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Last OpenGraphics developers' meeting
3D graphics rendered beautifully on OpenGraphics

OpenGraphics is a project whereby a large group of Linux-using sexual deviants are attempting to design a video card with which they can visualize explicit sex scenes with children and other victims while being free as in freedom.

Current Project Status

The OpenGraphics project has presently stalled. This is suspected to be due to the project team spending more time eating Pocky than actually doing any development work. Most of the project team believes that magical fairies called FPGAs will make the project work.


The OpenGraphics project has caused much anguish in the corporate world. This is because there are millions of sane developers whose personal livelihoods depend on these deviants not being free. To counteract the problem, they have anonymously mailed lots of furry porn to the development mailing lists, hoping to cause the project to fall apart. This effort appears to have succeeded.

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