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Although conducted with surgical precision, Anon has yet found a way to make Jew Gold from operations

An operation is most commonly the IRL practice of the medical specialty surgery performed by doctors in hospitals or in shady backrooms on patients to investigate and treat biological conditions such as disease or injury. The point of this kind of operation is to help fix a bodily function but also for vanity, or other reasons.

However, since nobody cares about your medical conditions (other than hilarious abnormal psyche and accidents) OTI, this article will primarily address the covert and military variety relevant to the interests of Anonymous' legion of raidfags.

Operations of WIN

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Operations of ?

Operations of FAIL

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Lulzy Medical Operations

Before and after beef curtain operation. Anonymous is not responsible for Operation Beef Curtains.


An operation where disgusting flappy beef curtains are neatly trimmed, usually with a lazor. Originally intended to stop the skank in question from tripping over them all the time, young girls are now gleefully volunteering to have their flaps chopped off as a fashion statement. Amusingly this leads to chronic chafing in the jeans (not enough flesh to move around), vaginal dryness (less flesh = less stimulation), difficulty to orgasm (not as much motion in the ocean) and less flesh to adhere to the glans as it goes in and out.

Some of these silly whores are now actually trying to stretch themselves back out again. If this gives you mental images of how they might achieve it, possibly using lead weights or crocodile clips attached to the bumper of a speeding car, please don't MSPaint it and upload it here.


Drilling a hole in your fucking head. Seriously. Supposedly done to release pressure inside the skull, but John Lennon was reportedly trying to persuade The Beatles that they should all get it done for the lulz.


Cutting your balls off. Someone who is castrated before they hit puberty will not develop the same muscle mass as an adult, their voice will never drop and they will spend the rest of their natural life running away from 12chan users.

Lingual Frenectomy

Slitting of the string of skin under the tongue. Allows the tongue to protrude super long, like that guy out of Kiss. People have actually sold the lingual frenectomy to Koreans, telling them that it will help them pronounce their Engrish more proper. (This is really true.)

Breast Ironing

Ironing the breasts, to make them flat. No, really. According to TOW, "A survey by the German development agency GTZ from June, 2006 of more than 5,000 girls and women between the ages of 10 and 82 from Cameroon, estimated that nearly one in four, or four million girls in Cameroon alone, had been subjected to the procedure." You couldn't make this shit up.

Female Circumcision

TL;DR: They cut your clit and flaps off. Actually a source of anti-lulz, but nonetheless worth mentioning.

Extraocular Implants

Getting jewellery in your goddamn eyes. The implanting is only carried out at one clinic in Rotterdam, and the technology is so new that the long-term health effects are currently unknown (but presumed by experts to be hilarious).

Tongue Splitting

Cuts your tongue down the middle. Pro: Turns you into an oral sex god. Con: Reptile-type furries do it, because furries ruin everything.

Magnetic Implants

Sounds lulzy, but isn't. They're not powerful enough to wipe someone's hard drive for a prank, and if you try to stick memos to yourself like a walking fridge, the skin dies and your body rejects it. Only lets you detect magnetic fields, that is until the casing fucks up and you're left with no Jedi powers and a massive black abcess in your finger.


Every bit as disgusting and uncomfortable is it sounds. Cutting in half of the fireman's helmet.

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