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Openbook (a.k.a. YourOpenBook) was one of the best online games of 2010. The latest tool in any stalkers utility belt, Openbook was a website that allows you to search through Facebook updates made within the last few weeks. Created by some website developers in San Francisco in response to Failbook's shitty privacy policy, the search engine is now a great way of seeing the kinds of people that either hate niggers, get banned from 4chan or just love it deep in the pooper! The original Openbook was shut down in July 2012, but a working mirror of the site exists at

Fun things to Search

There are tones of fun things to search Openbook for, though keep in mind only popular shit like will turn up like people talk about Small Penises. Don't forget that if you want to string some words together, you have to type them in quotation marks "like this".

List of fun things to Search

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