temporarily for a reason. The newfags (new users) were the ones who raided you. Our boards were nuked by our own mod team in an attempt to prevent the raid and cover their asses. This was confirmed by our admin. Understand this. Any posting regarding any supposed victory by tumblr will be met with swift, brutal and widespread vengeance. However, your influx into our sanctum has been met largely with amusement from the hivemind. There is potential here. If you folks do this rite, we have a shot at becoming something both beautiful and utterly terrifying. What you lot need to remember though is that this is a very restricted clique. There are rules. Violate them, and we violate you. Here’s what you NEED to know.

On /b/ there are newfags and oldfags. Newfags are annoying, reuse stale memes, and are the cancer that is destroying /b/. Oldfags are the ones you need to be pants shittingly terrified of. Because if you anger THEM… well. Bad things happen. In short, the weakest and most annoying part of /b/ is what raided you. Over the next few days any lag, we’ll be back shortly, etc, is probably due to the DDoS attacks. Believe me. Our lazors are still being charged. The oldfags are the scary hackers. And they will gleefully fuck your shit up if you give them half a reason. Newfags hack accounts. Oldfags hack LIVES. Imagine for a moment, your social security # being flashed all over the internet. Those naked pictures on your hard drive mailed to your parents. Every dark secret, every shame, every embarrassment held up for the world to see. This is what they are capable of. Proceed with caution. However, at the moment you are amusing them. Keep it up. As I said though, there are rules.

Firstly, avoid stupid questions. Just because we fag up our own boards doesn’t give you the right to.

Secondly, if someone says tits or gtfo, tits is the appropriate response. Many of you ladies have grasped this concept wonderfully. Keep up the good work gals.

Thirdly, there is no favoriting threads. If you want to follow a thread, put noko in the e-mail field. When you post it will redirect to that thread.

Fourthly, do not. EVER. Put your real e-mail address ANYWHERE on /b/. Make a temp one if you must, but never post it in a thread. Instant messaging information is unlikely to get you destroyed, provided there will be sex involved. If your powerword is discovered, or your dox are found, unfortunate things could result.

Fifth, you are all newfags, but so are 99% of us, including me.

sixth, on 4chan and /b/ in particular, you are anonymous by default. That is your mask, but it is also your shield. Anyone NOT wearing that mask will be purged from the collective. I realize a lot of you have identities here. Do not take them with you when you visit 4chan. The risks far outweigh the rewards.

seventh, understand something important. If the internet had a dark back alley with syringes and muggers, /b/ would be it. If the internet had an asshole, /b/ would be the dark center. Right now you are amusing us. You are safe while that lasts. But /b/ is fickle. If you press your luck you will be destroyed utterly.

eighth, > makes whatever is typed after it appear in green.

That isn’t everything, but it’s all I can think of at the moment and it should be enough to allow your continued survival.

But understand… any grinds to a halt you see on tumblr… any 404s, we’ll be right backs, etc… are probably due to Anon. That’s likely us. During the war our mods basically nuked the boards to prevent organization. However, like any good terrorist group, we operate in cells. Many of which are ignoring the cease fire. In order to reach them. Be cute. Post pics. Post kittens. We love kittens on /b/. Seriously. We invented longcat and caturday for fuck’s sake.

Just understand that you are genuinely at risk here. *I’m* putting myself at risk just posting this. The hivemind must be treated with respect and fear. Our mods are on your side and a LOT of slack is being cut by everyone on 4chan to you guys. Just please don’t fuck this up. /b/ has cancer. Tumblr may be the cure. Above all, post original content. Do this right, and we’ll all see a brighter tomorrow. 4chumblr amuses me, which is why I’m providing you this info. Do with it what you will.


—an utter /b/astard, http://theseus32.tumblr.com/

Tumblr virgin girls guys.png

In the end, 4chan, filled with basement dwelling, sex-craving neckbeards, and Tumblr filled with attention seeking, sex-starved hipster girls got bored flooding each others sites and realized they could fuck each other's brains out in some angry make up sex.

so all along, I thought /b/ was a bunch of deformed troglodytes, but some of y'all are in fact pretty cute.

Would any heterosexual males on /b/ be up for a meetup?


—A tumblr-tan, on 4chan

I say we all make T.umbler pages, get tons of female followers, meet up with the attractive ones, and finally get laid.


Anonymous, preparing to 'raid'

the greatest lovestory ever written and now you are a part of it.



I knew /b/tards are hot, but no one believed me.



Tits threads suddenly began to get answers from the very owners of said tits. ID threads suddenly began to get answers from owners of their own dox. You Love You Lose threads suddenly had everyone losing as tumblr girls kicked out the usual celebrity drivel with their own real photos. Hookup threads started flooding /b/'s front page as tumblr-tans began wading through the forced memes and fail for the hidden love waiting for them. And /b/ did not wait either as they started signing up on tumblr in heaploads advertising the sudden love call.

this is/has been one of the most wonderful, requestfilling, and happiest cumdumpsters /b/ has seen in a very VERY long time.

way fucking better than those fat bitches you normally get making demands before they show shooped goods.


Anonymous, on /b/

It’s amazing to see how much 4chan has changed over the past few days. So many new events are on the site besides the advent of 4chumblr now.

Before, everyone complained over excessive “rate me” threads, stale content on you laugh you lose, and pointless flamewars between Atheists and Christians. Now that Tumblr users have started posting, I’ve seen the entire mood of /b/ lighten up quite a bit.

People are now laughing again in the you laugh you lose threads, which in turn, makes me laugh (it’s just a contagious thing, seeing others laugh at something make me want to laugh), people are bringing up old memes that bring back nostalgia to my first days on the site. Also, people are generating OC for the old memes again to keep them going (not much, but I still see it happening, and hope to see more).

Today, /b/ is now an enjoyable place that serves its purpose, a place for shits and giggles, and to say what you want to say under the name Anonymous. A lot of people lost view of what the place is all about, and Tumblr users have helped many of us remember how much fun /b/ can actually be.

So I would just like to say thank you Tumblr. Thanks for reviving the board into something people actually like.


—An anon on tumblr

Tumblr is the chemo for 4chan’s cancer.


—Maybe. Maybe. [1]

We raided them. It kinda turned them on. They came here. We said TITS OR GTFO... they went with tits. How the fuck do you raid that?


—/b/, shutting up its butthurt minority in the corner.

I never thought I would ship two websites as hard as I do right now.


YouTube Favicon.png PrettyDamnedBored

My Tumblr can't be this cute


YouTube Favicon.png Snapesita

everyone knew they’d end up together. they belong together. they need each other. they’re perfect and i’m fucking loving it.



this is amazing.


YouTube Favicon.png krisychantel2015

Oh god. I like it



TEEHEE ohdear tumblr yew so hot for anon <3


YouTube Favicon.png Azuness



YouTube Favicon.png HeartlessZer0

This is the start of something orgasmic. & beautiful. hnng.


YouTube Favicon.png EndlessConflict

This makes sense. 4chan is an image posting site that spams porn and gore used by mostly males. tumblr is an image/blogging site that spams porn and gore used by mostly females. They both have tech sections, anime/video game sections, advice sections and random shit as well as people who spend an unreasonable amount of time on the internet.

These people also spend time bitching about being alone. Well derp maybe they should get along then-have they seen how horny tumblr girls are yet? lol


YouTube Favicon.png grapetwotwo

This is beautiful.

I think the internet might explode.


YouTube Favicon.png SatuuuChan



YouTube Favicon.png rayfloable



YouTube Favicon.png azunyanHTT

I'm just saying, 4chumblr is the hottest thing since... nothing's ever been this hot, to be honest. xD


YouTube Favicon.png Scinasari




Over 9000 hookups IRL are expected to take place in the near future.

Love on the internet, folks. It's that real.

The Signs Were There

4chumblr comic.jpg

[That NightThat Night]

"You can delete your blog and change your url as many times as you want, but at the end of the day, I know where you are, Tumbly," he growled against her ear, sending shivers down her spine and making her nipples perk. She bit her lower lip, feeling her pussy get damp against her panties when his hand made its way up her back and around her rib cage, rubbing a fingernail roughly over her nipple. She moaned, hating herself for it, for letting the enemy get her so vulnerable, but at least she had fought the good fight. Wriggling, she tried to free herself of his one-handed grip, pretending with as much ferocity as she could muster that she wanted nothing to do with him and his yummy biting on her neck, his rough fingers rolling her pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he ground his hips against her ass.

With one hand, he had both of hers pinned high on the wall above her, skirt-covered ass pushed back against his erection, clothed only by his suit bottoms. He wanted to do things to her she'd never heard of, or at least he thought she had never heard of, and as much as she protested, she wanted him to do them to her. "You make me sick, you piece of- hnng!" he bit down on the soft, white skin of her neck hard enough to break the skin and leave a purple bruise on her broken skin, fingers moving with lightning speed down underneath the elastic band of her sweet cotton panties to drag against her soaking clit, and she screamed in pleasure, pushing hard against his raging erection. "Thought you hipster girls tried to make yourself look as cute and innocent as possible. Innocent girls don't talk that way, sweetheart." She panted, spit dripping down her chin, rubbing her ass against his cock through his pants.

"Fuck innocence; I don't care. Are you going to do this or just- hahnhh," she whimpered at his fingers on her pussy, rubbing her into a shivering, horny mess. Her hair clip had fallen out and her bangs were in her eyes, she hated that shit. He knew she did; he only took it out to piss her off. As always.

"You shave that little pussy for me? Were you waiting for it? Did you expect this," he thrust forward, two fingers pushing into her tight hole, and she whimpered, fingernails digging into the wall. Her vision was blurry from pleasure, knees weak and wobbling, so when he drew back, letting go of her hands, she dropped against the wall like a ragdoll, body jelly waiting to be molded. As she panted, she glared up at him, knees hurting from their impact with the floor, and she knew they would be bruised in the morning. His hands unzipped his pants and they fell to the floor in a soft 'woosh' of fabric, pushing his underwear down after so that his erect dick could stand up proudly against his smooth, green stomach.

He looked down at her, and reached forward, twisting his fingers in her hair, and forcing her head up to position her mouth at his head.


She growled, opening her mouth and letting him force her head onto his bobbing, thick shaft. It was musky, and he moaned softly at the feel of her soft lips sucking wetly at his meat, pushing her head down until her nose was nestle in his bush. She choked, trying not to gag and bite down on his dick but the length of it was in her throat, and as she sucked and slurped, licking her hot pink tongue over the green length, she tried to pull as far back as she could. He was having none of it, and after gently guiding her head to rest against the wall behind her, he rammed into her mouth unforgivingly.

Her eyes went wide, and she chocked, mumbling something - about stopping, he was sure - around the dick in her mouth. He pulled her hair harder. “Jesus, just shut up and suck, ng…Aw yeah…” she felt her blood pressure skyrocket always and forever an asshole.

In lesson, she let her jaw fall shut just enough to warn him, give him a shock, scare him. He gasped, pulling back, and swatted her across the face. She yelled, falling over, and laughed as he spluttered.

“Did you just bite my fucking dick?” He snarled, and she laughed, slipping her pink panties off over one slim ankle and kicking them at him. “Oh, it’s funny?” She laughed harder, laying back against the ground and letting her fingers wander down to her exposed belly button, where they moved into the yummy dip below her hip bones, and slipped under the waistband of her skirt. She moaned, fingering herself as she watched him.

“Fine, you want to bite. Right, we’ll do it your way, little bitch.” He kneeled down, crawling far enough over to her to grab her by an ankle and drag her to him. She yelped, but he just brought her to him, sitting back to draw her into his lap. She laughed, sensing his anger. He liked to piss her off; she liked to piss him off just as much. It was like a game.

She moved, feeling her wet pussy settle down over the head of his cock, but her pinched her ass under her skirt. “Ow! What the-” He grinned the manic grin that promised her trouble, and flipped her around so that her back was resting against his chest, and shrugged out of his jacket, throwing it somewhere behind him.

She went stiff, knowing what he wanted, and groaned in pain when he went to shove his entire length into her ass. Her fingernails dug into the skin on his thighs, and he bounced, making her sink lower onto his hot dick. She screamed, pushing back against him, and he hissed in pleasure. Taut little bitch.

“This is what you get, you know. Hipster cunt, just - mm- yeah wiggle around like that, shouldn’t bite boys who are bigger than you.” She felt tears well up in the corners of her eyes, but refused to give him the satisfaction of her tears.

“Just like a cockmongler to shove it up someone’s ass.” Her neck was limp, face pressed against the green skin of his neck as she spoke, and he laughed at her this time. Tumbly always lost these games. His hand snaked around to finger her clit, and she started panting again.

He kept his hips still until her breathing was heavy again, and she moved her ass against him impatiently. Wasn’t the first time he had fucked her this way, probably wouldn’t be the last with her attitude. She licked a stripe up his neck and bit his earlobe, wrapping one arm behind his head to move herself around on his shaft while her fingered her pussy.

He rubbed at the fleshy hill, playing her until she was jumping on his dick like it was a trampoline, and then he pushed her forward onto all fours, ramming his dick in her ass as hard and viciously as he could, listening to her scream.

He pumped, fast and furious, dick on fire, blood burning feeling his little bitch pant lustily for him, scream her pleasure out while he banged her like a dog. Hipster fucking…Jesus Christ it felt good to fuck the little shit.

His balls went tight, and he pistoned his hips as fast as possible, vision white with pleasure, as he slammed into her soft ass one more time, blowing his load and hearing her scream as she came, wetness dripping down between her thighs. He pumped a few more times, letting his dick get soft inside her before he pulled out, rubbing his dick over her ass to wipe some of the residue off. His sperm leaked out of her, and he laughed, smacking her on the ass as she fell to her elbows, exhausted.

As he pulled up his pants and walked around her, wiping some sweat from his brow, he bent down to grab her clippie, throwing it at her. She winced, and pushed herself up onto her knees, grabbing it and putting it into her hair. Grabbing his jacket from the floor, he tossed it over a shoulder and waved at her as he walked out, "Reblog that shit."


my nutbladder, dick and balls just imploded at the same time About missing Pics


HA HA HA, OH WOW About missing Pics


In addition to the uncounted camwhores that suddenly decided it was time to make several anons happy, reports have surfaced that indeed, anons are beginning to return those feelings by expressing them as well. Truly strange how the internet hate machine works.


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